An Unbiblical “Day of Prayer” in South Africa’s Parliament

New Evangelicalism and Liberation Theology

An article about this “Day of Prayer” was written by one Ashley Cloete, described as a missionary, intercessor and author (although of what particular religious persuasion we are not told).  This man, a descendant of slaves and of the Khoi people, is obviously quite deeply influenced by the heretical teaching of “liberation theology”, which is Communism dressed up as “Christianity”;[4] and yet even so he felt perfectly comfortable at the Buchan event at parliament, and praised it highly.  The reason he could feel this way is simple: New Evangelicalism is welcoming of anyone who (as they say) “loves Jesus”.  It never discerns between truth and error; between true doctrine and false.  New Evangelicals don’t care if someone espouses radical leftist or even Communist ideology, even when it is dressed up in religious clothes.

He wrote that “one speaker after the other recalled laws that had affected my life down the years such as the Group Areas Act and the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act.  As a result of the former law and the related practice of so-called ‘slum clearance’, almost all the buildings and places of memories of my childhood have been eradicated and the latter law was the reason for my exile of just over 18 years.”[5]  Wait a minute: if all these people had gathered to pray for the present state of the country, what was he doing blathering on about long-defunct apartheid laws, instead of focusing entirely on the shocking state of South Africa under its present leadership?  All those things from the past might indeed be true and very sad for Mr Cloete personally – but hardly relevant to present-day conditions in South Africa.  Yet he was far less concerned about the present government’s “reverse apartheid” against white South Africans than he was about the old government’s apartheid laws, which have been dead and gone for a quarter of a century!  Nor did he utter a word about the fact that white South Africans’ history is now being eradicated by the present government!  This is typical selective indignation by those who fall for aspects of Satan’s lie of Marxist-inspired liberation theology, who have been brainwashed into thinking that the real or imagined sins of whites, under Colonialism and apartheid, are infinitely worse than anything any black Communist-inspired government might presently be doing.

A Woman Stands Up and Claims to Repent on Behalf of All Whites

Cloete then related how the events of the day transpired.  It was shocking and anti-biblical, to say the very least.

One Anneke Rabie was called to the podium as co-MC.  Cloete wrote: “Her moving prayer of confession on behalf of Whites for the hurts and effects of apartheid legislation is below.”  Wait just a minute!  A quarter of a century after apartheid officially ended, this woman stood up to pray a prayer of “confession on behalf of whites” for apartheid legislation?  South Africans have lived through a quarter of a century of a Communist-dominated government and legislation almost unbelievable in its immorality and wickedness – and all this foolish woman could pray for was something which came to an end long, long ago!  It was just another opportunity to blame whites for everything wrong in South Africa.  It’s just so much easier than putting the blame where it really belongs.  It’s just so politically correct.  Remember this: “the issue” is never really the issue.  It is just the excuse needed.

Let it be crystal clear: this woman was not praying “on behalf of whites”.  To do that, all white South Africans would have had to authorise her to pray on their behalf – and such authorisation was certainly never given!  Men like King Solomon prayed publicly on behalf of God’s people – but they were the divinely appointed representatives and mouthpieces of the people.  But apart from those who know this woman personally – family, friends, and any others who may be so foolish as to look up to her as some kind of spiritual leader – South Africa’s millions of whites have never even heard of her, let alone appointed her to be their spokeswoman!  It would be laughable if it wasn’t so arrogant.

To be fair, in his article Cloete did say: “The confessions on behalf of blacks, for example for the farm murders and other atrocities inspired by hatred of whites and then perpetrated by Blacks, were just as moving.”  But that was pretty much the sum of his cursory acknowledgment of sins and crimes committed by blacks against whites.  And yet these are the very crimes being committed today, making SA a land of violence and bloodshed and amounting to thousands and thousands of murders every year – far worse than anything that was ever committed under apartheid!  But as with all those infected with the heresy of liberation theology, whites are always far more evil than anyone else, and it was Rabie’s prayer, confessing “on behalf” of whites, which Cloete was most excited about and covered in detail.

In truth, of course, the only blacks who could really repent of farm murders and other atrocities against whites are blacks who have actually committed these crimes – not some self-appointed “confessor” standing up to “confess” on their behalf!