The Pope of Rome in America 2015: Why Now?

The Pope of Rome in America 2015, PDF format

The Pope meets Mr Obama
In 2008 I wrote an article entitled The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?[1].  Seven years later, in September 2015, the Jesuit pope, Francis I, visited the United States; and it is necessary to analyse his visit, the reasons for it, and what it accomplished.  These papal visits – to any country – are never without distinct purposes.  They do not just happen; they happen at specific times, and for specific purposes.

  Back in 2008, when Benedict XVI visited the USA, a Roman Catholic editor stated: “The pope had many missions in the US”.[2]  He certainly did.  The two primary ones at that time were to contain and repair the damage done by the massive priestly sex abuse scandal in the U.S., and to whip liberal American Roman Catholics into line – an ongoing battle for the Vatican hierarchy.

  Seven years later it was Benedict’s successor, and again there were a number of reasons for making the trip across the Atlantic:  extremely important reasons, as far as both the Vatican and the U.S. administration were concerned.  In fact, we can say that at this precise time in world history, the visit of Francis I to the U.S. was of paramount importance to both the Vatican and the Obama administration.

Reason No. 1: To Maintain Control Over U.S. Roman Catholics

  The Roman Catholic “Church” in the United States is at this time “the most divided Catholic Church in the world”, according to Jesuit priest Russell Pollitt.[3]  It is divided between conservative and liberal Roman Catholics, and the tension between them is a potential threat to the usefulness of America’s extremely wealthy and influential Roman Catholic “Church”, numbering as it does tens of millions of people.   

  Conservative American Romanists are very troubled by Francis’ stance on many things.  They are concerned that he does not speak out strongly against abortion and sodomy (he is on record as having said, when asked about sodomy in 2013, “Who am I to judge?”); they are concerned about his Socialist economic statements; they are concerned about his pro-Communist policies (dealt with in a previous article of mine[4]), as shown by his open support for  Communists such as the Castros of Cuba and other extremely unsavoury and dangerous South American Communist leaders, and his support of Socialist immigration policies which are seeing hundreds of thousands of people from Central and South America, and the Middle East, flooding into the U.S.; and they are concerned about his Socialist-inspired radical environmentalism (also dealt with in a previous article[5]).  On the other hand, liberal, Socialist and Communist Roman Catholics are thrilled with his stance on these things, and want him to be even more radical.

  This state of things – this division between conservative and liberal/Socialist/Communist Roman Catholics – is unacceptable to Rome, because the U.S. Roman Catholic “Church” is the world’s wealthiest, bringing in fabulous revenue for Rome; and also, it is one of the most influential branches of the Papal religion on earth, if not the most influential, with the power to make or break presidential campaigns, etc.  The United States has always been the Vatican’s prime target: it longs to conquer her entirely and convert her into a Roman Catholic nation.

  The pope, then, a Socialist/Marxist himself, planned to use this visit to do all in his power to shift conservative Papists towards Socialism politically and economically.  Time will tell just how successful he was, but all indications already are that he was immensely so.

Reason No. 2: To Strengthen the Socialist Agenda of the Vatican-Washington Alliance

  Francis is generally a doctrinal conservative, but he is a Socialist/Marxist, politically and economically, as I have shown in previous articles.  And anyway, being a Jesuit, his generally conservative position on Papal doctrine can be relaxed, changed even, if the end justifies the means.  This is how the Jesuits operate.[6]  And in America in 2015, Francis most definitely relaxed the Papacy’s stance on sodomy and abortion.

  In addition to what I have previously written about Francis being a Socialist/Communist – and I refer the reader to those articles for the evidence – he has continued to speak and act in such a way as to leave others in no doubt about his radical Socialism.  The following occurred after my articles were written, and I give them here as just the latest evidence of Francis’ far-left position:

  Bolivia’s Marxist president, Evo Morales, said that he “thinks that what Pope Francis preaches amounts to socialism.”[7]  When he met the pope, Morales presented Francis with a “Communist crucifix”: a crucifix carved into a wooden hammer and sickle.  And the pope is on record as saying that he was not offended by the gift.

