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ArturoSosaHis name is Arturo Sosa, and he was elected to be the new Superior General of the Jesuit Order.  As such, he is now the leader of the world’s Jesuits.  They met in Rome in October to elect him, after his predecessor, Adolfo Nicolas, resigned after reaching the age of 80.

  To most, one man replacing another as Jesuit general would mean little, if anything.  Just another election of a leader of a religious order within the Roman Catholic institution.  But to those who know the true history of the Jesuits, and their modus operandi, any election of a new Jesuit general is of immense importance.  And this becomes of incalculably more importance, when the pope of Rome himself is a member of the Jesuit Order!

  For in truth, Francis I, the first openly Jesuit pope in history, is not the man who is in charge of the Roman Catholic institution.  The Jesuit general is the real power behind the papal throne.  He pulls the strings, and the pope dances.[1]  And unless one properly understands this fact, it is impossible to understand the Roman Papacy at all, and particularly the Roman Papacy with a Jesuit on the throne!

  For here is the grim truth: the Jesuits are unique among all Roman Catholic orders.  When they were created in the sixteenth century, they had as their mission the destruction of Protestantism.  But in order to fulfil this mission, as well as to accomplish their other objectives in the world, they knew that they had to control the popes of Rome themselves.  And this is precisely what they achieved, at a very early date.  History reveals these facts.  The Jesuits pretended to lay themselves at the feet of the pope, to be his willing servants, to go wherever he wanted them to go and to do whatever he wanted them to do.  But this was all a front.  In truth, they obeyed only one man, and it was not the pope.  It was their general.  They were, from the start, fanatically devoted to carrying out his orders – and only his – throughout the world.  And so they did.  And at the same time, the Jesuit general came to control the pope.  Not just a pope here and there, but virtually every pope.  They became so powerful in the Vatican that they manipulated the very elections of popes, and then they placed their powerful hands on the papal shoulders and directed their movements, speeches, actions.  And if a pope dared to cross them, they did not hesitate to remove him, even by assassinating him!  This was done often.  It did not take the popes long to realise that if they wanted to maintain a semblance of power and enjoy their luxurious lifestyles in the Vatican – indeed, if they wanted to continue to enjoy life itself – they had better obey the Jesuit general in all things.[2]

  As time went by and the sheer power and influence of the Jesuit general over the pope became evident even to the masses, the general came to be known as the “black pope”, the one directing Vatican affairs from the shadows.  “In Roman Catholic circles it is well known that the Black Pope is the term used for the General of the Jesuits.  As the Pope is always robed in white, and the General in black, the contrast is obvious.  But those Romanists who do not greatly love the Jesuits, and their number is not limited, use the term as indicating that the Black Pope rules the White Pope.”[3]  The Jesuits came to be universally feared throughout the Roman Catholic world, and universally hated as well.

  And then in recent times the world witnessed an extraordinary thing, brought about by the Jesuits behind the scenes in the corridors of power in Rome.  They placed one of their own on the papal throne!  He was Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and he became Pope Francis I in 2013.

  Why?  And how did it come about?

  As I have dealt with these matters in other articles, I refer the reader to these.[4]  But briefly: in 2008 the Jesuits elected a new general, named Adolfo Nicolas.[5]  And just a few short years later, the Jesuits saw to it that one of their own members was elected to be the pope of Rome!  The reason for this was that the Roman Catholic institution, under the pontificate of Benedict XVI, was in crisis.  Extraordinary times demanded extraordinary measures.  There are very good reasons to believe that pressure was placed on Benedict to do the unthinkable for a pope: to resign.[6]  This he did, a papal election was held, and a high-ranking Jesuit from Argentina was elected as Pope Francis I.

  And so it came to be that the Roman Catholic institution was now firmly in the hands of two Jesuits: the Jesuit general, and the pope himself.  This time, it was not a case of the Jesuit black pope pulling the strings of the white pope, but of the Jesuit black pope and the Jesuit white pope!  The Papacy was now in a Jesuit grip of iron.  The entire Roman Catholic world was in their hands.[7]

  And the white pope was under the control of the black pope, just as has so often been the case for the past 400 years and more; only this time, the white pope was not a reluctant servant of the black pope, but a very willing one!  For what must be understood is that, even though a Jesuit is now pope, he still takes his orders from the Jesuit general!  Francis is a man under authority.  As a Jesuit, he has sworn to obey his general in all things, without question.  He became pope on his general’s orders; and he obeys his general even though he is the pope.

  And at the age of 80, Adolfo Nicolas, the general of the Jesuit order, stepped down, making way for the election of his successor.  This duly took place, and Arturo Sosa was chosen.


Arturo Sosa being congratulated by Adolfo Nicolas after his election as the new Jesuit General

  But nothing will change.  Francis, as a good and obedient Jesuit, will now take orders from his new superior, Sosa.  This is the man who will now rule the Vatican, and the entire Roman Catholic “Church”, from the shadows. 

