The Grand Old Papal Duke and the March Up and Down the Hill

The Grand Old Papal Duke and the March Up and Down the Hill, PDF format

Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill
And he marched them down again.


This old children’s nursery rhyme sums up the recent Vatican summit on the sexual abuse of children by priests and bishops.  Substitute “Francis, Pope of Rome” for the “grand old Duke of York”, and it says it all.  Francis marched his cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests up to the top of the seven hills of Rome (Rev. 17:3,9) – and then?

Then he marched them down again.

For, having come from all over the world and having reached the summit, they heard speeches, watched videos, shut their eyes in prayer – and then returned home.  The summit achieved nothing.  The priestly abuse will continue as it has for hundreds and hundreds of years, and the cover-ups and lies will continue just as they always have.

The Summit: an Appearance of Doing Something While Doing Nothing

The summit on “The Protection of Minors in the Church” lasted from 21 to 24 February 2019.  During this time, the heads of all the world’s bishops’ conferences met with the Jesuit pope in the Vatican, as well as with many cardinals and other Vatican officials, to discuss this crisis facing the Roman Catholic institution.  Three main subjects were to be the focus of the summit: “Responsibility; Accountability; Transparency”.  All very popular buzz words.  But all meaning absolutely nothing when found on the lips of Romish bishops, archbishops, cardinals and the pope of Rome himself.

Doubtless many of these priestly perverts will be more cautious in the future.  Doubtless many will continue to be arrested and go to prison.  Doubtless hundreds, perhaps thousands of priestly heads will still roll.  But all this will be window dressing.  It will be sound and fury, signifying nothing.  There will be pious cries of shock, horror and outrage.  But the abuse will not stop.

The world, however, as well as millions of outraged and scandalised Roman Catholics, have been left with the impression that something has been done, and that more will still be done.  And this is all that matters to the Vatican.  The Papist archbishop of Malta, Charles Sciculna, said: “This is a new day in terms of transparency.  Bishops are going to be held accountable.  My hope is that people see this as a turning point.”[1]  Yes, sadly, many people will see it as a turning point; and yet no turning – no true repentance, no true conversion – has occurred.  It is not a new day of transparency, and the overwhelming majority of bishops will not be held accountable.  Oh, certainly, some will be, and an appearance of being more “transparent” will be given; but the Popish system will close ranks, and continue to find ways to hide the abuse and get away with it.

For this global priestly perversion is not merely some leaven in an otherwise unleavened “Church”.  It is not merely some bad apples in an otherwise beautiful basket.  And it is not a new phenomenon.  It is an intrinsic part of the entire system of Popery, and always has been.  Whether the victims have been boys, girls, nuns, married women, single girls, even other priests – sexual abuse is a centuries-old abomination of epidemic proportions in the Roman Catholic system.

Francis’ Lie: He Wants Us to Believe Many Bishops Weren’t Aware Of What was Going On Under Their Noses!

In his introductory address on the first morning of the summit, Francis said: “The [Roman Catholic] people… look to us, and expect from us not simple and predictable condemnations, but concrete and effective measures to be undertaken.  We need to be concrete.”[2]  Good words.  But – surprise, surprise – what did the summit produce?  Simple and predictable condemnations.  The appearance of doing something was given, but “concrete and effective measures” were completely lacking at the end of it all.

Francis prayed: “May the Virgin Mary enlighten us as we seek to heal the grave wounds that the scandal of pedophilia has caused, both in the little ones and in believers.”  Prayer to “Mary” is prayer to a demon – for the true Mary, mother of the Lord’s human nature, is not divine and cannot hear or answer prayers.    He also prayed for the Holy Spirit to “sustain us throughout these days, and to help us to turn this evil into an opportunity for awareness and purification.”  The Holy Spirit, of course, was in no sense present, for the Popish religion is not the Church of Jesus Christ.

As for “turning this evil into an opportunity for awareness and purification”: we have often heard that the world’s Roman Catholic bishops and priests needed this summit so as to be made aware of the extent of the evil of child sexual abuse; but this is just another smokescreen!  Is there a priest or bishop in the entire world whose head has been so buried in the sand these past few decades that he remains ignorant of the fact that this scandal is rocking the Papal system to its very foundations?  Did any of the delegates at this summit really, truly come out of it saying, “We had no idea it was this bad”?  It is all just a clever use of words to befuddle and pacify the masses of the Roman Catholic faithful, as well as the rest of the world.

