The Pope of Rome in Mexico 2016: Why Now?

  Certainly, true Christians must be compassionate to those whose suffering is very real and who, in desperation, flee to safer places.  Certainly, at all times true Christians are to obey the commandment which says, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”  But even so, “just as a homeowner can feel compassion for the homeless, and do as much to alleviate their suffering as he can, while accepting that it is simply not possible to open his home to every single vagrant off the street, so on a large scale is it simply not possible for a country to fling open its borders and allow all and sundry in!  No country can survive such a thing.  But this is what the Roman Catholic institution is demanding – not because of any genuine concern for the poor Mexican people, but because they are pawns to advance her own agenda, which is to take control of the United States of America.”[12]

  In his homily at the mass on the border, Francis said: “Here in Ciudad Juarez, as in other border areas, there are thousands of immigrants from Central America and other countries, not forgetting the many Mexicans who also seek to pass over ‘to the other side’.  Each step, a journey laden with grave injustices”.[13]  Yes, especially grave injustices to the United States!  But this was not his meaning.  Of course not.  He did not address the real causes of the mass migration, nor did he mention that this is an orchestrated mass migration.  Of course he wouldn’t do that.  These illegal migrants are the foot soldiers of the Vatican.  They are Rome’s great hope for the conquest, by sheer numbers, of the United States.

  At the border town, Francis paid tribute to migrants who died attempting to get into the U.S., just a few feet away.  But here we see the “selective tribute” of this arch-hypocrite and Man of Sin: when he was in Cuba recently, did he pay tribute to the Cuban migrants who died while trying to escape Cuba and enter the U.S.?  No, he did not.  Why not?  The reason is that Communist Cuba is his ally.  Francis hates the United States, once a bastion of Capitalism and Protestantism – but he wants his Latin American children to flood into that selfsame United States.  Communism, which Francis loves, has reduced Latin America to beggary through the decades – yet Capitalism, which he hates, elevated the United States above all other nations at one time.  He admits that corruption and poverty force millions of Latin Americans to flee into the U.S. – yet at the same time he says that Capitalism is corrupt and he promotes Communism wherever he goes!

  He also said: “We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis which in recent years has meant migration for thousands of people, whether by train or highway or on foot, crossing hundreds of kilometres through mountains, deserts and inhospitable zones.”  Oh, there is a humanitarian crisis, certainly, and a very tragic one it is; but it is of Rome’s doing.  Again we say it: considering that Roman Catholicism has held a dominant position within Latin America for centuries, that the overwhelming majority of Latin Americans are Roman Catholics, and that Latin American politics and economics are utterly intertwined with the “Church” of Rome, we are entitled to ask: what has this immense influence over Latin American life and society by the “Church” of Rome actually done for the people of Latin America?  Why, after so many centuries and such control by the “Church”, are so many millions wanting to flee these Roman Catholic countries for the United States?

  Truly, Latin America shows the world what a continent under the iron heel of Roman Catholicism has produced.  Nothing but misery, unhappiness, and a longing to escape it all.

  Naturally, the flood of illegal migrants into the United States has millions of Americans deeply concerned and angry.  It is a hot election issue, and Donald Trump, the billionaire Republican Party forerunner in the presidential race, stated that if he were elected he would build a wall between Mexico and America to assist in putting a stop to the illegals swarming in.  This, and other anti-illegal immigration statements from Trump (such as saying he would deport millions of illegals if he became president), made Francis angry.  Flying back to Rome from Mexico, he told journalists, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.  This is not the gospel.”  The he added: “this man is not a Christian if he has said things like that.”  To which Trump responded, claiming he was a “proud” Christian and that Francis was being used by the Mexican government to advance its own border plans.[14]

  Let us be crystal clear here: Donald Trump is not a Christian.  When the pope made these statements, many foolish professing Christians rushed into print, all indignant that Francis had said Trump was not a Christian.  But if any of them think Trump is a Christian, they are as spiritually blind as Francis.  Here was one false Christian criticising another.  A number of Trump’s policies may be good for America, he may perhaps be able to undo some of the immense damage done to America by the liberals and Marxists who have held sway for so long – but to call Donald Trump a Christian is to show the awful spiritual blindness that hangs like a shroud on so many today.  Trump’s lifestyle, his words, his actions, all leave us in absolutely no doubt that he has no understanding whatsoever of the true Gospel of Christ.  He brags about his sexual conquests, uses crude language, is arrogant and boastful and knows nothing of the biblical doctrine of repentance.  Trump is many things, but he is not a Christian.

  Having got that rather obvious point out of the way (obvious, that is, to anyone who understands the Gospel, and what it means to be a “new creature in Christ”), let us look at this incident a little more deeply.  The reason Francis reacted the way he did was because he, and the entire Vatican hierarchy, have a definite purpose in mind with regards to the illegal immigration of Mexicans and others into the U.S. – and Donald Trump, if he is elected, could derail these Vatican plans.  Of course, politicians are notorious for lying, for saying one thing as they campaign and then backtracking rapidly once elected, and if elected Trump may – or may not, for all anyone really knows – do what he has said he would do.  But Francis cannot afford to mince his words.  A Donald Trump presidency could, in certain key areas, be disastrous for these Papal plans.  In saying this, we are not saying that a Trump presidency would be a good thing for America in every way; we are only saying that, if he sticks to his campaign promises regarding illegal immigration, this aspect of a Trump presidency would be good for America. 

  But bad for the Papacy’s plans.  And Francis knows it.

  And another point: Francis calls for the U.S. to let Central and South Americans through its borders and says that erecting a wall would be wrong – yet his very own home, the Vatican, world headquarters of the Roman Catholic institution, is extremely tight on immigration!  Vatican City State is surrounded by walls.  He demands that the USA – and various western European countries, also – open their borders to illegal immigrants, but has no intention whatsoever of knocking down the Vatican’s own security walls!