  After his election Sosa declared: “Regarding being called the ‘black pope,’ I don’t like it.”[8]  He may not like it, and that is understandable, because this nickname tells the world something of the shadowy workings of the Jesuit general behind the papal throne.  But whether he likes it or not, we should never cease using it, for it is so very apt; so very descriptive.

  Sosa is a Venezuelan.  He obtained a doctorate in political science before entering the Jesuit Order and being ordained a priest in 1977.[9]  He was a university president for ten years, and a director of a social studies centre for twenty years.  He also served as the provincial superior of the Jesuits in Venezuela, and was responsible for the international institutions that the Jesuits have in Rome.[10]

newjesuitgeneral3  The fact that he is Venezuelan is very significant.  Francis is from Argentina, and Sosa is from Venezuela – both South American Roman Catholic countries.  The two men have known each other for a long time.  Sosa stated that they met as far back as 1983, and then got to know each other better over the years, meeting at various events, such as in Argentina when Francis (then known by his real name, Jorge Bergoglio) was archbishop.  Sosa stressed that he and Francis have a long and positive relationship.[11]

  Clearly, the Jesuits are seeing to it that their already iron grip over the entire “Church” is strengthened even more.  For South America has been a fruitful field of Jesuit operations for decades now, particularly through the Catholic-Communist doctrine known as “liberation theology” – a doctrine which Francis has made no bones about supporting.  He is a closet Communist (although not too closeted about it).  The Jesuits in South America have subscribed to leftist ideology, liberation theology, etc., for a very long time now.

  In describing the mission of the Jesuits worldwide, Sosa stressed that at the heart of their mission in the world is their link to the Papacy, and their willingness to obey the pope in choosing the priorities of their mission.  “If you are in any location,” he said to the Jesuits, “your temptation is to see that the most important thing is to work there.  But there is somebody in the Church that has that overview, and can say: ‘No, that is very important, but I need you in another part of the world.’”[12]

  This is a straightforward, brazen lie.  The Jesuits have never been willing to obey the pope.  They obey their general.  He is as God to them.  But it is interesting to see how Sosa expressed himself in the quotation above.  He did not actually say that the pope is that “somebody” who can tell a Jesuit to change the sphere of his mission and go elsewhere!  He simply said, ambiguously: “There is somebody” who can do so.  He could be referring to himself, as the Jesuit general, rather than to the pope!  And given the historical fact that for every Jesuit in the world, their general’s word is to be obeyed above that of the pope, I believe we have to understand Sosa in this sense.


Jesuit trio in a happy huddle: Bergoglio the pope, Sosa the general, Nicolas the previous general

  He said: “The idea is to be an organization, the Society of Jesus, that can help the Church when, where and doing what the Church needs.  And who is going to determine what are the needs of the Church?  The pope.  The pope, because his function in the Church is that.”  Yes, the pope may determine such things, as the official voice of the “Church” of Rome, the visible head of it.  But he is not the one who truly determines such things.  It is the Jesuit general.  It always has been.

  He also said that “the Society of Jesus wants to serve the Church within their own vocation, which is to serve the Church and support what the bishops and pope ask them to do.”[13]  This was said for public consumption, but it was another lie.  The Jesuits’ own laws and regulations, and the evidence of their history, prove that they do not support what the bishops and popes ask them to do.  Rather, it is the other way around: the bishops and popes serve the Jesuits.  Those bishops and popes who have tried to oppose the Jesuits have experienced mysterious “accelerated demises”.

  When asked about his plans, Sosa said that some of his priorities would be helping migrants and refugees, and inter-religious dialogue.[14]  This ties in precisely with the public mission of Francis, who has been encouraging massive Islamic migration into Europe, and Roman Catholic migration into the United States, so as to alter the demographics of those parts of the world in a way that plays into the hands of the Papacy.[15]  And also, Francis has been vociferously promoting inter-religious “dialogue”.[16]  He has simply been acting according to the Jesuits’ strategy in the world at this time.  And this will continue now that Sosa is their general.  He will continue giving such orders to Francis.

  Lastly, yet further evidence Francis has been obeying his general’s orders, and that under Sosa this will continue, is provided by what Sosa said regarding the radical environmentalist agenda of the pope.  Sosa stated that Jesuits are called to face the challenges of today’s world, and to contribute towards “reconciliation among human beings and, at the same time, reconciliation with God and creation”.  He said “Christians” should heed Pope Francis’ message on caring for the environment and reconciling with creation because “we are so wounded that we even put the planet Earth at risk.”[17]  Francis’ message on the radical, Marxist-inspired “Green” movement is simply the Jesuits’ plan being put into effect![18]  They are the ones pushing the Green movement worldwide, so as to use it to achieve ever greater control over the earth.  Francis has carried out this mission of theirs faithfully, and Sosa has revealed that this is what they will continue to work for in the future.

  The Jesuit vice-grip on the Roman Catholic institution will continue, under the two-headed Jesuit Papacy, consisting of the Jesuit black pope and the Jesuit white pope.

November 2016

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