  A radical Socialist presidential candidate in the USA, Bernie Sanders, often quotes Francis approvingly.  Although he is Jewish, Sanders makes constant references to Francis and his Socialism.  He said in a Senate floor speech, for example: “Pope Francis has shown great courage in raising issues that we rarely hear discussed.  The leader of the Catholic Church is raising profound issues.  It’s important that we listen to what he has said.”  And speaking at a Roman Catholic college in Iowa on August 16, Sanders said “his plans for a Sanders White House are parallel to the message of Pope Francis.  Pope Francis is raising these issues all over the world.  And anybody who thinks what I am saying is radical, read what the pope is saying.”[8] 

  And Time magazine stated that the reason Bernie Sanders quoted Francis so often was because “he [Sanders] actually believes his [Francis’] message.”[9]

  Further evidence of Francis’ Socialism emerged during his press conference on the plane as he flew from Cuba to Washington, DC.  Regarding those who claim his is leftist, he said: “Maybe I have given an impression of being a little bit to the left, but if they want me to recite the Creed, I can!”[10]  Oh, that really lays it to rest, doesn’t it?  The pope is a (mostly) doctrinal conservative, so of course he can recite the Roman Catholic creed; but he is a political, social and economic liberal/leftist.  Not “a little bit to the left” – a whole lot to the left!

    What so few people around the world, and not least in America itself, understand about the Obama administration is that, despite its very many anti-Roman Catholic policies, “Obama is extremely close to the Roman Catholic institution, has been closely connected to and supported by certain radical Roman Catholic or Roman Catholic-supported organisations, and is in fact advancing Rome’s agenda for the United States” (as I wrote in an article entitled The Vatican/Obama Alliance[11]).  He received, in fact, the votes of the majority of Roman Catholics in the U.S.,[12] because the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the U.S. urged Roman Catholics to vote for him.  The reason for Rome’s support was because it will readily overlook anything in a man, if that man can advance its own cause; and Obama was such a man.  On Socialism/Marxism, the Vatican and Obama saw eye to eye, and this was all that mattered.

  And it is all that matters still.  Hence Francis’ official papal visit to Washington, to be feted by Barack Obama and permitted to address Congress – the first pope in history ever to do so.  Francis is a radical Jesuit Marxist in economic and “social justice” matters.  This is a major reason why he was placed in position as pope.  The following is taken from my article, The Jesuit Roman Pope Francis I:[13]

 “Today, the United States of America, under Barack Obama, has a Marxist government[14]…. Obama’s Washington wants a Marxist-based New World Order, a world dominated by itself, but with its own version of Marxism.  To achieve this, it needs a pro-New World Order pope in the Vatican who is pro-Marxist, but who is in alliance with Washington.  And in Jorge Bergoglio [Francis I] it has its man.”

  The agenda, as far as both parties (the Vatican and Washington) are concerned, is to use Socialism/Marxism to achieve their objectives in America and worldwide.  For the Vatican of Francis I, the ultimate objective is the full conquest of the United States for Rome.  This is what it has sought for since the birth of America.  And an alliance with Washington, based on Socialist/Marxist tactics and goals, is the ideal tool, as far as the Vatican is concerned, for bringing about this conquest, step by step.

  The Socialism of Francis, and of the Vatican of which he is the visible head, is a deliberate, long-term policy; and this will have a profound effect on American politics.  As one Roman Catholic news site put it: “Today, topics such as income inequality, healthcare and the environment are resonating with voters and Pope Francis has come down on these issues in such a way as to annoy many conservative Catholics.  The end result is many Catholics could be contemplating a vote for a liberal candidate”.[15]  Yes, Francis is promoting a Socialist/Communist world.  It is the very world desired by the United Nations and all other radical organisations.  And this was a major reason for the papal visit at this time.  If Francis’ visit can move millions of Roman Catholics to support leftist policies and to vote for a leftist presidential candidate in 2016, then the U.S. would have taken a huge step towards full integration into the One-World agenda.

