The Vatican Archives on Pius XII to be Opened

The Vatican Archives on Pius XII to be Opened, PDF format

Francis I Announces the Opening of the Files on Pius XII

Pius XII
Pius XII

It was a long-awaited announcement.  On 4 March 2019 the pope of Rome, Francis I, said:

“I have decided that the opening of the Vatican Archives for the Pontificate of Pius XII will take place on 2 March 2020, exactly one year after the eightieth anniversary of the election to the See of Peter of Eugenio Pacelli.”[1]

Pacelli – Pius XII – was the pope of the Second World War.  He reigned from 1939 to 1958.  He was decidedly pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish, refusing to speak up publicly and condemn the Nazi atrocities against the Jews and others.  But the Vatican has always denied that Pius XII supported Nazism, or that he in any way facilitated the annihilation of Jews.  And others have also come to Pius’ defence over the years – including some Jews themselves, such as those who found protection in Roman Catholic convents, some even in the city of Rome itself, during the war.

But the evidence of his complicity was overwhelming at the time, and has continued to accumulate ever since:

Pius’ Support for Nazism and the Annihilation of the Jews

The following is from the author’s book, Satan’s Seat,[2] with added comments:

“Millions of Jews, as well as others, were massacred in the Nazi death camps.  But the Vatican kept silent about the atrocities, because Pius XII, the pope at the time, fully supported Hitler, and Hitler was faithfully serving the interests of the Vatican.”  There have been innumerable well-researched books, etc., which have brought forth overwhelming evidence to demonstrate that Pius XII was thoroughly pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish.  We will have to pass by the wealth of evidence that the German priesthood, and Romish priests all over the world in general, fully supported Hitler and Nazism, and confine ourselves solely to the subject of Pius XII himself, and his support of Hitler and Nazism.  For further study, we highly recommend the books listed at the end of this article.

“In fact, the papal support for Hitler was so well-known at the end of the war, that Jesuit and other Roman Catholic authors wrote books and articles distorting the truth, covering up the Vatican’s part in supporting the Nazi dictator.  This has gone on ever since, as part of the Vatican’s attempt to ‘clean up’ its image since the war.  Jesuit historians and authors are claiming Pius was opposed to Hitler, etc., etc.”

It is still going on today, with this – the planned opening of the (doubtless doctored) Vatican Secret Archives – being the latest example.  And even when such researchers are not Romanists or Jesuits – even when they are Jews, for example – they are often very sympathetic to the Vatican and to Roman Catholicism.  To what extent many of them are bribed, lied to, deceived, or even coerced, to make pro-Pius statements, etc., we may never know; but that this goes on is beyond question.

“Roman Catholic cardinals in America taught publicly during the war years that Hitler and Mussolini were God’s instruments to bring the West back to obedience to the pope.”  It is impossible that Pius XII did not know of the work of such cardinals.  He knew, and he approved.

The Documents will be “Doctored”: Pius will Emerge as Pious

Francis has announced the opening of the files on Pius XII to researchers.  But will every single document be available to them?  And can we be certain that the documents will not have been “doctored”?

We wonder.  Nay, we are certain that all will not be above board.  Anyone thinking this through clearly would ask: why has it taken six decades since his death in 1958 to open the archival material to the scrutiny of researchers?  Even if it is true that it is Rome’s usual practice to open the archives for an entire pontificate 70 years after it ended, which means that in Pius’ case they will be opened some eight years earlier than is usual in 2020,[3] why this decades-long wait, given the fact that his pontificate was so controversial, and he has been so heavily criticised during all this time by so many historians for supporting Hitler?  If there was never anything to hide about Pius and his dealings with the Nazis, if everything he did was above board, honest, decent, courageous and for the good of the Jewish people, the world did not need to wait decades for the evidence.  The records of such a wonderful man, if this is what he was, should have seen the light of day decades ago.  Why hide such good deeds?  Why would anyone want to?

All it would have taken was the opening of the Archives to convince the world of his greatness!

And yet for all this time, the Vatican Secret Archives on Pius XII remained firmly off limits.

When making the announcement Francis said: “The figure of that Pontiff, who found himself guiding the Barque of Peter at one of the saddest and darkest moments of the twentieth century, agitated and lacerated by the last world war, with the consequent period of re-organization of the nations and post-war reconstruction, has already been investigated in many aspects, sometimes discussed and even criticized (it could be said with some prejudice and exaggeration).  Today he has been appropriately re-evaluated and indeed placed in the correct light for his many qualities: pastoral, above all, but also theological, ascetic, and diplomatic.”[4]