The Pope of Rome in Three African Countries 2015: Why Now?

The Pope of Rome in Three African Countries 2015, PDF format

Why did Francis I, the pope of Rome, travel to three African countries (Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic) in November 2015?

  Every papal trip, it doesn’t matter where in the world it is, has a definite purpose, and usually more than one.  Neither the pope, nor anyone else in the Vatican, wakes up one morning and says, “Let’s go to X, Y or Z – it’ll be fun.”  Nothing is by coincidence, nor merely on a whim.  Every single Papal destination is carefully and purposefully selected.  There are reasons for every single trip.  And it was no different with Francis’ three-nation trip to Africa in November 2015. 

Reasons for the Trip

  The first reason for his visit: the rapid spread of Islam in Africa, including in places where African Roman Catholicism is strong, and even growing.  The Vatican’s interfaith movement, for all its talk about “the need for religions to live in harmony” and “mutual respect” and all the rest, has only one true long-term objective: the neutralising and eventual elimination of all other religions.  Francis well knows that the world’s two largest and most powerful religions are clashing across the world – and as he fervently believes that Roman Catholicism must become the world’s dominant (and eventually the world’s only) religion, Islam must be curtailed.  It was time to hype up his vast African flock to draw a line in the sand and resist the spread of Islam.  Time to make them feel proud to be Roman Catholics, and to promote the message that Roman Catholicism must increase, while Islam must decrease.

  The second reason for his visit: the rapid spread, in Africa, of western secularism and hedonism.  As the Roman Catholic religion grows in Africa –which it is doing in leaps and bounds – it is important for the Vatican to curtail the increasing influence of western secular “values”, including the west’s promotion of homosexuality and anti-religion.  But note carefully: the Vatican is a chamaeleon, as is Francis himself.  The colours will change according to the audience.  In America, Francis toned down his anti-homosexual stance, so as not to offend the millions in the west who are increasingly accepting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle.  But in Africa, where culturally most Africans still strongly oppose homosexuality, Francis could proclaim a far stronger pro-family (and thus indirectly anti-homosexuality) message.

  The third reason for his visit: to preach his favourite Socialist messages of Socialism and radical environmentalism, both of which are aimed at increasing Papal power.  “Business Day focussed on how the papal visit is timely in a push for the sustainable use of resources, and how the Pope had criticised trickle-down economics in defence of the world’s poor.  The paper said that Francis is ‘an advocate of radical change in the global economic order.’”[1] He certainly is, as I have shown in various articles.[2]

  And the fourth reason for the visit: to strengthen African Roman Catholicism as it faces challenges from various other quarters.  “These include the clash between traditional customs, like ancestor veneration and church teaching.  Charismatic churches are springing up all over the continent and many Africans (and Catholics) are attracted to the healing power such congregations claim to have.  Polygamy, which is directly at odds with Catholic teaching, is also practiced in parts of Africa…. A number of priests have also left the Church rather then follow the celibate life of the Catholic priesthood.  In a society that places high value on marriage and childbearing, the church’s discipline of celibacy is often questioned in Africa.”[3] 


  Francis’ first stop was Kenya, where over 32% of the population is Roman Catholic.  Of high priority was the spread of Islamic militancy in the country.  Kenya has been at the receiving end of Islamic terrorism on a number of occasions.  Kenyan Roman Catholics needed to hear, from their pope, that they were “Christians”, and that Kenya was a “Christian” country (they are not, and Kenya is not – but this is how Rome puts it).

  A Kenyan priest, Stephen Okello, who organised the pope’s trip, “said that Kenya needs reconciliation.  He spoke of the April attack by the Islamic militant group al-Shabab that killed one hundred and fifty, mostly Christian [professed “Christians” – author], Kenyan students.  Fresh in the minds of many Kenyans will be the 2013 terrorist attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, in which sixty-seven people were killed…. [Francis] will push for inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue.  The Vatican is concerned about the violence between Christians [certainly not true Christians! – author] and Muslims”.[4]  The Vatican, through Francis, might speak piously about inter-religious dialogue, as this is one of the tactics it is using to conquer Islam slowly; but at the same time, it knows it has to prepare for war against Islam.  It needs to muster the troops of faithful Papists.  It needs to send them a message: that they cannot allow Islam to gain more of a foothold than it already has.  They must resist.

  When he arrived in Kenya, Francis spoke of the need to build trust and cohesion in Africa amongst members of different religious groups, and he called on “all men and women of good will” to work for reconciliation, peace, forgiveness and healing wherever people were divided religiously, ethnically or economically.  All the usual nice-sounding papal words and phrases, suitable to this interfaith age in which we live.  But do not be deceived: Rome still believes it is the only true religion on earth, the only one that should exist, and that all those in other religions must be conquered. 