  One of the major tactics Rome has been using to advance its Socialist agenda in the United States, so as to turn the USA into a Roman Catholic country, is massive immigration from Roman Catholic countries in Central and South America.  I have written about this at length in another article, entitled America’s Alien Invasion: the United States is Becoming Roman Catholic.[16]  This overwhelming flood of illegal immigrants is changing the face of America: its demographics, politics, everything.  Huge numbers of Hispanics, the vast majority of whom are Papists, vote according to what their priests tell them when they become U.S. citizens.  This is precisely why Rome is encouraging them to come, and helping them to settle in America.

  It was predicted, a month before Francis’ visit, that over 50 000 Hispanic Papists would welcome him to Washington, DC.  And this was not spontaneous, but planned: Romish bishop Mario Eduardo Dorsonville-Rodriguez expressed the hope that the occasion would draw attention to “immigration reform”.  “We think that at some point of the visit the Pontiff will make reference to the urgency of an immigration reform,” he said.  “In my opinion the Pope will not be indifferent towards such a delicate issue”.[17]  By “immigration reform” this bishop, as does the entire Romish hierarchy, meant radical changes to permit the huge numbers of illegals to remain and be legally assimilated into the U.S.

  And Francis did indeed address this issue in his speech to the U.S. Congress, as will be seen below.

  Later in his visit, in the city of Philadelphia, Francis spoke directly to immigrants and said he recognised the “great personal cost” they had paid to immigrate to the U.S., “in the hope of building a new life”.  “Do not be discouraged by whatever challenges and hardships you face,” he told them, adding that “like those who came here before you, you bring many gifts to your new nation.”  He did not make any distinction between legal immigrants and illegal ones; indeed, he did not care.  For him, what was important was that America was being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants who would change the country demographically, and lean it increasingly towards Rome.  This was all he cared about.  He well knew that so many of them are Roman Catholics from Roman Catholic lands; indeed he spoke of the “vibrant faith which so many of you possess”.  Yes, for Francis, massive illegal immigration of Roman Catholic Hispanics is going to bear rich fruit in the United States in the years to come.

  And so the Roman pope arrived in Washington, DC, on September 23, and was welcomed by Barack Obama at the White House.  Obama said in his welcoming speech, “What a beautiful day the Lord has made.  Holy Father, on behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to the White House.”[18]  The Lord Jesus said, “And call no man your father [in a spiritual sense] upon the earth” (Matt. 23:9); but Obama, despite speaking generically of “the Lord”, is an utter stranger to Christ and is not in any sense a Christian.

  He went on: “So on behalf of the American people, it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to the United States of America.”  Obama did not speak for the remnant of true Christians across that great land.  And America will, in the days to come, discover to its great cost what happens to those countries who welcome the Roman Antichrist into their midst.

  Obama’s next gem: “[Your visit] reveals how much all Americans, from every background and every faith, value the role that the Catholic Church plays in strengthening America.”  The Roman Catholic religion has worked for the destruction of America almost since its founding!  Nothing it has ever done has strengthened that land, but it has done a vast amount to weaken it greatly – and with immense success.

  Speaking of Francis’ “unique qualities as a person”, Obama said, “In your humility, your embrace of simplicity, in the gentleness of your words and the generosity of your spirit, we see a living example of Jesus’ teachings, a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words but also through deeds.”

  Whenever Obama takes the blessed name of Jesus into his lips, he defiles it.  Also, although Francis was praised for his “humility”, he was perfectly content to bask proudly in the glow of such high praise.  His humility is a farce, just like his “simplicity” of lifestyle.   And the only “moral authority” he has is what millions of spiritually blind people lavish upon him.

  Obama went on to speak of “Scripture’s call”, and of all people being “made in the image of God”.  His unthinking devotees applauded it all.  They would.  Yet this man hates the Scriptures of God, and does not believe in the true God at all. 

  Then Obama got in a word about the thousands of illegal Roman Catholic and Muslim migrants pouring into the United States – such a huge part of Obama’s plan for swamping America and one fully supported by the Vatican of Francis: he spoke of “welcoming the stranger with empathy and a truly open heart – from the refugee who flees war-torn lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life.”  Yes, there it was: the Francis-Obama alliance to bring America to its knees by such large-scale immigration that the entire culture of America will be changed forever.

