The Pope of Rome in Mexico 2016: Why Now?

  Here is the answer, from an article of mine entitled America’s Alien Invasion: the United States is Becoming Roman Catholic.[1]  I encourage the reader to go to our website and read the entire article for himself:

 “The United States of America is being undermined.  Like powerful moles burrowing underground and weakening the foundations of a house, or ants eating away inside the structures, an enemy is eating away at the very foundations and structures of American society.  This enemy is opposed to everything that America has stood for since its foundation.  This enemy is the Roman Catholic institution.

  “Ever since America began, the Vatican has desired to conquer it.  This is because it believes that the entire North American continent belongs to it by right, because it was ‘discovered’ by Roman Catholic European explorers.  As far back as 1493, just a year after America was ‘discovered’ by Columbus, the pope (who claims the whole earth for himself) granted the New World to the Spanish king, and stated: ‘We…do give, grant and assign to you, your heirs and successors… all the firm lands and islands found or to be found, discovered or to be discovered, towards the West and South, drawing a line from the Pole Arctic to the Pole Antarctic, that is, from the North to the South.’[2]

  “As far as the popes have been concerned, therefore, the United States of America, as with the rest of the Americas, belongs to them.  Through the centuries, one plan after another has been put in motion to bring about the desired goal of dominating and controlling the USA.  And one of the methods used, which in more recent times has become immensely successful as a long-range strategy that is now beginning to bear fruit, is immigration.  Specifically, illegal immigration…

  “For decades, illegal immigrants from Mexico, in particular, have been pouring into the United States, as well as from almost every Latin American country.  And once they are in the U.S., they not only have more children than the average American citizen, but they also send for their spouses, children and parents from ‘back home’, thereby swelling their numbers even more.[3]  More legal and illegal immigrants arrive from Mexico than any other country.  ‘Mexico’s population explosion is phenomenal.  It had 34 million people in 1960, this skyrocketing to 72 million in 1980…. Mexico alone has the manpower to overwhelm and destroy US society and its standards of living.’[4]  It is estimated that already, approximately 10% of Mexico’s population now lives in the U.S.  One in five children under the age of five in the U.S. today is Hispanic.[5]

  “And the fact is that almost all immigrants from Mexico and the other Central and South American countries are Roman Catholics. 

  “Mexico is a Roman Catholic nation.  The ‘Church’ of Rome has dominated and controlled the Mexican people for centuries.  And in a deliberate and well-planned strategy, that same ‘Church’ is controlling the massive movement of Roman Catholic Mexicans from their own disastrous country into the United States.  What is the long-term goal?  It is to make America Papist.  It is to win America for Rome by flooding it with such huge numbers of Roman Catholics that they will sway the very balance of power in America, politically.  It is to make the ‘Church’ of Rome so powerful in America, that oneday it will be the only recognised religion on United States soil.”