The Pope of Rome in Mexico 2016: Why Now?

  As far back as 1986, historian Avro Manhattan graphically described this immigration time bomb when he wrote as follows, in his book, The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance:

  “Such mass immigration, potentially is turning America into a Catholic orientated nation.  Its illegality is not only discounted, but increasingly ‘legalized’ by Catholic inspired legislation sponsored by Catholic or pro-Catholic politicians, Catholic lobbying, and of course the Catholic Church herself….

  “The alarming result is not so much the accelerating Catholicization of America, but it is destroying the traditional Protestant motivated America of the past.  Furthermore, unless there should be a concerted Protestant reaction, the Catholic Church will emerge as the undisputed dominant church in the U.S.  Once this has been achieved, and its acceleration is daily gathering momentum, the leaderless Protestants will have become the denominational mass fodder for an increasingly belligerent Catholic Church.”[6]

  Also in 1985, Time magazine stated that the highest number of immigrants to the USA, both legal and illegal, came from Mexico; and it stated, “Already the growth of the U.S. Hispanic population is one of the most startling phenomena in American social history, and if anything is likely to speed up.”[7]  It reported that Florida senator, Lawton Chiles, had said that if the borders were not controlled, within ten years the U.S. would not be recognisable as the U.S. of his day.[8]  His prediction has proved true, demographically and (increasingly) culturally.  Already California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida are very different, culturally, from what they were just a couple of decades ago.

  And so in 2016, Francis I winged his way to Mexico, for the purpose of pushing forward the Vatican agenda for swamping the United States with Latin American Roman Catholics. 

  In his address to Mexico’s bishops, on the first day of his visit, Francis said: “There are millions of sons and daughters of the Church who today live in the diaspora or who are in transit, journeying to the north in search of new opportunities.”[9]  Yes, there are, but why is this?  It is because the Central and South American countries are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, and wherever Roman Catholicism is dominant, it oppresses the people to such an extent that these countries are often backward, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken.  As the Scripture says, “the great whore sitteth upon many waters” (see Rev. 17:1), which are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues (v.15) – she sits upon them oppressively; she bears down upon them.  If the “Church” of Rome is really so compassionate and caring, why is it that after centuries in Central and South America, the citizens of these Roman Catholic countries want to migrate into the United States – a country made great by the influence of Protestantism?  They are “journeying to the north in search of new opportunities” precisely because opportunities are so very few and far between in Roman Catholic lands.

  If Francis really cared for the people of Latin America, he would put immense pressure on the governments of that part of the world to start taking proper care of their own citizens.  But this wouldn’t fit in with Rome’s plans for the United States.

  And Francis said something to the bishops which once again made it plain that the Vatican’s long-term goal in all this is the “catholicisation” of the United States.  He said: “Strengthen the communion with your brothers of the North American episcopate, so that the maternal presence of the Church can keep alive the roots of the faith of these men and women”.[10]  Note that he did not encourage the bishops to do everything in their power to assist their people to stay in their own countries.  But he encouraged them to work with the bishops of the United States to ensure that the migrants remain Roman Catholics in their new land.  And thus gradually transform the U.S. into a Roman Catholic country.

  Francis celebrated the Roman Catholic mass in Ciudad Juarez, near the Mexico-U.S. border, and prayed with migrants near the border wall, supposedly “in memory” of the thousands of migrants who have died in the desert on both sides of the border while trying to cross illegally into America.  “By remembering these forgotten dead,” said J. Kevin Appleby, senior international migration policy director of the Center for Migration Studies in New York, “Pope Francis hopes to remind Catholics and others of good will that immigrants, refugees, and other persons on the move are human beings, made in the image of God, and that their lives and human dignity should be respected and protected by governments and their fellow human beings.”[11]   Not a word about the fact that illegal immigrants are breaking the law.