Roman Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch: the Cuba Meeting

Rome Making Use of Islam in Europe

  Always remember: when it comes to the Papacy, nothing is ever quite as it seems.  Rome is playing a gigantic geopolitical chess game.  And yes, it is gambling on a successful long-term outcome for itself – but it has gambled before, and won.  The stakes are very high indeed.

  As with Russian Orthodoxy, the Vatican has always desired the conquest of Islam.  Now it may seem impossible, at first, to imagine that Rome thinks it can eventually control Islam – but this is indeed what it thinks.  Towards this end, it has been making interfaith overtures to Islamic leaders for many decades already – and these have borne much fruit.  Of course, there are Muslims who hate the Vatican and the Roman Catholic religion, and want to destroy it (and I dealt with one such threat in my 2015 article, Islamic Threats Against Rome in the Light of Bible Prophecy[19]); but others are actually falling for Rome’s interfaith overtures!  Many Islamic leaders, political and religious, are very favourably inclined towards the Roman Catholic institution.  Just two recent examples will suffice, but many could be given: in 2013 an Islamic leader in Maryland, USA, said that Francis was a model of what a religious leader should be, and that his choice of being named after “Saint Francis” (so-called) bridges the gap between Muslims and Roman Catholics, because “Saint Francis resonates with the Muslim world”;[20] and when the president of Iran (of all countries!) visited Francis in the Vatican in February 2016, he actually asked Francis to pray for him![21]

  Coming then to the Papacy’s plans for Europe: why would it be encouraging large numbers of Muslims to pour into Europe?  What could it possibly hope to gain?

  Let us be clear: it does not want an Islamic Europe!  The comments made by Francis and Kirill in their joint statement (quoted above) make it abundantly clear that there is no intention to turn Europe into an Islamic continent.  They have every intention of keeping it “Christian” (meaning Roman Catholic primarily, and Orthodox to a lesser extent).  And yet at the very same time, the Vatican of Francis I is supporting large-scale mass migration of Muslims into Europe – many of whom are outright fanatical Islamic terrorists.  This seems to be absolutely contradictory to Rome’s desire to return Europe to the days when the Roman Catholic institution ruled every aspect of life and society! 

  Since Rome has stated its commitment to both goals – a Roman Catholic Europe, and yet a Europe into which Muslims must be allowed to come in large numbers – it must have a plan for this Muslim invasion. And indeed, it does.  At least for the time being, it well suits the Vatican’s plans to support the flood of Islamic people into Europe.

  If this is at first difficult to grasp, compare it with the plan of Russia, which is also seeking to conquer Europe.  Russia is deliberately using Islamic terrorism so as to weaken and finally destroy the European Union!  Vladimir Putin’s purpose, in attacking the ISIS stronghold of Aleppo in Syria, is to deliberately flood Europe with millions of migrants, with the ultimate objective being to destroy the European Union, said a top European foreign-policy analyst, Judy Dempsey, who is with the Brussels-based Carnegie Europe and is the editor and chief of Strategic Europe.[22]  As this human tide continues to push down Europe’s doors, there is growing concern among European politicians that unless something is done, they will lose control of their own countries.  For a long time the EU countries encouraged Islamic migration, because it suited their purposes; but now the flood is so huge that many European leaders are worried.  Most particularly, they are worried about their own careers, as the massive surge in crime committed by Muslim men in European countries is causing a rising tide of nationalism to sweep over European countries.  Many left-wing politicians now realise their political futures are in jeopardy.  Their multicultural plan is backfiring, as the citizens of their countries begin to push back.

  And Russia has been quick to see the potential in all this.  As Russian airstrikes pound the rebel strongholds in Syria, this simply increases the numbers of Muslims fleeing Syria into Europe – which plays right into Russia’s hands, as anything that weakens the EU is advantageous to Russia.

  Now just as Russia makes use of Islamic fanaticism to do its dirty work for it in many parts of the world, and just as liberals and secular humanists, seemingly with nothing in common with Islam, are also making use of Islamic fanaticism to achieve their own goals, so too the Papacy knows that it can make use of Islamic fanaticism in Europe.  How so?  Well, as these fanatics plunder, rape and murder Europeans, this is shaking those same Europeans out of their apathy, making them realise that their secular humanist political leaders have lied to them, and are in fact bent on destroying European culture and the European way of life by their promotion of this multicultural madness.[23]  Long-term, the Papacy believes that this will ultimately cause many Europeans to reject, en masse, the secular humanist philosophy, and then they will start returning to the “Church” – or, at the very least, they will start electing Roman Catholic parties and leaders all across Europe.  This is Rome’s hope.  It is a gigantic gamble, certainly; but one which it is prepared to take.

  Rome is thus employing a multi-faceted approach to the re-conquest of Europe.  It is roping in the assistance of Russian Orthodoxy, religiously; it is hoping that its closer ties with Russian Orthodoxy will encourage closer political ties with Russia itself, so that it can make use of the muscle of Russia if the need arises at some future time; and it is encouraging mass Islamic migration into Europe – for now – so as to expose the stupidity of secular humanist multiculturalism, which (it hopes) will cause Europeans to rise up and reject secular humanism.  And if they do this, they will also rise up against Islam in Europe, close the borders to further migration from the Middle East, and clamp down on Muslim fanatics already in Europe, thereby containing and ultimately eliminating any Islamic threat to Roman Catholic Europe.  For although millions of Muslims will be in Europe by then, they will still be far outnumbered by non-Muslim Europeans – if the Islamic flood can be stopped in time.

  Rome well knows that any one of these tactics could backfire against it.  But the Jesuits are past masters at this kind of thing.  It is a deadly game Rome is playing, but the prize is the very soul of Roman Catholic Europe itself.

  And there is more.  Vatican journalist Robert Moynihan again: “There is no doubt that this meeting [the Francis-Kirill meeting] also has significance for events in… the Middle East, including in Syria, where Russia has recently intervened.”[24] 

  Speaking with a united voice, these two institutions – Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox – called for an end to the persecution of “Christians” (they are only concerned about those connected to their own false institutions, not true Christians who are suffering there) in the Muslim Middle East, particularly Syria and Iraq.  And they called for the international community to act urgently and to end terrorism in the Middle East.[25]  Given the fact that Russian Orthodoxy is under the control of the Russian KGB (which goes by another name these days), this call for action in the Middle East can be interpreted as the backing of Russia in its Middle East policies.  Syria is the main source of Islamic “refugees” and terrorists pouring into Europe, and Russia, supporting the Syrian government against the ISIS terrorists, is taking a far more hardline stance against Islamic terrorism in the Middle East than the United States is, which is supporting ISIS and encouraging their mass migration into the west.  It may be that Francis, who does not want an Islamic Europe and only wants to make use of the ISIS maniacs for short-term gains in Europe (as outlined above), is hoping that Russia will destroy ISIS once it has served its purpose.  Certainly Francis knows that Obama and the US military will not do so.  Therefore, Francis sees closer and better relations with Russia, via the Russian Orthodox institution as well as other channels, to be very advantageous in the long term.

  Again, although Francis speaks of inter-religious “peace” with the Muslim world and all the rest of it, he would be very happy indeed if Russia managed to wipe out Islamic terrorism and curtail the rapid growth and spread of Islam which is putting such pressure on Roman Catholic Europe, as millions of Islamic “refugees” pour in.  Yes, Francis may talk softly about Islam and the need to help “refugees”, but at heart, being a true Papist, he hates Islam and wants to see it destroyed, or absorbed into Romanism one day.

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