  Then came another brazen Obama lie: “You remind us that people are only truly free when they can practice their faith freely.  Here in the United States, we cherish religious liberty.”  Did this wicked man have a straight face when he said this?  Under Obama, religious liberty is being systematically destroyed!  Professing Christians, in once-free America, are being persecuted, even jailed, for acting according to their consciences, especially in refusing to sanction sodomy – one of Obama’s pet projects.  America is becoming a dangerous place for Christians, yet this man can lie with a straight face about religious freedom.   He even brazenly went on to speak about how Christians are being persecuted for their faith in other parts of the world – yet he and his pro-Islamic policies are responsible for this very persecution, and for growing persecution in the country of which he is president!  Another lie followed: “So we stand with you in defense of religious freedom and interfaith dialogue, knowing that people everywhere must be able to live out their faith free from fear and free from intimidation.”  Not only is the Obama administration absolutely opposed to true religious freedom for Christians, in America no less than anywhere else in the world, but the Papacy hates religious freedom just as much, and always has!  No pope of Rome has ever defended religious freedom in truth.  The only freedom Rome ever wants is freedom for the Roman Catholic religion, and no others.

  Lastly, Obama spoke of yet another aspect of the Francis-Obama alliance – the radical environmentalist agenda, so beloved of Socialists like these two men, as it is such a useful vehicle for advancing world Socialism: “you remind us that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet, God’s magnificent gift to us.  We support your call to all world leaders to support the communities most vulnerable to changing climate”.

Press conference
  In his own address during the welcoming ceremony, Francis said, “Mr President, I am deeply grateful for your welcome in the name of all Americans.”[19]  Grateful he surely must have been.  How the Papacy must be gloating.  And not a word to challenge Obama’s high praise for him as a man of “humility”, etc.  Oh no.  He revelled in it all.

  Francis had a dig at Obama’s anti-religious freedom policies.  But one must always keep in mind that the pope is only concerned because these policies are threatening the religious freedoms of American Papists.  He does not care about the freedoms of anyone else.  He said that “with countless other people of good will, they [American Papists] are likewise concerned that efforts to build a just and wisely ordered society respect their deepest concerns and their right to religious liberty.  That freedom remains one of America’s most precious possessions.  And… all are called to be vigilant, precisely as good citizens, to preserve and defend that freedom from everything that would threaten or compromise it.”  Yes, Francis will support Obama on many things, economically and politically; in fact, the Vatican finds in Obama a most useful president indeed.  But there must be a trade-off: Rome wants American Roman Catholics to have the freedom to practice their religion.  This freedom is under threat by the Obama administration, and for this reason Francis said what he did.  “I will scratch your back but you must also scratch mine” is Vatican policy.  Time will tell if the American Roman Catholic “Church” will be accommodated by Obama in the future.

  Note well, also, that Rome only praises religious freedom when it suits her.  She stamps out religious freedom wherever she can in the world; but in America, she seeks to make use of it to further her own ends, for her people in that country.

  Francis followed his none-too-subtle demand for religious freedom for American Romanists with praise for Obama’s “Green” policies.  Again: he will support Obama on many things, but he wants something in return as well.  Time will tell if he achieves it.

  He ended his speech by saying, “God bless America!”  Well, the pope of Rome worships the false gods of Romanism, so what he blesses, Almighty God curses.  Americans will find out, in the weeks and months to come, what will follow this papal “blessing” (curse) upon their country.

  When he later addressed the U.S. bishops in Washington, DC, Francis revealed just how far from the truth Obama’s remarks about his “humility” really were.  Francis, the “humble” pope, the “modest” pope, the “simplicity-loving” pope, said to the bishops (and note how he spoke in the third person): “The heart of the Pope expands to include everyone.  To testify to the immensity of God’s love is the heart of the mission entrusted to the Successor of Peter, the Vicar of the One who on the cross embraced the whole of mankind.  May no member of Christ’s Body and the American people feel excluded from the Pope’s embrace.  Wherever the name of Jesus is spoken, may the Pope’s voice also be heard to affirm that: ‘He is the Saviour’!  From your great coastal cities to the plains of the Midwest, from the deep South to the far reaches of the West, wherever your people gather in the Eucharistic assembly, may the Pope be not simply a name but a felt presence, sustaining the fervent plea of the Bride: ‘Come, Lord’!”[20]  Oh, very humble indeed.  Very self-effacing.  This man speaks as if he is God Himself!  A “felt presence”, with a heart that “expands to include everyone”, able to “embrace” the entire Roman Catholic population and the entire population of America in general!  How true the words of Holy Scripture, speaking of the popes of Rome:  this Man of Sin and Son of Perdition “opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God” (2 Thess. 2:4).

