The Grand Old Papal Duke and the March Up and Down the Hill

The Summit’s Jesuit Moderator Spouts the Same Lie

After the summit was over its moderator, a fellow-Jesuit priest named Federico Lombardi, continued, incredibly, to give the impression that many bishops were ignorant of the extent of the crimes.  He said, “The pope explained his intention… to help the bishops understand fully what they must do…. [The pope] wants them to be conscious of the drama and suffering of the victims.  All this to make a sort of forceful emergence of the sense of responsibility of each bishop”.[4]  Are we really to believe that these Popish bishops don’t understand what to do and are unconscious of the suffering of the children in their very midst?  And if men have risen to the rank of bishop in this system, and yet their sense of responsibility needs to be “forced” to emerge, just what kind of moral monsters are they?

So what exactly was going to be the action taken by the “Church” of Rome in the wake of the summit?  According to Lombardi, the three upcoming actions would be:[5]

First, a new document from Francis “on the protection of minors and vulnerable persons”, to strengthen prevention and the fight against abuse (Ho hum.  A new document.  That will be really effective).

Second, a Vademecum (well, we presume he, at least, knows what that is) from the Inquisition to help bishops to clearly understand their duties and tasks (one would have thought that by the time they became bishops, these men would know their duties and tasks in such an important matter as this.  Throw Latin words around – that makes it sound as if they’re really doing something big).

Third, create task forces (now that sure sounds important) to help dioceses that find it difficult to confront the problems and produce initiatives for the protection of minors (how difficult can it be?  If a priest is guilty, he’s guilty; and to protect children, keep them away from these men, not just in the confessional but anywhere).

To summarise: Francis marched them up to the top of the hill, and he marched them down again.

Some Cardinals Speak Out: Homosexuality Among Priests a Major Cause of Priestly Child Abuse

At least some of the cardinals of the Roman Catholic institution openly came out and pointed at a major root cause of the sexual abuse of children by priests – which is the massive homosexual factor.

The fact remains, as we have written about elsewhere and often, that sodomy is rife within the priesthood.  It always has been.  The prohibition on marriage by priests makes it easier for homosexual men to enter the priesthood – especially as it provides them with so many avenues for their unnatural lusts.  It begins in the seminaries, where young men training for the priesthood live closely together; it is rife in the monasteries, filled as they are with single men; and then there are the endless opportunities to abuse their power, as priests, through the confessional, by seducing men, and also children – including boys.  Especially boys, in fact.

And yet this Vatican summit, called to supposedly address the terrible sin and crime of men in the priesthood abusing children, pretty much ignored the issue of homosexuality within the priesthood!

This was pointed out by a cardinal named Gerhard Mueller, former head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly called the Inquisition.  He said that the homosexual factor was being ignored in the discussions.  “In the Congregation for the Faith,” he said, “we had the statistically perfect overview.  Far more than 80% of the victims of sexual abuse under 18 years of age were young men in puberty or post-puberty.  But at the upcoming Abuse Summit starting Thursday, these data are not to play any role, which is unreasonable”[6] (italics added).

Why ignore the data?  Simply because the priestly hierarchy of the Roman Catholic system is riddled with homosexuals.  And any probing internal investigation of the relationship between homosexual priests and child sexual abuse would inevitably open a writhing can of worms.

Mueller was not the only cardinal to speak forthrightly about this.  Two other cardinals, Walter Brandmüller and Raymond Leo Burke, speaking to the presidents of the episcopal conferences gathered in Rome, said: “The plague of the homosexual agenda is pervasive inside the Church, promoted by organized and protected networks in a climate of complicity and omertà.”[7]

For a number of cardinals to speak openly and even publicly of the pervasiveness of homosexuality within the priesthood and to refer to it as a “plague”, is astounding.  This goes to show just how widespread it really is.  They would never say such a thing, with all its potential to harm their “Church”, if they did not know it was true.

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