An Unbiblical “Day of Prayer” in South Africa’s Parliament

And it’s not good enough to airily say, “South Africa is 75% or 80% Christian, therefore it is a Christian country and should be governed as a Christian country.”  Even ignoring for the moment the self-evident fact that the majority of the SA population is not truly Christian, history reveals that a majority today can so easily become a minority tomorrow – and what then?  If, when the country is supposedly comprised of a majority of “Christians”, they have the right to impose a “Christian theocracy” on the land, then should the day ever arrive when the majority is comprised of some other religion, they would then have the same right!  And not one “Christian theocracy” advocate could open his mouth in protest.

Everything about this “Day of Prayer” at the SA parliament was unbiblical.  Paul and the other apostles did not try to christianize the Roman Empire of their day.  Caesar has his place and his work, but it is not the place of the “Church” to make Caesar, or his State, “Christian”.  If, as an individual, Caesar is ever converted, he is to join a true Christian church as a member just like anyone else; but that is a different matter entirely.

True Christians, and even merely professing “Christians”, rightly claim that the State has no business ruling over the family or the Church; but then they cannot in the same breath claim that the Church (whether the true Church or the merely professing “Church”) has the right to rule over the State!  Taking over parliament for a religious service might seem like a great idea to some, but what happens when the reverse occurs, and parliament decides to take over religious services?  Legislation being considered right now, relating to the regulation of all churches in SA by forcing pastors and churches to register with the State, will do precisely that if passed into law: churches will be under the control of the State.

What great harm these people do under the banner of “Christianity”!  Tragically, the world does not know the difference between true and false Christianity, and just assumes that what it is witnessing is Christian.

Buchan Honoured as a “Legend” at the SA Men of the Year Awards

In November 2017 at Carnival City Casino in Johannesburg, South Africa, four men were honoured as “legends” at the finals of the SA Men of the Year Awards, sponsored by the government of the province of Gauteng.  They were a poet and author, a cricket administrator, and two preachers – one of whom was Angus Buchan!  They were presented with the awards acknowledging their impact as role models for men.

All this would be bad enough.  Imagine the Lord Jesus Christ receiving an award, or being described as a “legend”, by the government of His day!  South Africa is a country (mis)governed by men who are former Communists or Communist-influenced terrorists, whose party came to power after waging an armed and bloody revolution against the previous government.  This government has jettisoned almost every single moral restraint in society, sanctioning the most flagrantly vile immorality under the sun – and a man claiming to be a Christian evangelist receives an award sponsored by such a government, precisely for his supposed “Christian” work?  Purporting to be a disciple of the lowly Jesus, he accepts the “honour” of being described as a “legend” by the people of the world!

But as bad as all this was, it was made even worse by what Buchan actually said at the event.

“I have never heard a crowd at a secular event talk so openly about Jesus Christ – anywhere in the world,” he enthused.  “From the time we walked in to the time we walked out at 12 people only spoke about one person – Jesus Christ.”[11]  Talking about Christ openly is one thing – and not surprising in an overwhelmingly religious (note: religious, but not Christian) country like South Africa; but truly following Christ is another thing altogether.  When the Lord Jesus walked on earth, people everywhere were talking about Him – but were all those multitudes actually following Him?  Certainly not.

In typical Charismatic celebrity fashion Buchan spoke about himself, while at the same time seeing things which are just not there, as far as the country is concerned.  “Everyone who greeted me said they watched me [on TV] at home every morning.  It was overwhelming.  People were optimistic and excited for our country and the future… I believe it’s because of a million people that have prayed [at the “It’s Time” prayer day on April 22] that God would have His way…. it’s going to be very exciting to see the way forward.  I’m very optimistic for our nation.”

The fact that “everyone” said they watched him on TV would make a man feel all warm and fuzzy inside, perhaps, but here’s the thing: people lie.  Especially at formal events like this one, people gush all over celebrities and say, “I’ve read every one of your books”, or, “I watch you every day”.  But only a handful are usually telling the truth.

But even if each and every one of them was, in fact, telling the truth: so what?  Again we must look at the hard evidence: where are these multitudes who claim to be Christians when Monday morning dawns?  Where is this wonderfully changed country as a result of this mythical Charismatic revival?  Optimism for the country is typical of Charismatics because they move in an atmosphere where they are constantly hearing false “prophecies”, false “words from the Lord”, about what the Lord is supposedly about to do in the land.  Such “words” have been given for decades now – I remember hearing precisely the same “words from the Lord” from Pentecostals when I was a teenager in the 1970s – yet the country lurches from one abomination to another, year after year after year.  Optimism is all fine and well, but misplaced optimism is a very pathetic thing to behold.

It is all a fallacy.  There is no revival.  South Africa is not a Christian country.  And the mere fact that people at a secular event speak of Christ proves nothing whatsoever.  In such a religious country this is hardly surprising.  But those same people who spoke of Christ and so impressed Buchan, are the very same people who party, dance, drink, fill their minds with worldly entertainment, and support the once-terrorists who now rule the country, even though the SA constitution supports “gay rights”, abortion, etc.

Only one who is spiritually blind will rejoice that the holy Name of the Son of God was on the defiled lips of so many that night.  And one wonders if this Scripture ever crossed Buchan’s mind, either before, during or after the event: “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets” (Lk. 6:26).  With the praises of the people of the world ringing in his ears, it is no wonder that Buchan got carried away by it all.  Very few are strong enough to resist the magnetic power of fame and adulation.  But how different from the One he professes to follow and serve!