An Unbiblical “Day of Prayer” in South Africa’s Parliament

Just How Far Back will They Go, “Confessing” Sins?

But Anneke Rabie was not the only one who prayed that day.  Another unbiblical prayer was also offered up at the event by Steve Swart, a member of parliament for the African Christian Democratic Party.  He “confessed the anti-Semitism of the government during” – wait for this, it’s priceless! – “World War II years when Jews who had fled the Holocaust in Germany, were not allowed to disembark in Cape Town.”  I beg your pardon?  Did he really say World War Two?  Didn’t that end 72 years ago?

Do you see what is happening?  It starts with “confessing” the sins, real or imagined, of a quarter of a century ago; but once that door is cracked open, someone will always push it open even more and start to “confess” things which happened even earlier still – such as (in this case) over 70 years ago!  As if people alive today can confess and repent of sins committed by people who are dead!  It is ludicrous, nay it is lunacy – and yet has become so fashionable.  Where will it end?  Will we see someone claiming to repent on behalf of the British Empire for its treatment of Afrikaners during and after the Anglo-Boer War?  What about the sins committed by the ancient Romans against the Jews in AD 70 – will some misguided fool stand up and start confessing those?  Or perhaps a self-appointed “confessor” for the Israelites who annihilated the Canaanites upon entering the promised land will emerge out of the woodwork to claim his fifteen minutes of fame on some podium?  What about some Egyptian standing up and “confessing” Pharaoh’s murder of baby Israelite boys, and of enslaving the entire Israelite nation?  And could someone please “ask forgiveness” for poor old Cain, who was too hard-hearted himself to repent for killing his brother Abel?

Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound – why not confess the sin of Adam himself, which plunged the entire human race into misery?

Prayer for Rain

And where was Angus Buchan in all this?  Cloete wrote: “Not surprisingly – the cherry on top of the cake was the relatively short speech and the terse, powerful prayer for rain of the unique pastor Angus Buchan.  A few times ‘AMEN!!!’ would roar out loud through the auditorium!”  Ah, that seals it then: as long as there were some loud “Amens”, it must have been a Christian event.  Harp on and on about the “sins” of whites and of a political system which ended in the early 1990s; give a cursory nod to sins and crimes committed by others, both in the present as well as far back in the mid-twentieth century; and then? – pray for rain.  And they dare to think that all this is acceptable to the Most High?

There is NO Revival in South Africa – and Pentecostalism/Charismatism Can’t Drum One Up

The “Day of Prayer” at parliament was hailed as a great moment in the country’s history, a wonderful opportunity, and the beginning of amazing things.

But Buchan, his multitudes of followers, and the millions of South African Charismatics and Pentecostals have been misled into believing two extremely serious errors: first, that South Africa is experiencing a spiritual revival, and second, that South Africa is a Christian country.  Neither one of these assumptions is true.

Nor do those who believe these two errors appear to notice that the second error (if it was true) does away with the need for the first one: if SA is already a Christian country, then there is no need for a spiritual revival – for in a true spiritual revival large numbers of unconverted people hear the Gospel and believe savingly in Christ.  If SA is already a Christian country, then the vast majority of the population is already Christian anyway.

As far as SA presently experiencing a spiritual revival is concerned, this is just the SA version of a fantasy as old as Pentecostalism itself.  From its very inception, Pentecostalism has always claimed that it has brought great revival wherever it has spread.  Yet the facts never bear out the claim.  Throughout the twentieth century and now well into the twenty-first, we constantly hear that revival is happening in this country or that one.  But who, inevitably, makes these claims?  Some popular mega-star of the Pentecostal/Charismatic universe.  Whoever holds the biggest meetings, whoever performs the greatest “miracles”, is always quick to say that revival is occurring under his “ministry”.  But the unbiblical nature of Pentecostalism and its even more heretical sister, Charismatism, means that God will never bring about a revival through this means.  The sovereign Lord does not bless false doctrine and false practices!

Besides, simple observation, and examination of the facts, proves conclusively that no revival is occurring.  If SA really was experiencing a heaven-sent revival, the country would be a very different place from what it actually is!  If the multitudes of people who attend gigantic meetings, rallies and conferences held by men such as Buchan were truly converted to Christ, the glorious fruits of such a mass conversion would be very evident on the streets, in the offices, and in the homes of these people across the nation.  This, after all, is the effect genuine spiritual revivals had in the past.[7]  Bars and movie houses would be losing business and closing down; women would be dressing modestly and men would not be returning home after work to flop into their armchairs with a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other; genuine New Testament churches would be springing up, overseen by true men of God; the charlatans lording it over their heretical “mega-churches” would be preaching their lying messages to empty auditoriums; and so much more.  But is this what SA looks like?  Not in the slightest.  In fact, most Charismatics see nothing wrong with drinking and revelling, soaking up worldly entertainment, dressing immodestly, sounding and acting just like the people of the world – yet bouncing up and down to the worldly music in their “churches” on Sunday mornings.  Pray tell: if this is the fruit of a revival, how are those who are supposedly affected by it different from the millions of others who never darken the door of a “church” building?

No, there is no heaven-sent revival presently occurring in SA.  It is insulting to the Lord to even make such a false claim, when all the evidence is solidly against it.