Bestiality: the Next Abomination to be Declared Normal?

But bestiality has been on the increase in various parts of the world for some time now.  This is not surprising, given mankind’s fallen state and the increasingly immoral state of all western societies.  After all, a society which not only permits, but actually promotes, pampers and protects sodomites, making them a favoured group with special “rights” above everyone else, and then does the same for “transgenders”, is sending a very strong signal to the practitioners of every other bizarre sexual practice out there: if the “gays” can come out the closet, so can you!  So they have become much bolder, more demanding, and definitely more out in the open.

They have even given themselves their own name.  Remember those far-off days when “gay” meant bright and colourful and cheerful?  If you are under a certain age you won’t have any memory of that at all, but that’s what the word meant, once upon a time.  Then the sodomites hijacked the word and now it has lost all meaning except this new one, which it never had before.  Well, those who commit bestiality are well aware that this word reveals the revolting, disgusting nature of this sin.  They needed a word that would sound more gentle and acceptable, and even more “scientific”.  So what are they now calling themselves?  Here it is: “zoophiles”.

Now most readers may not know that the word, “zoophile”, or “zoophilist”, until very recent times referred to “a lover of animals; an opponent of cruelty to animals”.  That’s from the Oxford Universal Dictionary, published in 1964.  I wonder how future reprints will define the word?  The online Collins Dictionary already defines it as “a morbid condition in which a person has a sexual attraction to animals; bestiality.”  Nothing about the older meaning.  And so, with the passing of time, those who commit bestiality will become known by the more innocuous term of zoophiles.  It’s all part of the conditioning process for the rest of society.  You know, the normal people.  The ones who still insist on that outdated concept that sexual relations are to be between one man and one woman in marriage.  What?  They dare to do that?  Those unloving, intolerant, right-wing, fundamentalist bigots!

Those who commit bestiality are becoming increasingly emboldened.  Canada’s supreme court decision has shocked all normal people, but in Germany, for example, bestiality is legal as well.  And in that country there are now a great many so-called “erotic zoos”.  What exactly is an “erotic zoo”?  To make it easier to get one’s head around this revolting concept, let’s just call them “bestiality brothels”.  For that is what they are.

No, this is not made up.  It’s real, and it’s right now.  In Germany and elsewhere too.

Madeleine Martin, a livestock protection officer in Germany, told a German publication that current laws were not protecting animals from those with a lust to commit bestiality.  She highlighted a case where a farmer in the Gross-Gerau region of southwest Germany noticed that his once-friendly flock of sheep were now shying away from human contact.  He therefore set up a CCTV camera in the rafters of his barn, only to discover that not one, not two, but multiple men were sneaking into the barn at night to commit acts of bestiality.[3]

And Martin had “a host of similar case studies” on file.

Once upon a time, those committing these unnatural, filthy acts would have remained deep in the shadows.  No more.  Not only are there websites actively promoting bestiality all over the internet, but those calling themselves “zoophiles” are starting to “come out of the kennel” and mount legal challenges.  As German authorities began to reconsider the need to reinstate the old bestiality legislation, a German pro-bestiality organisation named ZETA announced that it would mount a legal challenge should bestiality again be outlawed.[4]

This is how far the West has fallen.

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