  He said “violence and terrorism feed on despair, which comes from poverty and frustration.”  Well, no, actually – Islamic violence comes from the teachings of the Islamic religion, just as Roman Catholic violence has done through the centuries. 

  He also held an inter-religious and ecumenical gathering in Nairobi.

  Another reason for the papal visit to Kenya was to try to undo the damage done by U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya a few months before.  Obama had proclaimed his usual pro-homosexual, pro-Islamic message.  Given Kenyan’s great interest in Obama because of his Kenyan connection, it was a message well received by many in that country.  But Francis spoke of the importance of family, of children, etc.  In America Francis had been very hesitant to take a strong anti-homosexual stance; but in Kenya he was far more firmly pro-family in his pronouncements.  How tragic that this papal chamaeleon could hoodwink millions, suiting his message to the place. 

  Given the fact that homosexuality is rife within the Roman Catholic priesthood and always has been,[5] Rome’s official anti-homosexual stance is hypocritical in the extreme anyway.  But it knows that a strong family unit is invaluable to the growth of Romanism.  Large Roman Catholic families mean large numbers of Roman Catholics.  In America, Francis was very mild in his approach to homosexuality, because the west is increasingly accepting of this abominable lifestyle and he well knows how much money flows from America to the Vatican, so he was careful not to offend and thereby kill this golden-egg-laying goose; but in Africa it is very different, and a strong pro-family message was needed there.

  As for Francis’ message of radical environmentalism and Socialism (the two go hand in hand) while in Kenya, there was nothing coincidental about his timing: he knew that in December, not many days after his visit, Nairobi would host the World Trade Organisation’s Ministerial Conference, and Francis made certain he visited Nairobi at this time precisely for the purpose of influencing the gathering, which makes rules to regulate global trade and thus falls right in with Francis’ Socialist “gospel”.[6]

  “The grave environmental crisis facing our world,” Francis said when in Kenya, “demands an ever greater sensitivity to the relationship between human beings and nature.  We have a responsibility to pass on the beauty of nature in its integrity to future generations, and an obligation to exercise a just stewardship of the gifts we have received.  These values are deeply rooted in the African soul.  In a world which continues to exploit rather than protect our common home, they must inspire the efforts of national leaders to promote responsible models of economic development.”[7]  There already is a responsible model of economic development.  It’s called the free market.  But Francis is a Socialist and he hates free market economics with a passion.  He prefers to push for a Socialist world, yet half a century of Socialism in Africa has reduced this continent to levels of poverty unknown when the European Colonial powers ruled it.[8]

 Truth is something the popes of Rome know nothing about.  But here’s the truth: there is no “grave environmental crisis facing our world”.  This is a man-made, fake “crisis”, the purpose of which is to frighten the people of the world into supporting the Socialist agenda of the United Nations –and the pope of Rome is backing it 100%.  Using the radical “Green” agenda, a “Red gospel” is being pushed worldwide.[9]

  And just to emphasise how Socialism/Marxism is using radical environmentalism to achieve its goals, Francis went on to speak of the supposed link between the protection of the environment and “the building of a just and equitable social order.”  He said “the pursuit of the common good must be a primary goal”, a very typical Roman Catholic Socialist phrase; and then trotted out the just-as-typical Socialist doctrine that poverty and frustration are at the root of violence, conflict and terrorism.  No, these evils stem from the depraved nature of man, and even if it was possible (which it isn’t – see Matt. 26:11) to eradicate all poverty and all “frustration” (pie-in-the-sky stuff, this, but beloved of liberals and western Socialists), there would still be just as much violence, conflict and terrorism.  Muslim terrorists are not poverty-stricken and hungry – they are Muslims, and their religion demands that they do what they do. 

  To crown it all, he went on about the need for “a just distribution of the natural and human resources with which the Creator has blessed your country”.[10]  Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better.  And just who should be the beneficiaries of this “just redistribution of resources” in Kenya?  Most of the population is very poor.  Could it be that Francis was softening up even the poor African countries to accept the eventual theft of their resources by the UN, to be “justly redistributed” as the UN sees fit?  In other words, to the super-rich, elite world leaders who desire to grab the world’s wealth and are going about to get it by preaching the lie that only the UN can be trusted to spread the wealth evenly!

  Still not done with the theme of radical, Marxist-inspired environmentalism, Francis visited the UN headquarters in Nairobi, and said that the COP21 meeting in Paris was an important stage for developing a new global energy system on three pillars: “minimal use of fossil fuels, energy efficiency and use of energy sources with little or no carbon content.”[11]  He added that if the Paris conference failed to eliminate carbon use, this would be “catastrophic” (it won’t, but this is the mythical “climate change” mantra of the radicals). And he spoke of the growing “global indifference” to millions suffering the effect of “climate change” (lies added to more lies).


