Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?

Francis Does NOT Love Islam, and Does NOT Want an Islamic Europe

  Let the reader be quite clear that Francis is not doing this because he truly loves Islam, or because he really believes that Romanism and Islam can exist in love and harmony side by side.  He does not.  Nor is he doing this because he truly believes Islam is a religion of equal validity with Romanism.  He does not.  Some Christian writers have erred at this point.

  What, then, is Rome’s purpose behind its promotion of the global interfaith movement?

  It is true that the pope would love to be the head of a single world religion.  And indeed, Rome’s interfaith movement hopes that in some way this could become a reality one day.  But those working for such a goal know that despite all the nice-sounding interfaith overtures, the only way this could ever really be achieved is by force: the Roman Catholic institution using violence to force the adherents of all the other religions of the world to surrender to it.  And although Rome has never been averse to using force and physical compulsion to get its way, as things stand now in the world this is not a method at its disposal.  In practical terms, without the use of violence on an unprecedented scale it is just not going to happen that a single world religion will ever be set up with the pope at its head, in which all other religions will simply merge with Roman Catholicism, surrendering their own religious distinctives and acknowledging him as their  head.  The pope and the Romish hierarchy well know that the world’s Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and all the rest are never going to be persuaded, by mere dialogue and discussion, to just abandon their own centuries-old beliefs and practices and acknowledge a man they consider to be a “Christian” to be their head!  They would be saying, in effect: “We have been wrong for all these centuries.  Our religions are false, and the Roman Catholic religion is true.”  Realistically, this is just not going to happen. 

  But without using violence, what is far more achievable than an eventual, single world religion with the pope at its head, is the establishment of some kind of global interfaith body, having oversight of the world’s religions and to which all religions belong, but with the pope at its head: a “United Religions” organisation, a kind of United Nations of the world’s religions.  Such a global interfaith body would be viewed by Rome as a giant leap forward in its desire to control the world.  It would not be the final word on the subject, for the pope and his troops would never cease to work for the annihilation of all other religions: as far as they are concerned no religion should be allowed to exist upon earth except the Roman Catholic religion; but it would be a giant step in the “right” direction.

  Also, Francis is not encouraging Muslim immigration into Europe because he really wants multiplied millions of Muslims, in the long term, sharing Europe with his own subjects in a joint Roman Catholic-Muslim world, or – what is worse – outnumbering them and dominating them.  He does not.  This is even shown by the declaration he signed on Lesbos, where he stated that the Muslim refugees pouring into Europe must eventually be sent home.[4]  He well knows the threat that Islam poses to his own religion, and he certainly wants to keep Europe “Christian” (i.e. Roman Catholic).  This was demonstrated in early 2016, when he was selected to be the 2016 recipient of Germany’s Charlemagne Prize “for his commitment to promoting European unity”![5]  He would never have been awarded this prize if he was committed to turning Europe over to the forces of Islam.  Romanism and Islam have been bitter enemies for many centuries.

  Why, then, is he encouraging Muslim immigration by his words and actions?

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