Portugal’s Fires 2017: What the Pope Blesses, the Lord Curses

* In September 1995, the Roman Antichrist set foot on South African soil and “blessed” the country.  South Africa spiralled downwards into violence, chaos, and all kinds of immorality, because, to all its other sins committed since the fraudulent 1994 election which brought the Communist-alligned African National Congress of Nelson Mandela to power after a violent revolution, it added the great iniquity of permitting the pope of Rome to visit.

  Let it be understood: we are not saying that the Lord permitted the disasters mentioned above to befall those who received the papal “blessing” solely because of that “blessing.”  We know that kings and presidents commit many sins, and that God often punishes them temporally (as well as eternally when they die) for their sins by so ordering events that they suffer tragedies and disasters.  God is absolutely sovereign, “he removeth kings, and setteth up kings” (Dan. 2:21), making use of these very things to punish wicked rulers.  The Bible is full of examples.  It is not the case that the only sin the leaders and the countries listed above committed was seeking the blessing of the Roman pope, nor that God only punished them when they committed this particular sin.  Nevertheless, this we can say with certainty concerning each case: the papal blessing certainly did not help any of them (as they so often expected it to); and they definitely added to their sins by seeking his favour – the list above defies any attempt to explain all these things as “coincidental”.  They courted the favours of the Roman Antichrist, they trusted in him, they turned to him – the greatest enemy of Christ on the earth – and they found him to be a miserable help, an impotent idol, powerless to prevent Divine judgement.  He was even one of the principal causes of it.  The Lord indeed curses what Antichrist blesses.

June 2017

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[1]. The Lying “Lady” of Fatima: Seers and Secrets, Deception and Delusion, and the Politics of Global Power, by Shaun Willcock.  Bible Based Ministries, 2017.  Available free from our website: https://www.biblebasedministries.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/The-Lying-Lady-of-Fatima.pdf


[2]. Papal Blessings and Curses, Bible Based Ministries.  Available for free from our website: https://www.biblebasedministries.co.uk/pamphlets/5/

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