Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?

  Still, stranger things have happened.  And as unlikely as this scenario is, one can never truly say never. There is just a remote chance, humanly speaking, that it could happen.  It is not what Francis wants, nor is it what the governments of Europe want.  But if it did happen, Francis would still emerge looking good, because he sheltered refugees.  After all, he’s the pope, people will say.  He’s supposed to care for people.  He’s the “moral voice” of the world (as they believe).  This is what they will say.  He will appear (in their eyes) as “the good Christian leader” he is meant to be. 

  There is a historical precedent for this.  In World War Two, Pope Pius XII supported Hitler and the Nazis.  But Rome always plays both sides – just in case.  And just in case the Nazis lost the war, Pius took in and protected some Jews in the Vatican.  And sure enough, when the Nazis lost the war and many were well aware of the Vatican’s support for Hitler, Pius and his spin doctors could point to those Jews in the Vatican and say to the world, “See?  We never supported Nazism.  We cared for Jews ourselves, right here in the Vatican!”

  Francis, seventy-odd years later, has adopted the same strategy.  And no one will blame him.  After all, they will say, he is the pope.  This is what he is supposed to do.  He is supposed to show compassion for the suffering. 

Scenario Three: Islam Triumphant in Much of Europe (and the Pope’s Insurance Policy)

  The third possible scenario, and one which must give many in the Vatican nightmares, is the possibility of an Islamic victory over much of Europe over the next few decades.  And what then?   What if – despite the pope’s plans, and the plans of the European leaders – they are simply unable, for whatever reason, to stop this massive Islamic flood once it has served their purposes?  

  Francis well knows that if Islam ever succeeded in conquering various European countries, the position of the Roman Catholic religion would be precarious indeed.  And despite his plan for using Islam to create chaos that will ultimately benefit Rome and the power of the Papacy, it is a huge gamble.  The plan may yet backfire. 

  So he is hard at work to have an insurance policy – just in case.  He is travelling to Muslim countries, referring to Muslims as his “brothers and sisters”, being very vocal in his support for the Muslim refugees pouring into Europe – and even harbouring some Muslim families in the Vatican.  This way, if the dreaded day ever comes when Islam is victorious over much of Europe, he and his spin doctors can point to all these things and say, “See?  We never supported those calling for the destruction of Islam!  We cared for Muslim refugees ourselves, right here in the Vatican!”  Again, just as he did with some Jews in World War Two.

  The fortunes of nations, and ideologies, ebb and flow.  The Roman Papacy has existed for a very long time, and it has weathered many storms.  It has made great gains, at times, and then it has suffered great setbacks.  It has seen Europe prostrate at the pope’s feet in the Dark Ages, and it has seen much of Europe break away from the pope’s control during the Reformation.  It has seen a European ruler standing in the snow for three days awaiting the pope’s pleasure, and it has seen another European ruler take the pope prisoner.  So the Papacy is not naive about what could yet happen in Europe.  And if ever much of Europe is flooded and finally conquered by Islam, Francis hopes that the steps he is taking now, the insurance policy he is forging, will ensure that in this “new Europe” Roman Catholicism will still have a place, until the tide turns again.


  These are momentous days for Europe.  It is a battlefield.  Time will tell what the outcome of these things will be in the end; but let none of the Lord’s remnant be deceived by the words and actions of the Roman pope.  In the centuries-old conflict between Romanism and Islam, this is merely the latest strategy for eventual victory. 

May 2016

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