The Donald Trump Victory

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Articles sufficient to fill libraries have been written, and will yet be written, by those inside the U.S. and around the world, analysing the victory of Donald Trump over that Jezebel, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 presidential election, and it is not my intention to write reams about it myself, repeating what so many others have said.  But a few comments are in order, from one who is an outsider looking in, who loves the great land of America.

The Astounding Victory of Trump over Clinton

  It was certainly an astounding victory, considering the forces ranged against him.  No question about that.  The entire leftist-dominated media, worldwide, was against him, and attacked him in every possible way.  The pope of Rome professed no love for him, especially since he threatened to close the porous U.S.-Mexico border to the tens of thousands of illegal Roman Catholics from Central and South America who are flooding into the U.S., and the pope’s apparent opposition to him meant millions of Roman Catholics were opposed to him as well.  The Communists, Socialists, globalists, and all their fellow-travellers were utterly opposed to him.  The Muslim world, and the multitudes of Muslim terrorists and would-be terrorists now ensconced within the United States itself, hate him with the loathing only religious madmen are capable of.  Hollywood film “stars” who know next to nothing about the real world but upon whose stupid statements their drooling fans hang as if their lives depended on it, stood against him.  Rock and hip-hop noise-makers, passing themselves off as musicians, addled on drugs and daftness, opposed him to a man (or to a woman, or to an undecided, as the case may be): the likes of the way-out-there, weird and creepy Lady Gaga and the body-flaunting, Barack-adoring Beyoncé, to name just two.

  As one perceptive conservative analyst wrote, prior to the election: “The deck is completely stacked against Trump and for Hillary: The Establishment will do anything to stop him and are by and large accomplishing this through their vicious vilification and smear campaign against him in the controlled US media.  There has never been a candidate running for president in the US who has been as universally trashed as Trump.  The Republican hierarchy has made no secret of the fact that they completely support Hillary and will partner with the Democrats to defeat Trump.  The debates have been manipulated for Hillary and against Trump by having blatantly pro-Hillary debate commentators who skew all questions for Hillary and against Trump, hidden ear microphones, etc.  The US media (which is 100% controlled by the globalist Establishment) has been unleashed against Trump with a fury we have never seen before.  The media has completely covered up Hillary’s massive criminal and treasonous record – the worst of any major US politician in our history, and taken every single negative (or stupid) thing Trump has ever said or done and magnified it 100-fold to make him look like a fool, an incompetent, or a scumbag. (Sadly, many of Trump’s stupid or inappropriate remarks have given the Establishment additional ammunition with which to destroy him or keep him continually on the defensive.)”[1]

  And yet – despite it all – at the end of the day these Communists, Socialists, liberals, Papists, Muslims, lamestream media talking heads, know-nothing actors and actresses, creepy rock and hip-hop noise-makers, and all the rest, had completely and utterly misread the depth of disgust within a large percentage of the American population.  His astounding victory demonstrated this level of disgust, among ordinary Americans, for the Socialist/Communist/New World Order tyrants who have been marching roughshod over America, under Obama, under the Clintons, and yes, under the Bushes as well.  And so it came to pass that although the enemies of America, within and without, were all absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton, a woman so evil she makes Barack Obama look good, would easily be ushered into the White House, it was not to be.  Trump won.  Against all odds, humanly speaking, he won.  Despite being boastful, a womaniser, and more – he won.  At last, the decades-long death-grip in which America was held by the Bush/Clinton/Obama crowd, was loosened to a large extent.  At least politically.

  The world is in a terrible state.  Everywhere, universally, the radical leftist agenda is marching to victory in one country after another, seemingly unstoppable.  The great prize was always the United States of America.  And if Hillary Clinton had won, it might truly have been the end.  Not merely the beginning of the end, but the end for America.  Already so far gone, a Clinton victory would have cinched it.

  But it was not to be.  Not yet.

  And for that, Christians the world over give thanks to God.

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