Rhodesia Betrayed by the West, Zimbabwe Destroyed by Marxism and Mugabe

“Authoritative military sources said provincial joint committees manned by senior military, police and intelligence officers loyal to Mugabe will spearhead the campaign that they said will see unprecedented violence unleashed on supporters of opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai,” said Zim Online, an independent Zimbabwean news service.  “The level of violence is going to be shocking,” a senior army officer was quoted as saying.  “It is going to be a wave that will keep Tsvangirai’s supporters indoors and displaced.  It is meant to ensure that only supporters of Mugabe will dare come out in large numbers to vote in the run-off election.”

Certainly there was a massive increase in State-orchestrated violence since the election.  As one example: a black woman who worked for the MDC was awoken at midnight by ten men who barged into her house and dragged her, her sister and her aunt from their beds, saying, “Your man did not win this election.  Next time you must get it right or you will die.”  The truck they were in had no number plates, typical of those used by the feared Central Intelligence Organisation, the secret police.  The women were pulled out onto the street and their bound hands were tied to the truck’s tow bar.  The truck then sped off, dragging the women behind them with their flesh scraping off on the tarred road.  Before she passed out from the pain, one of them heard the men shouting, “This is a war.  We will keep fighting until we win.”  After finally being dumped on a roadside, it took her three days to receive hospital treatment for her by-then infected wounds.

Her story was just one of multiplied thousands that could be told, of the sheer brutality of the Mugabe regime, desperate to hold on to power and willing to stop at nothing to eliminate its opponents.  In an area east of the city of Bulawayo, youth militia armed with AK-47s stopped traffic and ordered people off buses, then forced them at gunpoint to chant slogans praising Zanu-PF.  They were beaten if they did not do so.  The thugs said, “There will be a re-run for the presidential election and if you try and vote for the MDC again we will go to war.  We are not asking you to vote Zanu, we are ordering you – or else you will be killed.”

In the lower-income Harare suburb of Glenview, soldiers went house to house, beating up men and youths.  And this was just the tip of the iceberg.  Reports continued to pour in of the burning of people’s houses, beatings and torture – including burning molten plastic being dripped onto men’s backs.  The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights reported that they had treated 62 people over a three-day period who had suffered violence and torture, and that this number under-reported the true total.  Nine of these were women, and one was 84 years old.  She was struck in the face with stones when she opened her door to unknown assailants, and sustained serious facial injuries.  The youngest was a one-year-old baby boy who suffered gastroenteritis with dehydration when he slept in the bush with his mother after their home was burnt down.

2008: Zimbabwe’s Hyper-Inflation the Worst in All Human History

By 2008 the hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe was the worst ever seen in all of history.  A hundred trillion dollar note could not buy a loaf of bread – and that was after sixteen zeroes had been dropped from the currency!  By November of that year, inflation was estimated at 79.6 billion percent.

And yet Mugabe himself was incredibly wealthy – indeed, one of the world’s richest people with a personal net worth of well over US $1 billion.  He owned property in a number of countries.


Every single day, as the world watched Mugabe destroy Zimbabwe, Ian Smith’s position was vindicated.  Every single day, Mugabe provided Rhodesians, scattered across the earth, with the proof that they were right all along.  Every Rhodesian, who fought so hard to keep his beloved country from falling into the hands of Mugabe and his murderous Communist terrorists, can hold his head up high, despite the liberal lies spouted by the media, and say, “We were right.”  He can say, “We were right to resist.  Mugabe proved us right every time he opened his mouth, every time he put another insane policy into practice.”

Ian Smith was right.  Rhodesians were right.

Men never learn.  They still continue to trust in their politicians, in dictators, in murderous madmen, to supposedly bring them “freedom” and “liberty”.  They never learn the truth of what the Son of God said so long ago: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mk. 8:36).  Black Rhodesians, later Zimbabweans, thought that paradise could be created through the barrel of a gun, by defeating the white government and installing a black Marxist one.  But they learned, to their great cost, that the man they pinned all their hopes on was so vastly worse than the conservative white Rhodesian government they had been taught to hate so much.

My mother grew up in Rhodesia in the 1940s and 1950s and married my father in Salisbury in the early 1960s.  Following the news reports of the scenes unfolding in Harare’s streets as the army rolled in and Mugabe was confined to his home while the internal coup took place, she commented: “The Zimbabwe situation is amazing…. when I worked in the Reserve Bank [in Salisbury in the early 1960s] how could I ever have envisaged tanks patrolling the very street outside it and the whole beautiful city having been brought to such a sorry state roughly 55 years later? I was young, engaged to be married, owned a house etc., the whole world seemed to be euphorically happy, settled and safe – painful lessons to be learned from reality!”

Yes, indeed.  How swiftly the world may change.  Those far-off times were blissful days of peace and sunshine, when the world seemed bright and happy and the future so sure.   This is how all Rhodesians felt.  Everything was new and exciting.  It was a young country on the brink of great things.  The post-World War Two years were times of great prosperity and peace.  The future looked so promising.