Rhodesia Betrayed by the West, Zimbabwe Destroyed by Marxism and Mugabe

Britain and the United States, in particular, were responsible for the destruction of Rhodesia and the creation of Zimbabwe.  “Lord Arthur Christopher Soames, a son-in-law of Winston Churchill and the British-appointed Governor of Rhodesia during the transition period, was responsible to ensure free and fair elections in accordance with the Lancaster House Agreement.  However, while Soames acknowledged that Mugabe’s ZANU-PF was engaged in widespread, systematic violations and terrorism, intimidating the voters, he refused to dismiss the obviously fraudulent votes in favour of Mugabe.  In blatant violation of the Lancaster House Agreement, Soames handed over the government of Rhodesia to Mugabe and his disqualified terrorist movement, with disastrous consequences for all.”[9]

Ian Smith declared truthfully: “We were never beaten by our enemies, we were betrayed by our friends.”  The Rhodesian army was never defeated in battle.  Rhodesians faithfully and with distinction served Britain during two world wars.  In proportion to its population, more Rhodesians lost their lives fighting for Britain in the Second World War than from any other Commonwealth country.[10]  But Britain turned its back on them in their hour of greatest need.  The British government betrayed Rhodesia to its Communist enemies.

Let Ian Smith speak for himself concerning white-governed Rhodesia, in these words from his autobiography:

“[Sir Godfrey Huggins] informed us that the British government had informed him that Rhodesia was the success story of the Commonwealth.  We had succeeded in Africa where they had failed.  History proved the veracity of this belief.  Africa to our north was in chaos, and with the passage of time degenerated into disaster.  Africa is the continent of coups, assassination of political leaders, governments mesmerised by their communist mentors and thus riddled with corruption, incompetence, nepotism and top jobs for comrades irrespective of ability, experience, training or professionalism.

“By contrast, Rhodesia was an oasis of peace and contentment…. Proportional to population we had provided double the amount of facilities in the fields of education, health, housing, recreation and culture than Britain had to our north [in the British territories].

“The commissioner of police in his annual report consistently referred to the fact that Rhodesia was the only country in the world, from which statistics were available, where the crime rate was decreasing.  Moreover, proportional to population we had a smaller police force than any other known country.  However, I am simply emphasising and reiterating the dreadful injustice to which Rhodesia had been subjected…

“Our Western civilization evolved over thousands of years, with many trials and tribulations, triumphs and disasters… With the passing of Rhodesia we were denied the opportunity of putting our philosophy to the test.  We must accept that there is no going back now.  What we cannot accept is that we should allow people, indeed nations, to succeed in twisting the truth against Rhodesia in order to support and preserve malignant dictatorships.  The vast mass of Rhodesians have always been moderate, middle-of-the-road conservatives.  Extremists, whether to the left or right, never succeeded in gaining support in our politics…. All of these actions [previously described], which clearly indicate Rhodesian moderation, reason, and fair play to all our people, black and white, are assiduously ignored while the rabble-rousers succeed in branding us as white racists, oblivious of the interest of our black community. In fact, they are the racists, fabricating their case against us for the reason that we are white people living in Africa.  Sadly, the broad mass of reasonable people in the world, who, once the position is made clear to them, sympathise with the injustice of the case against us, seem to be reluctant, or are otherwise too occupied, to resort to positive action.  The problem is obvious – the extremist, because of his nature, is obsessed with his cause and never tired of working for it.  On the other hand, the reasonable man, because of his nature, is moderate in his outlook and approach to life.  We must constantly remind ourselves and our friends, and continue to repeat those significant words: ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.’”[11]

Truly, Britain should hang its head in shame for inflicting the monster, Robert Mugabe, on the people of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe back in 1980, via rigged elections which Britain oversaw and permitted.  Yet when Mugabe was forced to resign, British Prime Minister Theresa May spoke of Britain as “Zimbabwe’s oldest friend” and offered to help!  Britain was no friend of Rhodesia and exerted massive pressure to get Rhodesia to capitulate to the Marxist terrorists.  Britain deliberately turned against its own colony and its own people who lived there.  No, Britain was no friend of Rhodesia’s.  And although Theresa May said Britain was “Zimbabwe’s oldest friend” – and there is truth in that, for Britain ushered Mugabe into power, fawned over him and hailed him as a hero – Mugabe himself constantly railed against Britain and the British, spewing hatred for them out of his mouth.

Rhodesia 1965 – 1979: Waging War against International Communism

  On the 11th November 1965, Ian Smith’s government unilaterally declared independence from Britain, because Britain had not been honouring its word or keeping its promises or agreements.  From 1965 to 1979 Smith served as Rhodesian prime minister, and these were the most turbulent and violent years of Rhodesia’s history.  The country was isolated by the United Nations, international sanctions were imposed, and Rhodesians courageously resisted the Soviet-backed black Marxist terror organisations’ assault.  They did remarkably well, and were it not for their betrayal by Britain and other western nations, Mugabe and his terrorist organisation, Zanu-PF, would not have come to power.  Through massively rigged, fraudulent elections overseen by Britain in 1980, Mugabe became prime minister, Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, and the country became a Marxist state.

I was born in Rhodesia two years before UDI.  Although our family moved to South Africa, we returned to Rhodesia for some years in the 1970s.  It was a wonderful life for any boy.  Despite the ongoing terrorist revolution, what a country it was!  As a young boy of eight or nine I used to cycle alone to school, part of my route lying through open veldt.  I was perfectly safe.  My friends and I used to play in the veldt, without parental supervision, for hours on end, only coming home in the evenings.  Everything was efficient, well run, well maintained, neat, clean, and tidy.  The wildlife reserves were pristine.  The cities shone in the African sun.  There were world-class hospitals, schools, roads, railways, etc.  None of these things existed before the whites arrived, for prior to their arrival the territory which came to be known as Rhodesia was under the despotic rule of black tyrants.