The Lying “Lady” of Fatima

  Note the wording: “Scientists tried to explain it as a most unusual display of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.  But Sister Lucia knew that it was the great sign foretold by Our Lady”.  Any possible scientific explanation was airily dismissed, and the belief of a nun was accepted as the true one, regardless of the evidence.  When it comes to Rome’s “lying wonders”, Rome never lets the truth get in the way.

  What must always be borne in mind is that Lucia was a devout cloistered nun, and that she supposedly only spoke up and revealed these things on the advice of her priest-confessor – the priest to whom she always confessed her sins.  And this man, of course, was in direct communication with his superiors in the Vatican.  Poor, deluded Lucia!  She was a pawn in the hands of ambitious and cunning men.  Conditioned, as a cloistered nun, to obey her priest absolutely, she would not hesitate to lie for him if told to, “for the greater glory of God”.  She would have believed he was in the very place of God.

  Those three children claimed to see “Mary” and to deliver words from her, and as we have seen, there is good reason to believe that they did see and hear something, being deceived by the devil; but whatever messages they had originally been given, by a seducing spirit, back then, we may be certain that the agents of Rome changed or added to the messages at a later date, to make it appear as if they spoke of Russia’s persecution of the “Church”, its “conversion” one day, etc.   Those priests saw an opportunity – three young children claiming to be receiving messages from the Virgin – and decided to capitalise on it and put words in the children’ mouths.  Easy enough to do in a remote, rural, poor area of Portugal in 1917: bribes, gifts, threats even.  All these means could have been used; some would have been, for certain.  And suddenly Rome had a very powerful tool against atheistic Russia.

  It was all so perfectly timed; perfectly choreographed.  The language of Fatima was that Russia would be “converted”, while the language of the Fascists and Nazis was that Russia would be annihilated by their armies.  Perfect timing!  As far as the Vatican was concerned, Russia’s annihilation at the hands of the Nazis would be the beginning of her conversion to Roman Catholicism.  After all, the Nazi leaders were Roman Catholics, the Jesuits were the model which Hitler followed, and the Third Reich was a Roman Catholic crusade.[24]

  Look again at the supposed words of the “second secret”, given above.   “Mary” allegedly told the children that if the pope of Rome would consecrate Russia to her “Immaculate Heart”, that vast land would be converted, and a worldwide period of peace would follow.  By “converted”, of course, the Jesuits meant converted to Roman Catholicism – not back to Russian Orthodoxy!  This is important to bear in mind. 

  As we have seen, in 1929 Lucia claimed (or at least, the world was told, by Rome’s priests, that this is what she claimed) that “Mary” again appeared to her, stating that: “The moment has arrived wherein God is asking the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart in union with all the bishops of the world.  He promises to save it by this means.”  Lucia, we are told, sent this request to Pius XI that same year, and he promised to take it into consideration.[25]  But this was not done, and Lucia in later writings (again, so we are told) said that the Lord was displeased.  Then, in a letter dated 2 December 1940, she addressed herself directly to Pius XII in obedience to her “spiritual directors”, again asking him to carry out “Mary’s” request.[26]

  Therefore the next question to be answered is: did the pope of Rome do this?  Did he “consecrate” Russia to Mary’s “Immaculate Heart”? 

  The answer is not as straightforward as one might imagine.  And there is a reason for this ambiguity.

  In 1941 Hitler invaded Russia.  As far as the Vatican of Pius XII was concerned, this was the beginning of the fulfilment of Fatima’s “second secret”, the conversion of Russia to Roman Catholicism.  “Pius XII encouraged Catholics to volunteer for the Russian front.  Catholics – most of them devotees of the Virgin of Fatima – joined the nazi armies, from Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Latin America, the U.S. and Portugal.  Spain sent a Catholic Blue Division.  In October, 1941, while the nazi armies rolled near Moscow, Pius XII, addressing Portugal, urged Catholics to pray for a speedy realization of the Lady of Fatima’s promise.”[27]

  And then what did the pope do?  In the midst of World War Two, on 31 October 1942, Pius XII in his radio message to the Portuguese nation consecrated Russia to the “Immaculate Heart of Mary”.[28]   The reason for this was that Pius XII was devoutly anti-Communist, devoutly pro-Nazi, and had assisted the Nazis to come to power in Germany; and he believed that the Nazis would conquer the Soviet Union.  This would be the beginning of Russia’s “conversion”, as had been predicted at Fatima.  Or so Pius XII believed.[29] 

  In other words, the first attempt at seeing the “prophecy” of Fatima fulfilled was by means of outright aggression and war!  Pius XII believed that Russia would be “converted” by being conquered militarily by the Nazis.

  This was it, Roman Catholics worldwide believed: this was the beginning of the fulfilment of the “second secret” of Fatima.  “‘The apparitions of Fatima open a new era,’ wrote Cardinal Cerejeira in that same year.  ‘It is the foreshadowing of what the Immaculate Heart of Mary is preparing for the whole world.’  The new era, in 1942, was a totally nazified European continent, with Russia seemingly wiped off the map, Japan conquering half of Asia and world fascism was at its zenith everywhere.”[30]  Yes, this is the nightmare the Vatican desired, and worked for.

  Alas for the Vatican, it was not to be.  “The fascist empire vanished with the collapse of Hitler.  In 1945, World War II ended.  And Soviet Russia, to the chagrined surprise of Pope Pius XII, emerged the second greatest power on earth.”[31]

  What, therefore, was the Vatican to do about that consecration of Russia to “Mary’s Immaculate Heart” by Pius XII in 1942? 

  There was only one thing to do: claim that the consecration had been invalid!  But how to do this?  A way was found: according to a letter she allegedly wrote in 1943, Lucia stated that Pius, unfortunately, had not consecrated Russia properly.  It was good but incomplete, because he failed to do it in union with all the bishops of Rome – as “Mary” had asked.[32]  Oh, what a pity!  If only the bishops had joined him, Communism would have been defeated instead of emerging from the War as a world power, with half of Europe in its iron grip!  This was how the Vatican reasoned.  And how it wriggled out of its dilemma.

  Even so, however, Rome claims that a miracle still happened, because within three days of the papal consecration the battle of el-Alamein began, which became the first defeat of Hitler’s army in the War.  And then the battle of Stalingrad began just three weeks later.

  Astounding how Rome claims the credit for the turning of the tide of World War Two –a war instigated and carried forward by the very Jesuits of Rome!  The Vatican of Pius XII fully supported the Nazis;[33] but always having a backup plan, it used Pius’ consecration of Russia to “Mary” to claim that this helped bring about the end of the War with the eventual defeat of Nazism!  They are nothing if not master tacticians, these Vatican princes.

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