The Lying “Lady” of Fatima

  How do Roman Catholics try to wriggle out of this one?  Here is how: “The fact that the war is understood to have begun only in the reign of Pope Pius XII presents no great difficulty for Sister Lucia.  She remarks that the annexation of Austria by Germany – and we might add various other political events at the end of the reign of Pope Pius XI – constituted the preliminary stage of the conflagration that would take shape fully some time later.”[16]  Always a way to slip out of any difficulty – at least in their own eyes.    Likewise, another lying “prophecy” was given.  “On the 13th October [1917] both Lucia and Jacinta affirmed that they heard from the lips of the Blessed Virgin the words: ‘The war will end today.’”[17] Yet it did not end on that date at all.  How is this obvious falsehood explained away?  Even devout believers in the Fatima apparitions admit that this was “one of several contradictory or ambiguous statements.”  Yet it is explained by saying that either the children misunderstood “Mary’s” words, or they were excessively fatigued from being questioned for so many hours.  In 1924 Lucia said that although she believed “Mary” told her the war would end that day, Jacinta told her that “Mary” had said the war would end within a year.  Lucia claimed she was just too distracted that day by people wanting to give her petitions for “Mary” that she did not pay proper attention to what “Mary” said.[18]  But here we must ask: did any true prophet of the Lord ever give a false “prophecy”?  Never.  The Lord’s prophets gave His very words, often under extremely trying and difficult conditions, but they never erred.

  Another proof that this was a message concocted by men, is that we are told “Mary” requested the children not to reveal this “secret” until she gave them permission![19]  It was not part of what they revealed in 1917 but was only “revealed” years later – when Rome’s agents had had time to concoct it!  How many years later?  According to the official Roman Catholic account, Christ appeared to Lucia (who was by then a nun in a cloistered convent – very convenient!) in 1927 and gave her permission to reveal in writing everything that “Mary” had supposedly told her in the apparition in which she spoke about the devotion to her “Immaculate Heart”, but not the rest.  Lucia therefore revealed what had occurred during the June apparition in 1917. 

  Then in 1941, the bishop of Leiria ordered Lucia to write a detailed account of Jacinta’s life for a book being written about her.   And we are told that Lucia wrote of this order from the bishop: “This order touched the depth of my soul like a beam of light telling me that the time had come to reveal the first two parts of the secret”.  She then (or someone, at any rate) accordingly revealed the first and second “secrets” in writing, on 31 August 1941.  Then later still in that same year, on 8 December, she wrote yet another account, more detailed, on the bishop’s orders.[20]

  Very importantly, Lucia was surrounded with Jesuits!  In 1926 her priest-confessor was Jesuit superior, José da Silva Aparicio.  Another was his later replacement, a Jesuit priest named Gonçalves (who told her to write down the Fatima “prophecy”, promised to work for the realisation of the wishes of “Mary”, and also informed the bishop of Leiria and arranged that the matter should come to the knowledge of Pope Pius XI).  And a third was Jesuit priest, Francisco Rodrigues, to whom she wrote and with whom she met on a number of occasions.[21]

  No, the Lord had not appeared to poor Lucia.  Saul of Tarsus, later called Paul the apostle, was the very last to see the risen Christ (1 Cor. 15:3-9).  It was not the Lord, it was her priest-confessor who commanded Lucia to lie like this!  Those Jesuits were the real authors of the lies of Fatima!  Lucia was merely a pawn in their hands.  We will probably never know how much she herself wrote, or how much was written in her name by others.  We cannot believe a thing emanating from Jesuitical sources.

  As things turned out, once they took power the Russian Communists did not behave as the Vatican desired, and they in fact turned against the Vatican and went their own way.  They created an atheistic state, and instead of utterly destroying the Russian Orthodox institution, they hijacked it and turned it into a tool of Communism.  Yes, thousands of Russian Orthodox “church” buildings were destroyed, and thousands of priests and bishops, as well as millions of Russian Orthodox followers, were sent to concentration camps.  But in the case of the priests, these were the ones who did not capitulate and agree to work for the Reds, from within Russian Orthodoxy’s priesthood; and in the case of the common people, this was simply the Reds doing what they always loved to do: wiping out religious people.  Members of various religions were persecuted and massacred by the multiplied millions – including Roman Catholics.

  The Vatican’s cherished hopes of great things from the Communists did not materialise.  Something had to be done.  And so the Vatican turned from being a supporter of the Communist revolutionaries to being their opponent.  It now wanted to destroy Soviet Communism, for it realised that it could not use it as it had originally hoped.  And one way to “help along” the eventual downfall of atheistic Communism was to spread a story about “Mary” desiring to see Russia “converted”, and the dire consequences if this did not happen.

  And so to Portugal, and to a place called Fatima.

             The Vatican’s First Hope: The “Conversion” of Russia by Nazi Conquest of the USSR

  In 1929, so we are told, “Mary” again appeared to Lucia – the only surviving visionary, and who became a nun – and said the time had come for the consecration of Russia.  Here are the words, as we have been provided with them by the Vatican spin doctors: “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.”[22]

  Mary did no such thing.  The message was a lie.  But it was a lie with a definite purpose.

  At the very same time as the Vatican was supporting the rise of Fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany, it was also massively promoting the cult of Fatima.  Europe had been “Fatimaized” by 1938 – the year before the outbreak of World War Two.  In that year, the Vatican dispatched a papal nuncio to Fatima, and almost half a million pilgrims there were told that “Mary” had given three great secrets to the children.

  The reader will remember the part of the “second secret” which said: “When you shall see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign that God gives you that He is going to punish the world for its many crimes by means of war, hunger, and persecution of the Church [meaning the “Church” of Rome] and the Holy Father.”  Well, by 1938, on the eve of World War Two, the Vatican deemed it to be the right time to claim the fulfilment of this part of the message.  Here is what we are told happened, by an official Roman Catholic book on the subject:

 “On the night of January 25, 1938, Sister Lucia stood at her convent window and saw an ominous red glow that lit the entire sky.  This light was seen throughout Europe and Africa and in part of America and Asia.  Scientists tried to explain it as a most unusual display of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.  But Sister Lucia knew that it was the great sign foretold by Our Lady on July 13, 1917, and that the punishment of the world was at hand.  Several weeks later, Hitler invaded Austria striking the match that was to set the world aflame.  Thus began another and worse war in the reign of Pius XI, as predicted by the Mother of God at Fatima.”[23]

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