Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?

So Far, the Jesuit/Francis Plan is Right On Track

  Francis’ plan (and thus the Jesuits’ plan) is to encourage this massive Islamic invasion of Europe, which will result in destabilisation, chaos, fear and panic.  For he is gambling on the fact that the inevitable result of this kind of continent-wide chaos will be that the people start crying out for help.  They will become so afraid, confused, troubled, that they will reach a point where they will be prepared to give up their own freedoms, if only it will mean their safety!  They will actually beg for more government control, not less; for greater totalitarianism; for increased surveillance over every aspect of their lives; for less freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of religion; and yes – for world government.  They will be willing to accept all this, if only the authorities will “do something” to stop the threat to their lives and properties.  And the Jesuit pope will be only too happy to oblige!

  For what Islam is fighting for is precisely what Roman Catholicism has always desired.  Islam hates freedom of expression; so does Rome.  Islam hates freedom of religion; so does Rome.  Islam loves totalitarianism; so does Rome.  Islam loves absolute compliance from its people, with no dissent; so does Rome.  So if, in the end, European countries pass laws which limit their freedoms and increase government control over every aspect of their lives because Islam demands it, Rome will be smiling.  And if the citizens of Europe start crying out for greater government control to ensure their safety, Rome will be right behind that call. 

  And it is happening already!  All across Europe, governments are eroding their countries’ freedoms.  Freedom of religion is being curtailed, so as not to offend Muslims, but Islam itself is becoming a privileged religion in Europe.  Freedom of speech is disappearing, as any criticism of Islam is becoming a punishable offence.  Freedom of movement has ceased to exist in many cities, as there are places where not even the police will dare to enter, let alone non-Muslim citizens.   Massive surveillance, by European governments, of their own people is now a way of life, an Orwellian nightmare that is here now.  And the European people are becoming increasingly afraid for their lives, and are starting to beg their governments to act to protect them, even though this means greater powers being given to their governments than ever before.

  This is why Francis is working very closely with the leftist leaders of Europe.  These men and women do not want Europe to become “Eurabia”.  But they do want to make use of the sword of Islam to frighten their subjects into entrusting increasingly dictatorial powers to their governments!  And so it was that, just before receiving the Charlemagne Prize in May 2016, “in appreciation of his distinguished service on behalf of peace, understanding and mercy in a European society of values”,[8] Francis met with three representatives of the major European institutions: the presidents of the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission.  And then, just minutes after meeting them in the Vatican, he met with the powerful German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.[9]  Merkel is one of Europe’s leading advocates of Islamic immigration, and is in the process of creating deliberate chaos and fear in Germany via the huge influx of Muslims into her country. 

  Now would these powerful European politicians want to give this prize to Francis, if he was not working for the same goals as they are, and using the same tactics? Certainly not.  They are all working together.

Francis Is Using the Islamic Tide – But Only Temporarily

  Of course, he has no intention for this Islamic tide to wash over Europe forever.  Right now it serves his purposes, and he is encouraging it.  But he knows, all too well, that Islam has always desired to conquer Europe (and has tried again and again, through the centuries) – and he does not want a predominantly Islamic Europe.  He wants a Roman Catholic Europe.  He and his European allies (the leftist rulers of European countries) well know that they can stop this Islamic tide any time they choose!  It is in their power to do so.  It is not uncontrollable.  There are ways and means to end it immediately, if they want to.  And when the time is right, they will stop it.  Francis has already indicated as much, when he said in his speech on the island of Lesbos that eventually the refugees must be sent home.

  Eventually.  But not yet.  For now, the Vatican is hoping for great things by encouraging the influx of Muslims into Europe, where they are causing the native-born citizens to panic, and to demand action, as rapes, thefts and murders rise to unprecedented levels, cities become war zones, Europe’s priceless heritage is threatened by rampaging mobs, and the way of life that Europeans have enjoyed for so long is threatened by the Muslim mayhem being unleashed everywhere.

  And when this Muslim invasion has served its purpose and Francis and his government cronies cause the human tide of refugees (both real refugees and the fake ones) to dry up, he and the entire Vatican hierarchy will look very good in the eyes of the world!  His prestige, and that of the religious system of which he is the head, will be greatly enhanced.  For they  will look like great benefactors, compassionate, caring and concerned, who were willing to speak out on behalf of the people of another, often-hostile religion, working tirelessly for Europe to welcome the Muslims pouring across European borders, and even setting an example by taking in and harbouring some Muslims in the Vatican itself!

  There is even the strong likelihood that this papal attitude will encourage many Muslims in Europe to convert to Roman Catholicism.  Compared with their own merciless religion, the religion of Rome will look like a compassionate, caring, loving one.  They will have no idea of the real motives for all that is going on.

  Out of chaos, a new order.  This is what the pope is hoping for.  This is the outcome he desires for Europe, and this is why he is encouraging the Muslim invasion of Europe.  For now.

Scenario Two: Resistance (But Is It Even Possible?)

  Let us now consider the second possible scenario: that the peoples of Europe, fed up with what their governments are doing by permitting so many Muslims in, fed up with the massive Muslim crime waves sweeping their countries, fed up with the changing cultures of their countries, will somehow wake up before it is too late, say “enough is enough”, rise up and resist this Islamic invasion, and either vote their liberal-leftist governments out or overthrow them, turn back the Islamic tide, secure their borders and stop this multicultural madness that is tearing Europe apart.

  Although a few European nations show signs of moving towards this point, most do not.  The truth is, the European populations have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the effeminate liberal-leftist ideology over decades, that they are for the most part spineless, compliant, weak-kneed hand-wringers who are so afraid of being “politically incorrect” and offending anyone and everyone that they would rather continue to preside over their own destruction than utter even a squeak of protest.  This is not the generation that stood up to the Nazis in World War Two.  This is a generation of “metrosexuals”, of androgynous creatures utterly confused about who they are, of people so distracted by non-stop entertainment via their cellphones, tablets, and endless round of parties that they have virtually lost touch with reality. 

  It is extremely unlikely, then, that this scenario will come to pass.

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