An Unbiblical “Day of Prayer” in South Africa’s Parliament

Honouring a Revolutionary

Then: “A few minutes into her own confessional speech and prayer Anneke Rabie called Dr Mamphela Ramphele to the podium, apologising on behalf of the whites.  Dr Ramphele was the co-founder of the Black Consciousness Movement and co-leader of the South African Student Organisation (SASO) with the late Steve Biko.”  To which we ask: what was this woman doing there?  If this really was a “Day of Prayer” by people solely interested in a spiritual change being wrought in SA, what was a woman who associated with some of the most radical and revolutionary black movements of the 1970s and beyond doing at the podium?  If, since those days, she herself had truly repented of her sins and been converted to Christ, she would have publicly said so, and repudiated her past involvement with those movements – but this she has not done.  Pentecostalism/Charismatism has always been unbiblical, but in the past, at least, it was not politically liberal or revolutionary/Communist; yet Communist liberation theology has now penetrated into New Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism/Charismatism.

Let us examine this woman’s so-called “prayer”.

White-Bashing in Full Swing at the Event

“Father, I submit this afternoon before You and ask that You will help me to pray this prayer of repentance.  I stand before You and every Black, Coloured and Indian person of SA.  I stand in the gap as a White Afrikaner woman.  I stand for all White people in SA – both Afrikaans and English.  I stand for the White people of the past, present and future generations.  I also stand in the gap for those White people of SA whose hearts are hard and who will never say sorry.”

What arrogance!  What unbiblical nonsense!  She could not stand for past or future generations; and she did not stand for the present generation of white South Africans.  All men and women are sinners, and when we sin against someone else we are to repent of it.  But unless deputed to do so on behalf of others in a public prayer, no person can “say sorry” for anything other than his or her own sins.  This woman was deceived, as were all those who said Amen to this religious rubbish.

“I want to ask forgiveness today to all my fellow Black, Coloured and Indian South Africans,” she harped on.  “We, as White people have sinned against you and today almost 40 years after the Soweto riots and killings we are here in Soweto to repent unconditionally.”  We are not sure why she said “we are here in Soweto”, as parliament is not in Soweto.  Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue.  But again, she cannot “ask forgiveness” on behalf of others unless they have authorised her to do so – and she was certainly not authorised to do so.  As for white people sinning against other people, of course it is true that many did, and still do – but it is just as true that many black people and other people sinned against white people too, and still do.  This goes on every single day, and always will, all over the world, because all are sinners.  No one race has the monopoly on sinful behaviour towards others.  As for bringing up the Soweto riots of far-distant 1976, this is just typical liberation theology garbage: the real story behind those riots is nothing like what she intimated in her pathetic prayer.

But she was far from done with her abject grovelling while claiming to speak for all whites.

“I want to ask forgiveness for the way we treated you [again, lady, two words in reply: no authorisation].  I repent of the pride of the White people [this may be news to Rabie, but all people are filled with pride, not just whites].  I repent that we thought that we are better than you [another news flash for Rabie: almost all races think they are better than others; many blacks today are firmly convinced they are better than whites – just ask Julius Malema and his cronies].  It is a sin [so is murder, rape, the theft of property, abortion, homosexuality, and a whole host of other things being committed now, under the present government – but she didn’t mention these.  Surprise, surprise].  I repent for the way that we shamed, humiliated and oppressed you, your mothers, your fathers, your brothers, your sisters, your uncles and your aunts [why did she stop there?  Why not go even further back?  Why not “repent” for things committed by others a hundred years ago, or a thousand?  It’s just as absurd to do that, as it is to “repent” for things committed by others just a few decades ago.  Once this door is opened, there’s no end to the lunacy of “repenting” for real or imagined sins in the past].”

“I ask for forgiveness for the killings, for the people who died under the evil system of Apartheid [what about the people who have died under the infinitely more evil system of Communism and black nationalism since the ANC took power?  And what about the killings committed by ANC terrorists against innocent people during the apartheid era?].  I ask forgiveness for the people that died in Sharpeville, Soweto and many other places.  I especially ask forgiveness for the death of the children who died in Sharpeville, Soweto and many other places [perhaps she is just ignorant of the fact that the revolutionaries deliberately pushed children to the forefront of any riots, sacrificing them so that they could claim that the “evil apartheid system” murdered children.[6]  We would like to think that she just spoke from utter ignorance, so we will give her the benefit of the doubt].”

“I repent,” she then said, “for the inferior education that you received under apartheid [the education blacks received in SA was the best on the whole continent, under apartheid; and their education now is among the worst in the whole world!]….  I repent that we robbed you of a proper education [strange, then, that Mandela and so many others obtained high qualifications in many fields, under apartheid, and even at times in prison!  But of course she would remain mute about that].”

She rambled on, asking forgiveness for a whole host of things; and then added:

“As a woman and a mother, I want to repent on behalf of all white women that influenced our husbands and children to be racist and to treat you harshly.”  No more need be said about her arrogant claim to be repenting on behalf of an entire racial group: the woman was on a mission and there was no stopping her.  But then she said:

“I thank God and you for staying true to the gospel of Jesus Christ in these terrible times of apartheid.”  Oh, really?  The so-called “black” churches were shot through and through with Marxist liberation theology, and preached this heresy to its utmost.  The “gospel of Marx” is not the Gospel of Christ!  It is a diabolical lie, a satanically inspired message from hell.

“Above all I want to repent today of the way the Church condoned Apartheid and because of that many turned away from God.”  Not a word about how the other “Church”, the revolutionary false “Church”, the Marxism-inspired “Church”, condoned Communism in the Name of Christ and turned multitudes away from God by that!

“Lord, please quiet the blood that is calling out over our nation that was spilt during the Apartheid years.  Lord please turn the tide and heal our land,” she ended.  What about the blood that has been spilt since apartheid ended?  What about SA having the reputation of the most violent land in the world outside of a war context – not under apartheid, but ever since apartheid ended and under the ruling ANC/Communist Party alliance?  This woman prayed for “healing the land” based on her distorted view of a time in history that ended a quarter of a century ago – yet not for “healing the land” that has been drenched in blood ever since the ANC of Nelson Mandela came to power!