Roman Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch: the Cuba Meeting

Rome’s Plans for Russia, and Perhaps for Using Russia Against Europe

  It is all very complex, and in order to grasp what is really going on, one must understand the Papacy’s long-term plans for the land of Russia.  For this reason I am reproducing, here, some of what I wrote in a major article in 2014, entitled Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?[10]

  Rome’s desire is nothing less than the conquest of Russia for Roman Catholicism.  The Vatican wants Russia “converted”!  To quote from my book, Satan’s Seat: “The eastern half of the false ‘church’ system established by Constantine had eventually broken away from Rome, and its headquarters became the city of Constantinople.  The ‘Eastern Catholic’ institution became known as the ‘Orthodox Church’.  In reality, it was a close sister of the Roman Catholic institution, but it refused to recognize the authority of the pope.  The two became bitter enemies.  And ever since then, it has been the Papacy’s desire to destroy the Russian Orthodox institution, and to rule over the land of Russia.”[11]

  To do this it had to destroy the Czar of Russia, protector of the Orthodox institution.  It did this by financing the Communists seeking to overthrow the Czar, through the Illuminati, which was Jesuit-controlled (evidence is given in Satan’s Seat).  The Vatican actually supported the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  And it came up with a very useful and powerful tool to convince its faithful followers of the need to conquer (it would say “convert”) Russia to Roman Catholicism: the Fatima revelations of 1917.

  In 1917, the very year of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution that swept the Communists to power there, three children in a place called Fatima, in Portugal, claimed to receive revelations from Mary.  She told them that “in the end, Russia shall be converted”.  The Vatican thought that the Bolshevik Revolution would usher in the “conversion” of Russia to Rome, because of Rome’s support for the revolutionaries.  But this did not happen.  Its Communist “daughter” rebelled against it, and Rome became decidedly anti-Communist for decades.  Under the Roman pope, Pius XII, it sided with the US against the Soviet Union.

  But when, with the passing of time, it became clear that the Soviet Union was a stronger superpower than the US, and that Communism would become the dominant ideology of most of the world, the Vatican decided to throw its weight behind world Communism.  This it did, under the papacies of John XXIII and Paul VI, both of them pro-Communist, pro-Moscow popes.  The Vatican was now decidedly on the side of international Communism, and priests – especially Jesuits – were actively supporting Communist revolutions worldwide.

  This state of affairs lasted throughout their pontificates, from 1958 to 1978.  But with the coming to power of John Paul II in 1978, things changed somewhat; and this change is deeply significant.  Quoting again from Satan’s Seat: “John Paul II, while pro-Marxist, was not pro-Moscow.  He believed in a version of Communism controlled from the Vatican, not Moscow…. he continued to promote Marxism – [but] the Vatican’s own brand…. he justified ‘Catholic-Communism’, but opposed Moscow-controlled, atheistic Communism.”[12]

  Rome still desired the “conversion” of Russia to Roman Catholicism.  And so, under John Paul II, it instigated all kinds of trouble for the Soviet Union, to weaken and destroy Moscow.  For example, it threw its support behind Solidarity, a Polish trade union organisation.  Solidarity was a Communist movement, but a Catholic-Communist one, not a Moscow-Communist one.

  Furthermore, the Vatican supported (and still supports) the EU – it was very involved in setting up the EU, in fact.  In its early years the EU was described as “the greatest super-Catholic state in the history of the world”.  With the passing of time, secular humanists and others hijacked much of the instruments of power within the EU, and there is today a clash between the Vatican and these others on various matters; but even so, Rome believes it can use the EU, not least to help bring about the conquest of Russia in time.

  Eventually, in the years 1989-1992, the Soviet Union “collapsed” (or so the world thought).  In truth it did not; Communists remained in power in almost all of the old Soviet republics.  It was a giant smokescreen, designed to fool the west into thinking that “Communism was dead”, that Russia could not be trusted as an ally, and that the threat of world Communism had disappeared.  It was all a lie.

  The Vatican thought that perhaps this was the time to bring about the “conversion” of Russia.  It actually made certain high-profile noises giving the impression that this might, after all, be the time of Russia’s “conversion”, in fulfilment of the “prophecy” of Fatima (a lying “prophecy”, of course).  But in typical Vatican fashion, it was very cautious, in case things went wrong.

  And things did.  As the years went by it became increasingly obvious that, despite improved relations between Moscow and Rome, Russia was not on the brink of “conversion” to Roman Catholicism.  In fact, under Vladimir Putin’s presidency there has been a reviving of much of the power of the Russian Orthodox institution.  This religio-political system has been under KGB control (now renamed) since the earliest years of the Bolshevik Revolution, and it still is today.  But Putin is allowing it much more freedom and influence than it has enjoyed for many decades.  He himself is a member, and speaks often in very religious ways.  But it has become evident to the Vatican that for all his religious talk, his nice words about the pope of Rome, his visit to the Vatican, etc., Russia remains firmly opposed to being “converted” to Roman Catholicism.

