The Lying “Lady” of Fatima

  So what happened, in truth?  It was a case of mass delusion.  It was a case of the emperor’s new clothes.  Remember the story of the emperor who walked down the street without any clothes on, and no one in the crowd wanted to admit that he was naked, for then they would appear foolish in the eyes of their friends who claimed they could see his beautiful clothes.  This is what happened at Fatima.  People see what they want to see – especially in large crowds.  The crowd which gathered that day in 1917 was immense, and for the most part comprised of devout Roman Catholics, who either really believed in the apparitions, or who really wanted to believe in them.  All it would have taken was to have a few “plants” in the assembly, people primed beforehand by the priests (who were milking this moment for all it was worth) to jump up and start claiming they could see the sun doing these things, and within a short time the vast numbers of devout Papists in that crowd would be claiming to see it too – not because they really were seeing anything at all, but because they really wanted to see it.  This would have been especially so if, at that moment, there was some change in the weather, and some natural change in the appearance of the sun – nothing extraordinary, but exaggerated in the hearts and minds of those who really wanted to believe something extraordinary was happening, and whose emotions were already at fever pitch.  Many would have remained convinced for the rest of the lives that they really did see those things.  And yet they did not.  It was a delusion. 

  In addition, an optical illusion is caused by staring up into the bright light of day like that, if one keeps it up for some minutes.  To stare at the sun will damage the eyes, of course, and therefore the people in that crowd would really have been staring at the sky around the sun, for the most part.  And if one does this for some minutes, it creates the illusion of the sun moving.  One starts to see various colours, the sun seems to pulsate, etc.

  Therefore, this delusion at Fatima would have been caused by a combination of: mass religious hysteria; optical illusions caused by staring at the sky around the sun for too long; the desperate desire, in the hearts of so many in that multitude, not to be “left out” while their families and friends and neighbours were all apparently “seeing” it (the same thing happens to this day in mass gatherings of Pentecostals and Charismatics, when people see their friends being “slain in the Spirit” as they believe, and fall down themselves); and, doubtless, a number of carefully-placed “plants” at strategic points in the crowd.

  The book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, written by Charles Mackay in the nineteenth century, demonstrates that this kind of mass delusion, in various forms, has occurred throughout history.  To give just one example: “An ancient couplet, preserved for ages by tradition, foretold, that in the year 1630 the devil would poison all Milan.”  And in that year a plague broke out in that very city.  It was believed, by the people, that the devil and his emissaries were spreading the plague, and anyone suspected of being in league with the devil to poison the city was killed by the mob, or tortured to death on the rack.  And then the story spread that Satan himself had been seen, and was living in a house in Milan where he was concocting his poison!  One man claimed to have been taken, by Satan himself, into the house where he saw the diabolical work being done there; and then “scores of witnesses, half crazed by disease, came forward to say that they also had seen the diabolical stranger.”  But then it became even more bizarre.  “The number of persons who confessed that they were employed by the Devil to distribute poison is almost incredible.  An epidemic frenzy was abroad, which seemed to be as contagious as the plague.  Imagination was as disordered as the body, and day after day persons came voluntarily forward to accuse themselves.”[13]  Incredible – but true.  If people can be so wrought upon as to voluntarily accuse themselves of being the agents of the devil, with the prospect of terrible punishment before them, then anything is possible!

The “Second Secret” of Fatima

  We can pass by the so-called “first secret” of Fatima, which as we have seen was straightforward: a “vision” of hell.  It is the second and third “secrets” which are most important, and which must be carefully analysed.

  The timing of the “second secret” of Fatima is all-important.  The three children supposedly saw “Mary” on six occasions, from May to October 1917.  And what great event occurred in October 1917?  The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, which swept the Communists to power in that great land!  Prior to 1917, Russia had been an overwhelmingly Russian Orthodox country by religion, and the great rival and enemy of the Roman Catholic institution.  For centuries Rome had desired the conquest of Russia and the destruction of Russian Orthodoxy.  And in the nineteenth century, Rome’s Jesuits began working with, supporting and financing, the burgeoning Communist movement.[14]  They believed that this would be the most effective way of destroying Czarist Russia and the Russian Orthodox institution.  By 1917 the Jesuits knew that the Communists were about to succeed.  Sure enough, in October Russia fell to the Communists in the Bolshevik Revolution, becoming officially Communist and atheist.  But in the months prior to the October revolution, so we are told by the Jesuits and other Romish authorities, the “visions” of Fatima occurred!

  We have to ask, then: was the timing of these “visions” merely coincidence?  There can be only one answer: no, not at all.  It was deliberately staged.  This “secret” was not part of the demonic manifestation at Fatima.  It was added later, by men!

  One proof of this is that “Mary”, it is claimed, told the children, “But if people do not stop offending God, another and worse [war] will begin in the reign of Pius XI.”  This pope’s reign began in 1922 – six years after the so-called “second secret” of Fatima was given!  The devil cannot predict the future, and the message did not come from the Lord, which leaves only one source: man.  The “second secret” was an invention of the priests of Rome, for the purpose of deceiving the world.

  In 1946, we are told that Lucia apparently confirmed she heard “Mary” say the name of Pius XI in her 1917 “vision”, but that at the time she did not know whether this was a pope or a king.[15]  But we only have what are purported to be Lucia’s words.  She may have said them, she may not have said them.  We simply do not know.  We cannot trust Rome.  People assume she was telling the truth, and they also assume that she really said these things; but none of this can be taken for granted.  By this time she was a nun in a cloistered convent, utterly under the power of the priests.  Nuns are sworn to absolute obedience.  A faithful nun, fanatically devoted to her “Church”, will lie if she is told to lie, “for the greater glory of God”.  And that is assuming these were even her words!  Who is to say for certain that they were?  It would have been a very simple thing for priests to “put words in her mouth”.  In fact, we cannot even be 100% certain she was still alive (more on this later).  This is why, in this article, when quoting from, or referring to, what are claimed to be Lucia’s words, I constantly say things such as, “so we are told”.  For the plain fact of the matter is that this is all we have to go on: the Vatican’s say-so.

  Importantly also, the “prophecy” is clearly a lying one, because factually, World War Two did not begin in the reign of Pius XI, but in the reign of Pius XII, his successor!  Now even if prophecies were still being given from the Lord today (which they are not, but we will assume for the sake of argument at this point), this fact alone would confirm that this is a false prophecy – for the true prophets of the Lord in biblical times never once gave inaccurate messages! 

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