Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?

Three Possible Scenarios for Europe

  As Jesuits have done ever since their founding in the sixteenth century, he is playing a vast game, on a global scale, and taking a huge gamble as well. 

  In the light of all that has been happening in Europe in recent times, one of three possible scenarios will, in all likelihood, play itself out:

  The first is that the nations of Europe will be so disrupted by this Islamic flood, they will suffer so much chaos and bloodshed because of it, that they will end up begging their governments to act, even though this means the loss of their freedoms and dictatorial control being given to the European governments over their own people. 

  The second is that the peoples of Europe will somehow wake up before it is too late, say “enough is enough”, rise up and resist this Islamic invasion (for that is what it is), vote out (or kick out) their liberal-leftist governments, turn back the Islamic tide, secure their borders, and stop this multicultural madness that is tearing Europe apart.

  And the third possible scenario is that rampant, rampaging, violent, out-to-conquer Islam will ultimately, over the next few decades, be victorious over much of Europe.

Scenario One: Chaos Leading to a New Order (What Francis Hopes For)   

  The first possible scenario, and the one which Francis is actually working for, is that the nations of Europe will be so disrupted by this Islamic flood, they will suffer so much chaos and bloodshed because of it, that they will beg their governments to act, being willing even to surrender what remains of their freedoms and to grant dictatorial powers to their governments, in exchange for safety and security from the Islamic threat.

  This is the outcome that Francis is actually hoping for!  As unbelievable as this may be to those who are ignorant of Roman Catholicism and its plans for Europe and the world, this is what he is hoping to achieve by encouraging this massive Islamic tide to sweep over Europe!  Yes, it is a huge gamble; but it is one which he, and the Vatican, are willing to take, because if they gamble and win, the prize will be massive.

  Right now, millions of Muslims are pouring into Europe in the greatest human tide since World War Two.  Many of them are genuine refugees from war-torn Islamic Middle Eastern lands.  But many of them are not refugees, they are in fact Islamic terrorists bent on the destruction of the west, who have been presented with a golden opportunity to infiltrate European countries as the human tide rolls on through the continent. 

  But as bad as things already are, and although millions of Muslims have already entered Europe legally and illegally, the tipping point has not yet been reached.  The population of Europe still predominantly consists of native-born Europeans.  They are still the majority.  It is changing rapidly, and before too many more years have passed many European nations will have reached the point of no return; but they are not there yet.  It is very, very late in the day, but there is still time to act and roll back the tide. 

  And this is where it gets interesting.  The shadowy personages and organisations working for a “New World Order” believe firmly that “out of chaos comes order”.  They believe that to weaken Europe, the United States, and the rest of the west, they must destabilise these places, create civil unrest, etc.; for when there is societal chaos, this makes such places ripe for accepting a new order.  A dictatorial order! 

  Communists and leftists have used these tactics successfully through the years.  They created chaos in pre-revolutionary Russia, which enabled the Bolsheviks to come to power.  They destabilised, and created chaos in, the conservative, non-Communist countries of southern Africa (Mozambique, Zambia, Rhodesia, South West Africa, and South Africa), which led to a new order as the Communist revolutionaries swept to power in these countries.[6]  They are at present creating massive societal chaos and destabilisation in the United States, via a massive illegal influx of Roman Catholics from Central and South America[7] and a massive illegal influx of Muslims as well, and by still further destabilisation and chaos caused by the deliberate stirring up of the black population in the U.S. to riot and destroy.  And they are doing the same in Europe.  

  And just as the human tide of Muslim refugees pouring into Europe is seen as a golden opportunity for Muslim terrorists to slip into Europe undetected so as to cause chaos, death and destruction, so too this human tide is seen as a golden opportunity by the western one-worlders, the western globalists who desire to create a new world order, a one-world dictatorship!  They need chaos and instability in Europe, which will drive the European peoples to beg for stronger governments, more dictatorial governments – anything as long as it means their lives and properties are secured!   And the globalist elite have seen that Islam is the perfect instrument to use to create the kind of chaos they desire, to create widespread fear and panic in the populations of European countries.  When people feel that their lives or properties are threatened, they will do anything, give up anything – even things they should never give up – to feel safe and secure again. 

  Enter Pope Francis I.  This man is an ardent one-worlder, a globalist, as his Jesuit Order always has been.  He desires a one-world government, with himself at the head of it.  He therefore subscribes to the strategy that chaos should be created, which will lead to a new order, with more powers in the hands of governments and, ultimately, in the hands of the pope.  The Jesuits, throughout their history, have subscribed to this theory.  They have started wars, assassinated leaders, stirred and agitated behind the scenes time and time again in history, because they know that out of chaos a new order can be created.  It has worked for them, over and over again, and now they are hoping it will work for them in Europe, via the chaos and destruction and lawlessness being created throughout Europe by Muslims.

  Francis knows that he cannot, today, do what the Papacy would have done in centuries gone by.  He cannot rally hundreds of thousands of fanatical Roman Catholic troops to invade other countries, to rampage through such countries and give people the ultimatum: “Convert to Romanism or die!”  This would not be acceptable in the modern world.

  But he knows that Islam is prepared to do such things!  Not only prepared to do them, it is doing them.  It is doing the very things Roman Catholicism has used to such devastating effect in the past (even the recent past): wars, massacres, tortures, killings, etc.  Once, not long ago, the pope would have simply unleashed his own Papal storm troopers across Europe to force its various countries to toe the Papal line.  Today, he will back Islam to do precisely the same thing!

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