  Rome realised, therefore, that to conquer Russia, it would have to isolate it to weaken it, and even support military action against it if that ever became possible.  Hence its support for the Ukrainian rebels, and for the US/EU stance against Russia in this conflict.  Let a top Vatican journalist, a devout Roman Catholic, explain it.  Here are the words of Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican magazine: “since Russia is at the heart of the message of Fatima – ‘in the end, Russia shall be converted, and a period of peace shall be granted to the world,’ as the Lady said to the three children in Portugal in 1917 – what is happening now in Kiev must also be seen in the context of the Fatima message: in the context of the future of the Christian faith in Russia and of a coming age of peace.”[13]

  The kind of Communism Rome supports, under the present pope of Rome, Francis I, is still the Catholic-Communism kind, in opposition to the Moscow-Communism kind.  Francis is, after all, a Jesuit from Latin America and therefore well-versed in liberation theology (Catholic-Communism).  If Russia can be weakened by various means – by splitting off Ukraine from alliance with Russia, and getting it firmly into the EU camp; by isolating Russia; and eventually, even, by supporting massive riots in Moscow itself along similar lines to those in Kiev – the day may yet come when Russia will be “converted” to Roman Catholicism.  Not by persuasion, but by force: the Vatican’s preferred method of “conversion” throughout its history. 

  As Moynihan went on to write: “The question becomes: Will the revolution unfolding in Ukraine – a revolution some hope may also unfold in Russia – bring about a ‘post-Christian’ culture in the former Soviet space, within a highly secularised European Union, and not a religious conversion?  Or might what is unfolding, with the presence of many religious leaders from both the Catholic and Orthodox sides, lead to an unprecedented religious conversion?”[14]

  The latter option is certainly the plan.  How far the Lord will allow it to proceed remains to be seen.  But we can be absolutely certain of this: it is the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order which controls the various international Socialist groups seeking to rule the world and enforce a New World Order.  This is documented in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa.[15]  The founder of the Jesuits was also the founder of the Illuminati; the Illuminati created Communism; international Communism was funded by international financiers working for the Illuminati; etc.  And so it is a certainty that the Jesuits of Rome, or their agents, are hard at work in the unfolding drama in Ukraine, via the various Illuminati organisations working for the New World Order; and that they are making use of neo-Nazi and other nationalist groups in Ukraine, just as they did in World War Two.

  Understanding this background, we can more clearly grasp Rome’s goals for Russia in the context of the meeting between Francis and the Russian Orthodox patriarch.  Giant plans are afoot, little perceived by most in the world.  The Papacy always has long-term plans – and a major one is to conquer Russia.  We have seen some of the tactics it is using.

  But this is a game the Papacy has been playing for a very, very long time – and it always plays both sides, it always has a contingency plan, it always is ready to change tactics at the drop of a hat if this becomes necessary.  Yes, in the Ukraine conflict it supports the EU against Russia, hoping thereby to bring about the conquest and “conversion” of Russia; but in the face of an increasingly secularised, anti-Roman Catholic Europe, it would be quite prepared to do precisely the opposite if need be: to support Russia against the EU, if Russia’s “conversion” to Roman Catholicism occurs soon enough! 

  As evidence, take note of this section in the joint declaration of Francis and Kirill after their historic meeting: “we give thanks to God for the current unprecedented renewal of the Christian faith in Russia, as well as in many other countries of Eastern Europe, formerly dominated for decades by atheist regimes.  Today, the chains of militant atheism have been broken and in many places Christians can now freely confess their faith…. Orthodox and Catholics often work side by side…. At the same time, we are concerned about the situation in many countries [read: western Europe and the United States] in which Christians are increasingly confronted by restrictions to religious freedom, to the right to witness to one’s convictions and to live in conformity with them.  In particular, we observe that the transformation of some countries into secularized societies, estranged from all reference to God and to His truth, constitutes a grave threat to religious freedom [again, read: western Europe and the USA].  It is a source of concern for us that there is a current curtailment of the rights of Christians, if not their outright discrimination, when certain political forces, guided by an often very aggressive secularist ideology, seek to relegate them to the margins of public life.”[16]

  Rome always puts its finger to the wind, tests which way the political winds are blowing, and adjusts its goals and objectives accordingly.  It has watched, with growing consternation and apprehension, the massive changes occurring in western Europe, its heartland.  Until very recently, western Europe (apart from the Protestant countries) was overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, as it had been for many centuries.  But in a matter of only a few decades, its political and religious landscape has changed dramatically.  Secular humanism has come to dominate much of the European political and religious scene – including the European Union, Rome’s very own baby and an institution for which it has great plans.  There is a huge conflict raging between Roman Catholicism and secular humanism in Europe.  And just at present, Roman Catholicism appears to be losing ground.

