Top-Ranking Vatican Insider Accuses Francis I of a Cover-Up

What Is, and Is Not, Going On Here

This is not (as some have thought, including naive and woefully ignorant Protestants) a battle between supposedly “good, decent, conservative” Roman Catholic priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals trying to prevent priestly sexual abuse, and evil, amoral, liberal priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals who are committing it.  The plain fact is that abusers are found on both sides of the ideological divide.  In the words of Rod Dreher, who has extensively chronicled the priestly sex abuse scandal: “One of the first truths I learned in covering the abuse scandal in the early 2000s is that the left-right framework is fairly useless as a guide to understanding matters.  Conservative prelates like Cardinal Law covered up, as did liberal prelates like Archbishop Rembert Weakland (who used church money to pay off his gay lover).  If you decide that the only bad guys are on the other side, you commit yourself to believing all manner of lies to maintain that fiction.”[26]

This is not what it is all about.  Not at all.  But it is true that both sides are trying to get as much mileage as they can out of it!  From the conservative side, priests are claiming that the priestly sex abuse scandal worldwide is the result of a lack of enforcement of Rome’s teachings against homosexuality, and of liberal priests who do not live up to those teachings and in fact despise them.  From the liberal side, priests are claiming that the abuse scandal has been caused by hypocritical conservative priests who give lip service to Rome’s teachings but do not live up to them, and commit abuse.  Both sides are correct!  The abuse is committed by both conservative and liberal priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals.  It always has been.  The only difference is, liberals excuse or even support homosexuality openly, whereas conservatives officially condemn it.  Both, however, practice it.  The cause of the problem is not to be found within conservative or liberal Roman Catholicism.  The cause is to be found in Rome’s vile system of enforced celibacy itself, and in the evil hearts of unregenerate men falsely claiming to be Christ’s servants.

Also, what is most definitely going on here is that the battle lines are being drawn more firmly between conservative and liberal Roman Catholic bishops, archbishops and cardinals, regarding the very Papacy of Francis I himself.  As Robert Moynihan, influential editor of Inside the Vatican, wrote: “many powerful, conservative Catholics in America [we would add, the world – S.W.] are exploiting this revulsion to build what seemed impossible two or three years ago – a popular movement against a popular Pope.”[27]  For conservatives, who hate the Jesuit Francis and his style of leadership, these allegations by Viganò are like manna from heaven.  It is just what they want to advance their agenda of doing all they can to eventually get Francis removed as pope.  They therefore go after every liberal prelate or priest who is found accused of sexual abuse – but at the same time they ignore or massively play down the fact that thousands of conservative prelates and priests have been found guilty of the same sexual abuse as well!

The following is a very true assessment: “AFP said the timing of the letter’s release, amid a landmark [papal] trip to Ireland, has raised speculation of a campaign by conservatives in the church to bring down the progressive pope.  An editorial article on the website of the progressive National Catholic Reporter weekly said: ‘Make no mistake.  This is a coordinated attack on Pope Francis.’”[28] It certainly is.  The tragedy is that tens of thousands of innocent children are being used as disposable pawns in this gigantic power play.

Where is all this going for the Jesuit pope, Francis I?

“Francis, with the highest approval ratings of any recent Pope, is against all expectations, somehow managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for his ‘reform agenda.’  This is happening because he has suddenly, unexpectedly, begun to appear as the opposite of a reformer.  He has begun to appear as someone who does not wish to undertake the reforms needed to protect young people, and root out corruption in the Church.”[29]

Francis, in truth, only ever acted like a “reformer” in the sense of steering the Vatican ship into increasingly liberal waters, politically and socially.  He is a Jesuit, and was elected as pope of Rome.  Even if he holds to orthodox Roman Catholic doctrine, as a Jesuit he is fully prepared to bend it, distort it, or ignore it altogether if by doing so he will advance Rome’s agenda in the world.  This has been the Jesuit way since the founding of the Order in the sixteenth century.

Since his election, Francis has managed to dupe millions of his followers into believing that he is a “reformer”.  But when it comes to protecting either his buddies within the hierarchy, or himself, he will act the part of the ruthless Jesuit he is.  This is what the world is now witnessing.  Millions of Roman Catholics are shocked.  They shouldn’t be.  This is a Jesuit simply being a Jesuit, and protecting his own.

Vatican Spies Said to Be on the Hunt for Viganò

Just over two weeks after the Viganò bomb exploded, came the news that the hunt for the whistleblowing archbishop was on!  On 7 September, the website of Roman Catholic journalist and ex-seminarian, Michael Voris, published a report entitled: “The Hunt for Viganò: Vatican Spies Tracking Whistleblower.”  This is what it said:

“Vatican officials are on the hunt for Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

“According to sources within the Vatican, the Secretariat of State for the Holy See – under the direction of Pietro Cardinal Parolin – has communicated an instruction to its internal and external security services to use its ‘intelligence resources’ to locate the physical whereabouts of Abp. Viganò.

“This request has been communicated not only in order to prevent more unpredictable damage to the image of Pope Francis and the Holy See on the world stage, but also to ‘prepare the terrain’ for the former apostolic nuncio-turned-whistleblower to be prosecuted for alleged multiple crimes against Vatican and Church law…

“At first reported by the very well-informed Baron Roberto de Mattei (Corrispondenza Romana, September 5), criminal counts are said to be in the process of being researched and drafted in a libellus accusatorius (canonical criminal complaint) for Viganò having allegedly committed perjury for his having breached pontifical and other forms of state secrecy in violation of, among other norms, the instruction Secreta continere on the Pontifical Secret issued on February 4, 1974 by John Cardinal Villot, Secretary of State of the Vatican…

“News of the Vatican deploying its vast international resources to track down and prosecute Abp. Viganò are consistent with his assertions made to [veteran Italian Catholic Vaticanist] Aldo Maria Valli on their final encounter: that Viganò had ‘purchased a plane ticket,’ that he was ‘traveling abroad,’ that he ‘could not tell [Valli] where,’ that Valli ‘should not try to find him,’ that ‘his old cellular number will no longer be functioning,’ and that they ‘saluted each other one last time.’

“Viganò, in saying goodbye to Valli, appears to have known exactly what the worst elements of the Vatican and its agents are capable of.  Let us hope he has taken every necessary precaution from falling into the hands of those who would wish him ill.”[30]

Is this report true?  Or merely based on rumours?  Officially, the latter, as there was no confirmation from the Vatican itself.  But then, it is the nature of covert operations to be precisely that: covert.  Naturally the Vatican would deny it!  Yet from what we know from history, both ancient and modern, of how the Vatican, through its vast international spy network, its undercover Jesuit agents, etc., operates, the above report is certainly within the realms of possibility.  And unless the Lord in His sovereignty prevents it, Viganò will in due course be found and then charged, so as to silence him… or worse, assassinated.