The Vatican-China Accord Betrays Chinese Roman Catholics

The reason this could now be done was that, ever since the end of the pontificate of Pius XII in 1958, the Vatican has been pro-Communist, believing that as Communism was taking over the world it was better to work hand in hand with it than to continue opposing it.  Popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II were all committed to the Communist cause, and the present pope, the Jesuit Francis I, is a very committed Communist, who has done everything in his power to swing the Roman Catholic institution ever more to the left.  And with such a pro-Communist pope at the helm of the so-called “Church”, it became possible, after decades of conflict, for Communist China and the Vatican to begin to seek tentative rapprochement – just as the Vatican had done previously with various other Communist countries, often with spectacular results.

For Rome it is always about power.  It seeks world domination.  So does Communism.  So does Russian Communism, and Chinese Communism.  From Rome’s perspective, then, better to harness the political and military might of Communist countries like China, so as to advance its own agenda in the world.  This has always been Rome’s way.  It used the Holy Roman Empire for the same purpose.  It did the same with Nazism and Fascism.   And these are just some examples.

But when news of the imminent signing of this agreement started to leak out, the Vatican came under intense criticism from many within its own ranks.  Rome therefore had to tread very carefully if it did not want to alienate millions of its own people.  This was why, when he was asked to confirm whether the deal would in fact be signed at the end of September 2018, Greg Burke, director of the Vatican press office, was decidedly cagey.  “The dialogue between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China continues,” was his non-committal reply.[2]

And then suddenly, it was a done deal.  The signing took place.

But why was there such intense opposition to the accord from so many Roman Catholics?

The reason is this.  This accord means that the Vatican has sacrificed its own Chinese people, and its own absolute control over its bishops, for the massive political gain of now having leverage over Red China itself.  China, be it noted, has not agreed to stop the persecution of Chinese Roman Catholics!  In fact now, those Roman Catholics who remain loyal to the Vatican and opposed to Communism will be sacrificed “for the greater (political) good.”  This has happened many times before in history.  For example, in World War Two, many priests who remained opposed to Nazism were sacrificed by the Vatican to the Nazis, for the Vatican was fully supporting Nazism, with many priests, especially Jesuits, holding top Nazi positions.