  But in Russia, things are very different!  As explained above, Russia is still Communist, very much so; but Francis and the Vatican do not lose much sleep over this fact, for Francis himself is very pro-Communist, and the Vatican under his leadership has tilted far to the political left, being decidedly pro-Socialist and pro-Communist.  Francis, and Francis’ Papacy, can work with the Communists –and they do, all over the world. 

  However, what interests them greatly about Russia is that although it is still Communist, Vladimir Putin has promoted a far more religious Communism than before.  Putin calls himself a Christian (he certainly is not a true one), Roman Catholicism has been able to work in Russia more openly, etc.  Putin has visited the pope of Rome and spoken of him with respect.  And the Vatican, looking at this developing scene in Russia, has come to realise that in Russia right now, more so than in western Europe, there may be much greater opportunity for its own expansion – if it can conquer Russian Orthodoxy by the tactic of ecumenism, leading to eventual absorption.  And then, in a solid Vatican-Moscow alliance, it will back Russia’s expansionist ambitions against western Europe, if these will lead to the eventual “re-Catholicisation” of Europe! 

  Just to demonstrate that this is, indeed, the Vatican’s thinking, let us quote again from Vatican journalist Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican magazine and a man who has his finger on the pulse of Vatican intrigues.  Commenting on the meeting between Francis and Kirill, he wrote: “Many Catholics will see in this meeting an unfolding of the mysterious prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima, who in 1917 spoke to three shepherd children of Russia’s faith at a time when that country was about to become communist.”[17]

  Fatima again!  Every time there is some hope that Russia may be moving towards “conversion” to Roman Catholicism, Fatima is trundled out to encourage the Roman Catholic faithful.  One thing is for certain: Fatima would not be mentioned if Russia was simply becoming more Russian Orthodox!  The Vatican would not view this as Russia’s “conversion”, for it despises Russian Orthodoxy and seeks to destroy it, either by absorption via ecumenical success, or by destruction via other means.  Therefore, if Fatima is again being bandied about, there are those in the know, within the top circles of influence within the seven-hilled city, who are hopeful that Russia is, indeed, moving Romeward.

  Let none of our readers make the grave mistake of many professing “Christians” in the west today, who in their naive ignorance think that Putin is a Christian, or that Russia is now a non-Communist, Christian country, or that there is greater religious freedom and religious safety in Russia than in the west!  It is astounding how many are now coming out with such foolish, absurd statements.  Putin, faithful Communist that he is, has his own agenda in all this, and it involves expanding Russian influence on the global stage and asserting Russian might everywhere.  He is ruthless, utterly committed to the Communist cause.  But he is stamping Russia with his own style, and his own brand of Communist ideology, and it suits his purposes to give the appearance of permitting religious freedom.  And he is very prepared to work with the Vatican if this will advance his own agenda.  So – as in all political alliances – a Vatican-Moscow alliance, if it came about, would be mutually beneficial to both sides.  Both have much to gain from it. 

  Make no mistake: the Vatican does not like what it sees happening in western Europe.  It wants to dominate all of Europe, just as it did for centuries.  It longs for its glory days during the Dark Ages.  And it sees secular humanism as its great enemy on the European continent, and is therefore mustering all its forces to combat it. 

  An inkling of this is given in the joint Francis-Kirill declaration: “While remaining open to the contribution of other religions to our civilization, it is our conviction that Europe must remain faithful to its Christian roots.  We call upon Christians of Eastern and Western Europe to unite in their shared witness to Christ and the Gospel, so that Europe may preserve its soul, shaped by two thousand years of Christian tradition.”[18]

  The Roman pope and the Russian Orthodox patriarch know very well that in the last few decades, Europe has turned its back on its false “Christian” roots, embracing secular humanism.  Much of Europe is falling away from Rome’s influence at a steady rate, as large numbers abandon their Romanism in the increasingly secularised European society.  This is of grave concern to the Papacy.  Roman Catholic Europe is its home, its motherland, the very centre of its existence.  It simply cannot lose Europe to secularism.  Therefore, it is fighting back with everything it has – and it has roped in Russian Orthodoxy to help it religiously, and is hopeful that perhaps, in time to come, if Russia itself is “converted”, then it could be an ally against the secularised west. 

  Rome is thus using the EU/US system against Russia in Ukraine – in case this is ultimately victorious; and it is preparing to use Russia against the EU – if it turns out that Russia can be swung Romeward.  Either way, Rome is working both sides.  Just as it always does.

   Which brings up an interesting aspect of all this: Francis apparently extending an open-arms welcome to Muslims pouring into Europe from the Middle East.  If he wants to keep Europe Roman Catholic, and is even prepared to make use of Russian might to achieve this, why would he ask European countries to welcome tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees”?  What is going on?

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