The Pope of Rome in Mexico 2016: Why Now?

  Nor has he issued any statement to the world’s Romish bishops and priests to open the doors of their cathedrals, monasteries, convents, and other religious buildings to the multiplied millions of illegal immigrants from Central and South America, as well as to the multiplied millions of illegal Muslims pouring into the U.S. and into western Europe.  If these America-hating, Europe-hating migrants were permitted to swarm into these buildings, camp in them, eat in them, sleep in them, we wonder how long it would take for thousands upon thousands of priceless works of art to disappear from these buildings, or how long it would take before Muslims occupying the Vatican, or monasteries, convents and cathedrals, started to demand that Shariah law be followed in these places?

  No wonder the arch-hypocrite does not issue any such instructions to his army worldwide.

  But he will constantly demand that the U.S. and western European countries open their own borders.  They must make sacrifices, he says – but he is very careful not to make any himself.

  And one last point: Francis I presides over an institution that has been mired in the filth of priestly child-abuse scandals, involving thousands upon thousands of priests, for decades; an institution whose financial affairs are utterly corrupt; an institution that for well over a thousand years has been involved in massacres, murders, rapes, tortures, and so many other crimes that the history books of the centuries are filled with these deeds of darkness – and yet this man dares to lecture the world’s leaders and peoples on every aspect of their lives, and multiplied millions of them rush to obey him!

  Hypocrisy!  Base, vile hypocrisy from the Man of Sin and Son of Perdition.

  And so the centuries-long battle continues.  The slow march of the Papacy towards its objective of world conquest.  Reader: when you see the Roman pope jetting off for any part of the world, the images you see of a smiling pope waving at the cheering crowds, visiting hospitals or embracing ecstatic onlookers, are just part of the Great Papal Road Show.  It is street theatre on an unprecedented scale.  But be certain of this: there is always a reason for these international trips that goes much deeper than what is obvious on the surface.

March 2016

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