The Donald Trump Victory

He Will Not Perform Miracles

  Be clear about this: even if he manages to do much that is good (and that in itself is a very big “if”), Trump will not be a miracle worker.  He cannot be.  Christians who rejoice that he beat the evil Hillary Clinton should not make the mistake of idolising the man, or making a messiah-figure out of him.  This is what the radicals of all stripes did with Barack Obama when he became president in 2008.[7]  Trump is a mere man, a sinful man, and is keeping some very bad company.  Those who rightly criticised the Obama supporters in 2008 who held him up as America’s great hope, must not be guilty of the same sin now that “their” man has won.  It is indeed a sad day when professing Christians place all their hope in some man, showing more joy at his election to the White House than they do for their faithful pastor’s Sunday sermon, or for some humble success on the mission field, or when the Bible is accurately translated into a new language.

Only God (Not Trump) Can Stop America’s Moral Freefall

  Hillary Clinton and her gang of criminals are out, and Donald Trump is in.  This may be good as far as it goes.  But American Christians, and indeed Christians elsewhere in the world, need to realise that as good as it may be, it does not go very far.  For what is rotting America from within goes far, far deeper.  It is sin.  And this political victory will not touch that.  Having a better president does not mean a better country!  America is a country in moral collapse, and it remains under divine judgment for its many sins.  It is a country now so far steeped in sin that even though, on the political level, the brazen globalists may have for the moment suffered a setback, unless the Lord intervenes the downward spiral of America will continue unabated. 

  Two things will see to this:

  The first is that the Jesuit/Communist agenda for America will continue.  The Jesuits and Communists will not give up.  They have suffered a setback, but they have not been annihilated.  They still exist, in all the various branches of American society, and they are still very, very hard at work.[8]  They have only lost, for the time being, in the political arena.  Nowhere else.  They still control Hollywood.  They still control the entire massive “entertainment” industry of America, which will continue to spew out its immoral poison.  They still control the mass media.  They still control the education system, and the radical environmentalist movement.  They are so deeply entrenched that no Donald Trump could ever dislodge them.  No, it will take a mighty work of the Lord.  Unless there is a revival from God, the downward spiral will continue – just slower for now.  The worst thing conservatives in America could now do, is to breathe a sigh of relief, become complacent, and think that the battle is won.  It is not.  It is not even close to being won.  And right now, the enemy is winning.  But tragically, as has happened so often in the past, conservatives have a tendency to sit back and relax once they gain a victory. 

  And the second is that the moral state of the American people is utterly deplorable.  Americans, like people throughout the West, love to say that they are Christians, but this is simply not so for the vast majority of them.  True Christianity is despised in America today, and true Christians are a despised few.  Yes, the land is full of churches, but this means nothing when what is taught in the vast majority of those churches is not the Word of God in truth, but a false “gospel” that is a devilish lie.  If the majority of Americans really were true Christians, the vile immorality that is everywhere in that country simply would not exist.  But it does.  Who, for example, keeps the filthy Hollywood dream factories going by their faithful attendance at movie theatres every week?  Who buys the “music” of, and thus supports, the so-called “musicians” who daily fill the minds and hearts of American youngsters with their immorality, devil worship, and anarchism?  The majority of Americans.  So much for their much-vaunted Christianity!  It is a farce.  Americans are not unique in this – they are no different from the rest of the western world.  They are worldly-minded, addicted to their “entertainment” idols of movies, TV, music and sport, immoral in their lifestyles, given over to sexual pleasures, false “Sunday christians” if they are religious at all, Arminian for the most part, Charismatic for the most part, ecumenical, singing and jiving to their “Christian rock” at their “mega-churches” presided over by their heretical “pastors” and “prophets”, enamoured with their feel-good, self-centred, name-it-and-claim-it, health-and-prosperity, psychologised, “it’s-all-about-me” religion.

  I write, as I said, as an outsider, yet as one who loves America.  I have not watched the fall of America, these past decades, with any joy.  God did great things in America in the past, and He has used America in mighty ways.  It has been a beacon of hope to people around the world.  But tragically, the America of the past has gone.  As things stand now, America is still finished, morally.  It might now have a better political leader in the White House than they have had for decades.  But even if he proves to be a good one, he is still only a politician.  That is all he is.  He will not, and he cannot, save Americans from their sins.  Only the Lord can do that.

First published November 2016

Revised and enlarged January 2017

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