The Donald Trump Victory

Trump NOT a Christian, and the Difference between Church and State

  Donald Trump is not a morally upright man, and he is certainly not a Christian, despite the breathtakingly foolish statements of such blind leaders of the blind as the likes of James Dobson, who endorsed the claim of heretical female Charismatic false “evangelist”, Paula White, that she “led Trump to the Lord”.[2]  Such abysmal ignorance of what a true Christian is, coming out of the mouths of these false “servants of Christ”!  Do they know nothing of the biblical truth that a tree is known by its fruit?  Do they honestly believe that if a man simply says, “I am a Christian”, we must take his statement at face value?  Evidently they do, and this just shows how deceived they are.  No, Trump is certainly not a Christian.  Nor is he a morally upright man in his personal life.  For this reason many professing Christians felt they could not support him in his bid to be president. 

  But this is to misunderstand the political arena.  The Bible shows us clearly, in such places as the books of Kings and of the prophets, that certain men may be personally immoral, and yet still prove to be sensible political leaders of their country.  And world history bears this out.  A great error made by many professing Christians, the result of false teaching by their shepherds, is that the United States of America is a Christian country, and that other countries are as well.  This is utterly wrong, and to teach such a thing is to confuse the Church with a nation.  It is to confuse the kingdom of God with the kingdoms of this world (Jn. 18:36).  There is no such thing, in truth, as a Christian country.  There may be countries where there are many Christians, or countries where the ruler is a Christian, or countries where the laws are based on biblical principles to a greater or lesser extent.  But none of these things make any country a Christian country.  The only theocracy which God ever had, the only one which He ever ordained, was the nation of Israel for a time, in the Old Testament.  The true Church of God, however, consists of men and women from all nations and countries, who together form “an holy nation” (1 Pet. 2:9); and to identify any piece of real estate in the world today as a “Christian country”, is to misunderstand the true nature of the Christian Church, and of the fact that in every single country on earth, Christians are strangers and pilgrims (1 Pet. 2:11; Heb. 11:8-16).

  Therefore, when it comes to electing political leaders, Christians must never lose sight of the fact that they are participating in a legitimate, but distinctly earthly activity.  They are choosing leaders of an earthly country.  And in choosing them, they must do so based on which candidate would be the best qualified to govern an earthly country

  And sometimes, the best candidate may not, in fact, be a very nice man, personally. 

  Donald Trump may (or may not) make a good president.  It is too early to know now, but time will tell.  He certainly appears unlikely to be worse than Jezebel Clinton would have been, and likely to be a whole lot better.  There may be some good changes in America, under a President Trump.

  If Trump carries out even half of what he campaigned to do – such as closing the U.S.’ porous borders to the tens of thousands of illegal Roman Catholics pouring into America, sending illegals back home, ending the massive Muslim immigration into America, abolishing Obamacare, rebuilding the military, appointing more conservative Supreme Court judges, etc. – if he even accomplished half of these goals, it would go a long way towards rolling back the Marxist tide sweeping across America, at least politically.

  But now to address some very important matters.

Trump, the Jesuits, and Accusations that He is a Jesuit Agent

  Yes, I am very well aware that there is stuff all over the internet about Trump being “Jesuit-educated”.  Let me deal with this head-on.  Unfortunately, there are those who write without any proper understanding of the Jesuits or how they operate.  It has become almost fashionable, in some circles, to find extremely tenuous ties between some person or other and the Jesuits, and then to make wild, unsubstantiated claims that such a person is a Jesuit tool.  A major cause of this, in modern times, was the supposed “testimony” of Alberto Rivera, a man who falsely claimed to have been a Jesuit priest[3] and who loved to hurl the accusation of “Jesuit agent” at all kinds of people, despite a complete lack of solid evidence.  As Rivera went about preaching in churches across America, and as the comic books claiming to be based on his “testimony” were disseminated by the millions (literally), many others began to follow him in this practice of branding men as Jesuits on the flimsiest of evidence, or – usually – on no evidence whatsoever.  And today, there are many who boast of being “experts” on the Jesuits, and who see not just one Jesuit, but entire nests of Jesuits behind every bush.

  Now let me be absolutely clear at this point: the Jesuits are at work, very much so, all over the world, in the fields of religion, politics, and a multitude of others.  I myself have written much on the Jesuits.[4]  They are the most dangerous organisation of men on the face of the earth.  They are extremely powerful, and Jesuits secret agents are involved in covert operations that make the work of government intelligence agencies look amateurish by comparison.  It is imperative for every true Christian to be very, very well-informed about them.  Yes, they do train men to be Jesuit tools.  Yes, they are massively influential over American politics.  They have worked for the conquest of America ever since its foundation.  President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by them.[5] 

  All of this is absolutely true.  These are facts.  Verifiable facts.  But before one hurls the accusation of being a Jesuit agent at someone, he must be able to prove it with solid evidence.

  And this is the problem with accusing Donald Trump of being a Jesuit.  For although it is true that he attended Fordham University, which is a Jesuit university, he only spent two years there, before transferring elsewhere.  And even for the Jesuits, it would be extremely difficult to turn a man, who was never even a Roman Catholic before, into a highly-trained Jesuit agent within the short period of two years!  The Jesuits are smart – but even they cannot perform miracles.  To call Donald Trump a “secret Jesuit agent” based on nothing more substantial than a two-year stint at one of their universities is like calling my mother (who was never raised as a Roman Catholic but who attended a Roman Catholic convent school for a brief period as a child) a secret nun.  It is ridiculous.  The vast majority of those who briefly attend Roman Catholic schools, even when they are devout Roman Catholics themselves, do not become priests or nuns, and the vast majority of those who briefly attend Jesuit educational institutions do not become Jesuit secret agents – especially when they were not Roman Catholics to begin with. 

  It would therefore be incorrect to speak of Trump as “Jesuit educated”, merely because he spent two years at Fordham.  All that could be honestly said is that he was “briefly educated at a Jesuit university, among other institutions.”  Unfortunately the internet is full of wildly exaggerated claims, and Christians need to be very cautious.  “Just Google it” may sound like the modern equivalent of “Spend years in libraries and other institutions conducting extensive research”, but all too often it is not.  Google is not God.  Almost anyone can create a website these days – and almost anyone does.

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