And when it comes to “purification”, let us be clear on this point: there will be no purification of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic system.  None.  Not now.  Not tomorrow.  Not ever.  They  remain exactly what they were before the summit; they will continue to abuse children, and women also;  predator-priests will continue to be quietly shuffled off to other dioceses where they will continue their perverted ways; and the moral filth of this religious system, this “habitation of devils”, this “hold of every foul spirit” (Rev. 18:2), will continue unabated.

Another Francis Lie: He Wants Us to Believe Many in the Hierarchy Didn’t Know They Should Have Eradicated Child Abuse by Priests!

The summit began; and a mere few days later it was all over.  Then Francis addressed pilgrims in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

He said that as a result of the meeting, there was now a greater understanding of the responsibility of the entire Roman Catholic “Church” to eradicate abuse.[3]  Just reflect on this for a moment.  According to the Roman pope himself, large numbers of cardinals, archbishops and bishops within the Popish system (for this is who he meant by “the Church” – the hierarchy; the clerics) never before imagined that they had any responsibility to eradicate child sexual abuse by priests!  And these men are the so-called “pastors” and “shepherds” of the Roman Catholic faithful?  Men so absolutely ignorant, not only of their own supposed work but even of any kind of moral responsibility as human beings to protect the young and vulnerable!  And Roman Catholics entrust their spiritual welfare, their very souls, to men such as these?  It is horrifying.  In no way whatsoever do these men qualify as “bishops” in the biblical sense of the word (see 1 Tim. 3).  They are false “shepherds” within a false “church”.  They are unregenerate, wicked men, propping up an iniquitous religious system that is a whore, not the virgin bride of Christ.

Francis went on, summing up the summit: “We heard the voice of the victims, we prayed and asked God and the offended persons for forgiveness, we became aware of our responsibilities, of our duty to do justice in truth, to reject radically every form of abuse of power, of conscience and of sexual abuse.”  Unfortunately the prayers of Papists are not to the true and living God, but to the false god of Romanism.  Also, the prayers of such unregenerate men are hypocritical, empty, vain and useless.  And once again Francis said they were now aware of their responsibilities! – as if until this summit, for hundreds of years the bishops of this system didn’t know they should protect the weak and vulnerable and  see that the guilty are punished!  Just how stupid does this pope of Rome think people are?

Francis went on: “We want all the Church’s activities and places to be always fully safe for our minors [that’s never, ever going to happen]; that all possible measures be taken so that similar crimes aren’t repeated [the terrible tragedy is that they will be repeated – all over the world, all the time]; that the Church return to be absolutely credible and reliable in her mission of service and education for little ones according to Jesus’ teaching [the only “mission” Popery has ever had is the mission to enrich itself and extend its power; it never cared for children and never will; and it will only ever be credible in the eyes of its spiritually blind followers].”

The Summit’s Jesuit Moderator Spouts the Same Lie

After the summit was over its moderator, a fellow-Jesuit priest named Federico Lombardi, continued, incredibly, to give the impression that many bishops were ignorant of the extent of the crimes.  He said, “The pope explained his intention… to help the bishops understand fully what they must do…. [The pope] wants them to be conscious of the drama and suffering of the victims.  All this to make a sort of forceful emergence of the sense of responsibility of each bishop”.[4]  Are we really to believe that these Popish bishops don’t understand what to do and are unconscious of the suffering of the children in their very midst?  And if men have risen to the rank of bishop in this system, and yet their sense of responsibility needs to be “forced” to emerge, just what kind of moral monsters are they?

So what exactly was going to be the action taken by the “Church” of Rome in the wake of the summit?  According to Lombardi, the three upcoming actions would be:[5]

First, a new document from Francis “on the protection of minors and vulnerable persons”, to strengthen prevention and the fight against abuse (Ho hum.  A new document.  That will be really effective).

Second, a Vademecum (well, we presume he, at least, knows what that is) from the Inquisition to help bishops to clearly understand their duties and tasks (one would have thought that by the time they became bishops, these men would know their duties and tasks in such an important matter as this.  Throw Latin words around – that makes it sound as if they’re really doing something big).

Third, create task forces (now that sure sounds important) to help dioceses that find it difficult to confront the problems and produce initiatives for the protection of minors (how difficult can it be?  If a priest is guilty, he’s guilty; and to protect children, keep them away from these men, not just in the confessional but anywhere).

