The Grand Old Papal Duke and the March Up and Down the Hill

Francis’ Lie: He Wants Us to Believe Many Bishops Weren’t Aware Of What was Going On Under Their Noses!

In his introductory address on the first morning of the summit, Francis said: “The [Roman Catholic] people… look to us, and expect from us not simple and predictable condemnations, but concrete and effective measures to be undertaken.  We need to be concrete.”[2]  Good words.  But – surprise, surprise – what did the summit produce?  Simple and predictable condemnations.  The appearance of doing something was given, but “concrete and effective measures” were completely lacking at the end of it all.

Francis prayed: “May the Virgin Mary enlighten us as we seek to heal the grave wounds that the scandal of pedophilia has caused, both in the little ones and in believers.”  Prayer to “Mary” is prayer to a demon – for the true Mary, mother of the Lord’s human nature, is not divine and cannot hear or answer prayers.    He also prayed for the Holy Spirit to “sustain us throughout these days, and to help us to turn this evil into an opportunity for awareness and purification.”  The Holy Spirit, of course, was in no sense present, for the Popish religion is not the Church of Jesus Christ.

As for “turning this evil into an opportunity for awareness and purification”: we have often heard that the world’s Roman Catholic bishops and priests needed this summit so as to be made aware of the extent of the evil of child sexual abuse; but this is just another smokescreen!  Is there a priest or bishop in the entire world whose head has been so buried in the sand these past few decades that he remains ignorant of the fact that this scandal is rocking the Papal system to its very foundations?  Did any of the delegates at this summit really, truly come out of it saying, “We had no idea it was this bad”?  It is all just a clever use of words to befuddle and pacify the masses of the Roman Catholic faithful, as well as the rest of the world.

And when it comes to “purification”, let us be clear on this point: there will be no purification of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic system.  None.  Not now.  Not tomorrow.  Not ever.  They  remain exactly what they were before the summit; they will continue to abuse children, and women also;  predator-priests will continue to be quietly shuffled off to other dioceses where they will continue their perverted ways; and the moral filth of this religious system, this “habitation of devils”, this “hold of every foul spirit” (Rev. 18:2), will continue unabated.

Another Francis Lie: He Wants Us to Believe Many in the Hierarchy Didn’t Know They Should Have Eradicated Child Abuse by Priests!

The summit began; and a mere few days later it was all over.  Then Francis addressed pilgrims in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

He said that as a result of the meeting, there was now a greater understanding of the responsibility of the entire Roman Catholic “Church” to eradicate abuse.[3]  Just reflect on this for a moment.  According to the Roman pope himself, large numbers of cardinals, archbishops and bishops within the Popish system (for this is who he meant by “the Church” – the hierarchy; the clerics) never before imagined that they had any responsibility to eradicate child sexual abuse by priests!  And these men are the so-called “pastors” and “shepherds” of the Roman Catholic faithful?  Men so absolutely ignorant, not only of their own supposed work but even of any kind of moral responsibility as human beings to protect the young and vulnerable!  And Roman Catholics entrust their spiritual welfare, their very souls, to men such as these?  It is horrifying.  In no way whatsoever do these men qualify as “bishops” in the biblical sense of the word (see 1 Tim. 3).  They are false “shepherds” within a false “church”.  They are unregenerate, wicked men, propping up an iniquitous religious system that is a whore, not the virgin bride of Christ.

Francis went on, summing up the summit: “We heard the voice of the victims, we prayed and asked God and the offended persons for forgiveness, we became aware of our responsibilities, of our duty to do justice in truth, to reject radically every form of abuse of power, of conscience and of sexual abuse.”  Unfortunately the prayers of Papists are not to the true and living God, but to the false god of Romanism.  Also, the prayers of such unregenerate men are hypocritical, empty, vain and useless.  And once again Francis said they were now aware of their responsibilities! – as if until this summit, for hundreds of years the bishops of this system didn’t know they should protect the weak and vulnerable and  see that the guilty are punished!  Just how stupid does this pope of Rome think people are?

Francis went on: “We want all the Church’s activities and places to be always fully safe for our minors [that’s never, ever going to happen]; that all possible measures be taken so that similar crimes aren’t repeated [the terrible tragedy is that they will be repeated – all over the world, all the time]; that the Church return to be absolutely credible and reliable in her mission of service and education for little ones according to Jesus’ teaching [the only “mission” Popery has ever had is the mission to enrich itself and extend its power; it never cared for children and never will; and it will only ever be credible in the eyes of its spiritually blind followers].”

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