Bestiality: the Next Abomination to be Declared Normal?

And if you ask how much further it may yet fall into sexual sin, all I can say in reply is: what’s next after bestiality?  The acceptance of child sexual molestation.  And after that?  Necrophilia?

And to those who delight in saying that bestiality was condemned in Leviticus, but that is an outdated law: the New Testament strongly condemns sodomy (Rom. 1:24-27; 1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:10; 2 Pet. 2:6-8; Jude 7), and as sodomy is so strongly condemned, bestiality, by logical consequence, is condemned as well.  For it is self-evident that if men burning with lust toward other men is vile and unnatural (Rom. 1:26,27), then men burning with lust toward animals is just as vile and unnatural.

What should the Christian’s response be to this wickedness?

The world is demanding that Christians not only accept these wicked lifestyles, but join in celebrating them along with everyone else.  This, however, is something no true Christian may ever do.  What, then, should our response be to those committing such acts?

Yes, the Lord commanded the death penalty for such acts, under the law of Moses.  It was to be meted out by the authorities in Israel in those times, for (as the Scriptures teach) such abominations defiled the land, as they still defile any country today; and for this reason these things were crimes in all kinds of countries, worldwide, until very recent times.  But no, Leviticus does not sanction the murder of sodomites, or those who commit bestiality, by private individuals.  Those who are ignorant of the Bible love to say that Christians want to harm or even kill sodomites and others.  This is not what Leviticus teaches, nor is any such teaching found in the New Testament, which is what true Christians use to interpret the Old.  “Gay-bashing”, as it is called, in the sense of physically harming or killing sodomites, is completely contrary to the Word of God, and true Christians do not engage in such sinful behaviour.  And by extension, it is just as sinful for individuals, including Christians, to harm or kill those who commit bestiality.

Nevertheless, the teaching of Leviticus, as well as that of other parts of the Bible (including the New Testament in no uncertain terms, as shown above), is that sodomy, bestiality, and other unnatural acts are great sins, and that they should be forsaken by true repentance.  1 Cor. 6:9-11 shows that there have been those guilty of terrible sins, including sodomy (and by implication bestiality, which is even lower on the scale of abominable deeds), who have been brought, by sovereign grace, to repent of these sins and all others, being truly converted to Christ.  And for this reason, the Lord’s people are to preach the Gospel to all men and women, for regardless of what they may have been guilty of committing, if they turn to the Lord in true repentance, believing in Jesus Christ for salvation, they will be saved.

This, then, must be the Christian’s response to bestiality: it is a sin, a great sin, a vile and unnatural sin, and those who commit it will not inherit the kingdom of God; but those who turn from it, forsake it, and cast themselves upon Christ by faith, will be saved from this and all sins, and set free from its power over them.

June 2016

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