To summarise: Francis marched them up to the top of the hill, and he marched them down again.

Some Cardinals Speak Out: Homosexuality Among Priests a Major Cause of Priestly Child Abuse

At least some of the cardinals of the Roman Catholic institution openly came out and pointed at a major root cause of the sexual abuse of children by priests – which is the massive homosexual factor.

The fact remains, as we have written about elsewhere and often, that sodomy is rife within the priesthood.  It always has been.  The prohibition on marriage by priests makes it easier for homosexual men to enter the priesthood – especially as it provides them with so many avenues for their unnatural lusts.  It begins in the seminaries, where young men training for the priesthood live closely together; it is rife in the monasteries, filled as they are with single men; and then there are the endless opportunities to abuse their power, as priests, through the confessional, by seducing men, and also children – including boys.  Especially boys, in fact.

And yet this Vatican summit, called to supposedly address the terrible sin and crime of men in the priesthood abusing children, pretty much ignored the issue of homosexuality within the priesthood!

This was pointed out by a cardinal named Gerhard Mueller, former head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly called the Inquisition.  He said that the homosexual factor was being ignored in the discussions.  “In the Congregation for the Faith,” he said, “we had the statistically perfect overview.  Far more than 80% of the victims of sexual abuse under 18 years of age were young men in puberty or post-puberty.  But at the upcoming Abuse Summit starting Thursday, these data are not to play any role, which is unreasonable”[6] (italics added).

Why ignore the data?  Simply because the priestly hierarchy of the Roman Catholic system is riddled with homosexuals.  And any probing internal investigation of the relationship between homosexual priests and child sexual abuse would inevitably open a writhing can of worms.

Mueller was not the only cardinal to speak forthrightly about this.  Two other cardinals, Walter Brandmüller and Raymond Leo Burke, speaking to the presidents of the episcopal conferences gathered in Rome, said: “The plague of the homosexual agenda is pervasive inside the Church, promoted by organized and protected networks in a climate of complicity and omertà.”[7]

For a number of cardinals to speak openly and even publicly of the pervasiveness of homosexuality within the priesthood and to refer to it as a “plague”, is astounding.  This goes to show just how widespread it really is.  They would never say such a thing, with all its potential to harm their “Church”, if they did not know it was true.

“Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency”: Meaningless Words on Lips of Romish Leaders

It was said at the beginning of this article that the three main subjects at the summit were “Responsibility, Accountability, and Transparency”, and that all three meant absolutely nothing on the lips of the bishops, archbishops and cardinals of Rome, nor on the lips of the pope of Rome himself.

How, in truth, could these three main subjects achieve real, concrete results?  Here are the only possible ways – but rest assured not one of them will be implemented:

Responsibility: all the bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and the pope of Rome himself, accept full responsibility; admit that they themselves are the root cause of the criminal, vile, worldwide scandal; admit that their own doctrine of celibacy for priests is at the very heart of the crisis and always has been, and permit their priests to marry; admit that sodomite priests have been encouraged and protected throughout the centuries; prevent any sodomites from serving as priests; admit that child-abusing priests have been encouraged and protected throughout the centuries; and immediately hand all such priests over to the authorities for prosecution, the moment they are discovered (we would have said the same for sodomite priests, but unfortunately so many countries no longer treat sodomy as a crime that they won’t be prosecuted even if Rome did this).

Chance of any of the above happening: zero.

Accountability: in the spirit of accountability, this morally filthy, utterly vile religious system should be dissolved, and acknowledged to be the greatest evil to ever disgrace the face of the earth.

Chance of the above happening: zero.

Transparency: this one wouldn’t be necessary if the entire religious system was dissolved.  The Romish system needs to cease to exist.

Chance of the above happening: zero.

At least, not until it is destroyed by the Lord Himself at the end of the world (2 Thess. 2:8).

So then: knowing that they will skip the Responsibility and Accountability aspects, and will certainly not dissolve the whole abominable system, the only way to then be even somewhat transparent would be to abolish auricular confession, so that no child, no single or married woman, is ever again alone with a bachelor priest, whether inside the confessional box or outside of it, confessing their innermost secrets to a sinful man and being gradually seduced by him.

Chance of the above happening: zero.

March 2019

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