The Pope of Rome in Mexico 2016: Why Now?

The Pope of Rome in Mexico 2016, PDF format

In February 2016 the pope of Rome, Francis I, paid an official visit to Mexico, where he was greeted, as was to be expected in a Roman Catholic country in the very continent from which he himself hails, by jubilant, ecstatic crowds of his faithful followers. 

  But why Mexico?  Why now?

  Yes, Francis visited crime-ridden areas in Mexico, and did various other things while he was there.  But all this was window-dressing.  There was one major reason for the papal visit to Mexico at this time:

  The mass migration of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the United States.

  This is what it was all about.

  And he lost no time in getting straight to the point.  On the very first day of his six-day visit, he addressed the issue of immigration when he spoke to the Romish bishops of Mexico.  Showing that he was fully supportive of the flood of illegals pouring into the U.S. from Mexico, he told the bishops that he appreciated everything they were doing to confront what he called the “challenge of our age: migration.”  Yet this “challenge of our age” is a man-made one: specifically, a “challenge” deliberately created by the Roman Catholic hierarchies of Mexico and other Central and South American countries.

  But why?