  Francis’ second stop on his African tour was Uganda, where 47% of the population is Roman Catholic.  He said mass at the shrine of Roman Catholics who were martyred in Uganda in the 1880s by the king for refusing to give in to his demands, which clashed with their Roman Catholic faith.  Francis’ message may have been indirect, but it was crystal-clear: modern-day Ugandan Roman Catholics must have the same courage as those martyrs, and resist the encroachment of the Muslim religion in their country.

The Central African Republic (CAR)

  The CAR, where over 37% of the population is Roman Catholic, is a country in turmoil.  A Muslim anti-government rebel group called Seleka took over part of the country in 2012 and 2013, including the capital.  In response, a “Christian” militia called the anti-Balaka was formed (obviously not truly Christian in any sense).  Both groups signed a ceasefire in July 2014, but sporadic fighting still occurs in places.  A transitional government is in charge and elections are scheduled for December 2015.  And hence the need for Francis to make an appearance, just before the election, and rally the Papist faithful, to make sure the Islamic group did not win the election.

  Francis was invited to speak inside the Grand Mosque of Koudoukou in the CAR’s capital, Bangui.  What kind of claptrap did his speech consist of?  Why, this: “Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters.  We must, therefore, consider ourselves and conduct ourselves as such.”[12]  Christians and Muslims are not brothers and sisters, for Muslims worship a false god.  Of course, Francis wasn’t referring to true Christians, he was meaning Roman Catholics; yet even so he still lied: Roman Catholics and Muslims are not brothers and sisters, either (not in the way he was meaning, at any rate).  For centuries, these two religions have been at war.  They have been filled with mutual hatred and loathing for each other.  Both religions believe the other is a false religion.  Francis knows this.  But because it suits the Papacy’s plans for him to speak this way, he does so.

  He went on to say that those who claim to believe in God must be men and women of peace.  A bit late for that, Francis, considering neither the Roman Catholic religion nor the Muslim religion has ever proclaimed peace, and the followers of both have been guilty of dreadful massacres in the name of God, throughout their histories.  “We are well aware that the recent events and acts of violence which have shaken your country were not grounded in properly religious motives,” he said.  Another lie: the recent acts of Islamic terror were most definitely grounded in the proper religious motives of the Islamic religion – just as the various acts of terror conducted by Roman Catholics throughout history were well and truly grounded in religious motives.  Both religions are violent religions, always have been, and by their very nature always will be. 

  Given these undeniable facts, when Francis said, “Together, we must say no to hatred, to revenge and to violence, particularly that violence which is perpetrated in the name of a religion or of God himself”, his words were as hollow as the beating of a stick on a dead, hollowed-out tree stump.  Violence in the name of the Papal religion, and violence in the name of the Islamic religion, has characterised both religions since they were founded. 

  The fact remains that in the CAR, as elsewhere in Africa, there is a war raging between Muslims and Roman Catholics.  At present, because of the extreme violence they are using, Muslim terrorists appear to be making the most gains.  But into this maelstrom stepped the pope of Rome.  And note his words: “Dear Central Africans, may you look to the future and… resolutely determined to begin a new chapter in the Christian history of your country, to set out towards new horizons.”[13]  Note his words: “begin a new chapter in the Christian history of your country”.  Muslim terrorists are trying to conquer the country, and have indeed captured large parts of it – yet the pope speaks of it as a “Christian” country!  His words were carefully chosen.  On the one hand, he visits a mosque and talks about “unity” with Muslims; but on the other hand he makes it clear that the CAR is a “Christian” [i.e. predominantly Roman Catholic] country and that’s the way it must stay into the future.  The “new horizons” to which he exhorted the people of the CAR to set out towards, meant nothing less than ensuring that the country remained predominantly Papist, at all costs.


 Time will tell what the long-term benefits (to Rome) will be from this trip.  Roman Catholic bishop, Juan Jose Aguirre, of Bangassou in the CAR, said of the pope’s trip: “A pope’s visit doesn’t leave anyone indifferent… The meeting in the mosque will be a unique experience for the Muslim community in Bangui.  The ecumenical meeting in the Evangelical School of Theology will be another strong point…. The final mass in the soccer stadium, with all the religions gathered (it will happen and no one will withdraw) will be like giving thrust to an African Church that is now living the Gospel [the Romish “gospel”] in a different way, that has many martyrs and many vocations, that grows and will be the most dynamic in the course of a few decades and that one day, God willing, perhaps might give an African pope.”[14]  Read that last part again.  Here you see encapsulated the long-term goals of the Papacy in Africa: for African Roman Catholicism to grow even more, to be a dynamic force in the continent, and even one day to provide an African to sit as head of the world’s Roman Catholics.

Yes, the Papacy has great plans for Africa.  Plans which it does not intend the Muslim religion to defeat.

December 2015

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