Rhodesia Betrayed by the West, Zimbabwe Destroyed by Marxism and Mugabe

But even in the midst of the joy, sadly a note of extreme caution must be issued, for:

Mugabe Departs, but Zimbabwe Remains Marxist

  It must always be remembered that the removal of Mugabe was not by an election which brought a better government into power in place of him and his party; and it was not even by a popular uprising of the masses (for which we are thankful, as this would have been disastrous).  His fall from power came about solely as the result of an internal coup within his own evil, corrupt, murderous Marxist party, Zanu-PF.  The fact remains that Zanu-PF is very much still in power.  Mugabe has gone, but Marxism still reigns.  The dictator has left power, but the dictatorship has not become a democracy.  It is still very much a Zanu-controlled state.

As David Coltart, a lawyer in Zimbabwe and an elected senator for the opposition MDC party, wrote: “In all of our euphoria we must never become so intoxicated as to forget that it was the same Generals who allowed Mugabe to come to power in 2008 and 2013 [who have now removed him].  We must never forget how the military and war veterans spearheaded the violence which followed the March 2008 elections to ensure that Mugabe got back into power.  They were behind the abduction and murder of hundreds of MDC activists that year.  Without their intervention Mugabe would never have won the run off election.  We must never forget how the military engineered the election victory of Mugabe in 2013.”[1]

Furthermore, it must always be borne in mind that the new president, Emerson Mnangagwa, although being hailed as a hero by many Zimbabweans, was closely connected with Mugabe for decades, even becoming vice-president to him; and therefore his own hands are far from clean.  As Leon Mighti, a Zimbabwean, put it in an article: “Beware ‘Crocodile’ Mnangagwa – Zanu-PF is not renewing, it is a snake shedding its old skin.”[2]  Mnangagwa was involved in the 1980s massacre of thousands of Ndebele.  He helped to rig the elections which kept Mugabe in power.  Even in his inauguration speech, he praised Mugabe as the “liberator” of the country and the “father of the nation.”  Any truly just leader would have seen to it that Mugabe was arrested and placed on trial for mass murder and all kinds of other crimes.  But no – he was simply allowed to resign and leave quietly, to “go and rest” as many said.  This is not justice for Mugabe’s hundreds of thousands, indeed millions of victims.

Truly, Zimbabwe is far from being out of the woods.  And it will never be out of the woods until all the former terrorists are out of power, and until the country officially and totally abandons the policies of Marxism-Leninism.

Mugabe and the Jesuits

  Robert Mugabe is a lifetime Roman Catholic, and has claimed to be very committed to Roman Catholicism.[3]  The Roman Catholic institution in Rhodesia, through its satanic doctrine of liberation theology (Catholic-Communism), massively supported the Communist organisations (such as Mugabe’s Zanu) waging their terrorist war against Rhodesia in the 1960s and 1970s.  Ignoring Mugabe’s atrocious deeds of terror, the so-called “Church” of Rome went all out to back him and his bloody campaign to take power.  And foremost among the advocates of Rome’s doctrine of liberation theology were the Jesuits.

Very significantly, Mugabe was educated by the Jesuits, and remained close to the Order ever afterwards.  This is very telling.  Throughout his years as president of Zimbabwe he had a personal Jesuit priest assisting him.  His name is Fidelis Mukonori, SJ.  For many years, in fact, this priest acted as the personal chaplain to Mugabe’s family.  He also gave the “blessing” at every celebration of the anniversary of Zimbabwe’s so-called “independence” in 1980.[4]  One could say, then, that ever since the birth of Marxist Zimbabwe in 1980, the Jesuits of Rome have been a major force, behind the scenes, in all that has taken place in that land.  And let it not be wondered at that they backed Mugabe even when he was committing his atrocities throughout the country.  Any study of Jesuit history, in virtually any country of the world where they have played a prominent part, will reveal that they will stop at nothing to get their way, and will readily use murder and massacre to achieve it.

On his first official day as pope of Rome, Francis I, history’s first openly Jesuit pope and a man committed to Marxism, met President Robert Mugabe, shook his hand – and even bowed his head to him in greeting![5]  Mugabe had been permitted to travel to the Vatican for the inauguration of Francis, defying an EU travel ban, and the Vatican placed him in the VIP section at Francis’ inaugural mass!  Was this just a slip?  This is not at all likely, given that Mugabe was educated by the Jesuits and considered himself to be a faithful Roman Catholic!  The pope’s greeting was surely that of a Jesuit to a man who, despite all his abominable crimes, nevertheless carried out certain Jesuit objectives in Zimbabwe.[6]

And when, finally, the army told him he must go, who was it who was right there, helping to “negotiate” his exit?  This same Jesuit priest, Fidelis Mukonori!  When the military seized power and confined Mugabe to his home, Mukonori mediated between him and the generals, helping to “facilitate” a “peaceful exist” for him.[7]  Mugabe should never had been permitted a “peaceful exist”, of course, but should have been arrested and put on trial; but the dictator was always a favourite of the Jesuits, and when the handwriting was on the wall and they could see that his time was up, they negotiated the best possible deal for this devoted disciple of the Jesuits behind the scenes.

Let us take a look back, at what Rhodesia was and what Zimbabwe became.[8]

Rhodesia: Betrayed by Its “Friends” in Britain and America

  For decades, the world has watched the deteriorating situation in the land that was once Rhodesia.  I was born in that beautiful southern African country, the jewel of Africa, known at one time as the safest country on earth.  What a country it was!

I well remember the words of the anthem we used to sing every week during the school asembly: the words of “We Who Follow”:

Once a column came a-marching
The early fathers of our land
And they came to found a country
On guard for all they won, we stand,
It was built on toil and courage
Rhodesia!  Our homeland,
So they gave us this our country
Rhodesia!  Our homeland,

In the long, long, long ago;
Have left their trust in us:
That the world would come to know.
As those who follow must.
Out of what was wilderness;
We’ll stand on guard for thee.
To preserve and ever bless.
We’ll ever cherish thee.

I can never think of those words without emotion, even all these years later.  It was a special country.  A land of sunshine, breathtaking beauty, cleanliness and orderliness.  Indeed the world came to know the country of Rhodesia.  And tragically, in time it came to hate it, to turn against it, and to support the Marxist terrorists who waged a murderous guerilla war against the white government and white Rhodesians in general, that left tens of thousands dead across the land; and finally culminated, thanks to international isolation and vast financial and other support for the terrorists, in Rhodesia becoming the Marxist state of Zimbabwe.