The Pope of Rome in Three African Countries 2015: Why Now?

  The fact remains that in the CAR, as elsewhere in Africa, there is a war raging between Muslims and Roman Catholics.  At present, because of the extreme violence they are using, Muslim terrorists appear to be making the most gains.  But into this maelstrom stepped the pope of Rome.  And note his words: “Dear Central Africans, may you look to the future and… resolutely determined to begin a new chapter in the Christian history of your country, to set out towards new horizons.”[13]  Note his words: “begin a new chapter in the Christian history of your country”.  Muslim terrorists are trying to conquer the country, and have indeed captured large parts of it – yet the pope speaks of it as a “Christian” country!  His words were carefully chosen.  On the one hand, he visits a mosque and talks about “unity” with Muslims; but on the other hand he makes it clear that the CAR is a “Christian” [i.e. predominantly Roman Catholic] country and that’s the way it must stay into the future.  The “new horizons” to which he exhorted the people of the CAR to set out towards, meant nothing less than ensuring that the country remained predominantly Papist, at all costs.


 Time will tell what the long-term benefits (to Rome) will be from this trip.  Roman Catholic bishop, Juan Jose Aguirre, of Bangassou in the CAR, said of the pope’s trip: “A pope’s visit doesn’t leave anyone indifferent… The meeting in the mosque will be a unique experience for the Muslim community in Bangui.  The ecumenical meeting in the Evangelical School of Theology will be another strong point…. The final mass in the soccer stadium, with all the religions gathered (it will happen and no one will withdraw) will be like giving thrust to an African Church that is now living the Gospel [the Romish “gospel”] in a different way, that has many martyrs and many vocations, that grows and will be the most dynamic in the course of a few decades and that one day, God willing, perhaps might give an African pope.”[14]  Read that last part again.  Here you see encapsulated the long-term goals of the Papacy in Africa: for African Roman Catholicism to grow even more, to be a dynamic force in the continent, and even one day to provide an African to sit as head of the world’s Roman Catholics.

Yes, the Papacy has great plans for Africa.  Plans which it does not intend the Muslim religion to defeat.

December 2015

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