Almost 500 Years Later: Roman Catholics Join Lutherans in Commemorating the Reformation!

The Truth about Lutheranism

  It is vitally important to understand that Lutheranism has never been soundly biblical.  At no time in its history could Lutheranism have ever been called a true, Bible-believing denomination.  It has been a dreadful error, on the part of so many Bible-believing Protestants, to assume that Lutheranism is biblical.  If they only properly studied Lutheran doctrine and practice, they would discover just how very close to Roman Catholicism Lutheranism really is, and always has been!  Yes, Luther broke with Rome.  But he retained so much from Romanism within his Lutheran movement, that it must truthfully be said Lutheranism was nothing but a “daughter whore” of the Papal system, the “Great Whore” of Revelation 17.  In verse 5 of that great prophetic chapter it says: “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”  Rome, the Great Harlot, is the mother of other harlots.  And Lutheranism was one of them.  It was a rebellious daughter, yes, but a daughter nevertheless.

  Among other things, Lutheranism retained the damnable heresy of baptismal regeneration – that by baptism, one is born again.  It also retained the concept of a “State Church”, which meant it kept the persecuting spirit of its mother, and was filled with unregenerate people who considered themselves to be Christians just because they were born to Lutheran parents and baptized in the Lutheran way.  And its doctrine of consubstantiation was only marginally different from the doctrine of transubstantiation in the Roman Catholic mass.


Lutheran Primate of Sweden, arch-priestess (they call her archbishop) Antje Jackelén (looking decidedly Papist-like in her ridiculous getup (as if any true Christian Church even has women pastors, much less priestesses in it!)

  What, then, was the situation these past five centuries?

  Firstly, Lutheranism was never truly biblical.  It was never, in reality, a true Christian church!  And as the years and then the centuries went by, it grew worse and worse, taking on board various errors which even Luther would not have permitted.  Today it is even more of a religious monstrosity than it ever was before.

  Secondly, precisely because Lutheranism was nothing but a modified version of Romanism, it was very easy, once the diabolical ecumenical movement began decades ago, for Romanists to find much common ground with Lutherans.  In this way Rome’s agenda for eventually taking full control of Lutheranism has been pushed forward by leaps and bounds.

  And thirdly, the Jesuits have infiltrated Lutheranism for centuries, moving it even further away from the Bible than it was at the beginning (and it was never truly biblical to begin with), putting their own men (and even women!) in positions of authority within it, and gutting it from the inside, turning it into an empty shell of its former self.

  Therefore, true Bible-believing Christians should not be surprised at the fact that now, five centuries after Luther, Lutherans are tripping on their vestments in their haste to lay the gutted remains of their “church” at the feet of the pope of Rome, and to issue pitiful mea culpas for ever breaking with Rome in the first place.  And make no mistake, the pope and his henchmen have not been slow to begin to grind the Lutherans underfoot.  For this is what has been happening, in essence.  They may call it “Lutheran/Roman Catholic unity”, but this is not what it is.  What it is, is the Papacy sucking the Lutheran institution back into its clutches.  These are not equal partners.  Rome is the winner, Lutheranism the loser.