  Not done yet, Francis went on, expanding on his supposed omnipotence and omnipresence, attributes of divinity itself: “Whenever a hand reaches out to do good or to show the love of Christ, to dry a tear or bring comfort to the lonely, to show the way to one who is lost or to console a broken heart, to help the fallen or to teach those thirsting for truth, to forgive or to offer a new start in God… know that the Pope is at your side and supports you.  He puts his hand on your own, a hand wrinkled with age, but by God’s grace still able to support and encourage.”  This is a man under demonic delusion.

  In his speech to the bishops he then again spoke of the mass influx of illegal immigrants into America – an influx deliberately instigated and encouraged by the Roman Papacy for the conquest of the USA in time: “I am well aware of the immense efforts you have made to welcome and integrate these immigrants who continue to look to America…”  Yes, this was one of the main purposes of the papal visit.  He returned to this point later in his address to them: “Even today, no American institution does more for immigrants than your Christian communities.  Now you are facing this stream of Latin immigration which affects many of your dioceses…. do not be afraid to welcome them…. these people will enrich America and its Church.”  It is deliberate Vatican strategy to flood the United States with immigrants from Latin America.  No wonder, then, that there was this command from the pope: accept them!

  But will the pope practice what he preaches?  Will the Vatican City State take in Muslim refugees if they start clamouring to be let in?  And will it permit them to establish Sharia law in parts (or all) of Vatican City?  Certainly not.  As the human tide of “refugees” sweeps into Europe, we are not seeing Islamic countries step up and open their borders to their religious brethren; and nor do we see the Vatican doing so.  It will not practice what it demands of other states.

Reason No. 3: To Address the United States Congress in Washington, DC

 Back in February 2015 it was announced, by Speaker of the House John Boehner, that when the Roman pope visited Washington, DC, in September, he would address a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress.  This would be the first time in history that a pope had done this!  In his statement Boehner said: “On that day, he will become the first leader of the Holy See to address a joint meeting of Congress.  It will be a historic visit, and we are truly grateful that Pope Francis has accepted our invitation.”[21]

  Many have been fooled into thinking that the U.S. under Barack Obama is at loggerheads with the Vatican.  As I have shown in previous articles, and in this one, this is simply not true.  Yes, there are serious differences on certain issues, but they are far closer to each other than most people realise.  And the fact that this invitation was extended to Francis simply demonstrates how close they really are.

  Boehner said that Francis’ message of “compassion” and “dignity” was crucial “in a time of global upheaval.”  He went on: “His [Francis’] teachings, prayers, and very example bring us back to the blessings of simple things and our obligations to one another.  We look forward to warmly welcoming Pope Francis to our Capitol and hearing his address on behalf of the American people.”  What a black day it would be in the history of the United States!

Addresses Congress  And so it was that on September 24, for the first time in history, a Roman pope addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress.  As he walked into the Hall of the House he was greeted by thunderous applause.  And as one commentator put it, “Pope Francis’ visit to the US has fused religious visions with political messages – inserting the pontiff’s views directly into the country’s ongoing presidential campaign” (emphasis added).  “Given the pope’s social and political message, his all-consuming media presence in the US and especially his remarks to Congress, his views have now inevitably been injected into America’s now-roiling political landscape.  This is particularly important since a considerable number of his views run counter to many of the political attitudes being expressed by virtually every Republican seeking that party’s presidential nomination.  Particularly contentious issues include immigration, climate change, and economic equality.  Some of his views will have quietly (or not so quietly) infuriated Republican candidates.”[22]  This, indeed, is precisely why a Democratic president, and his party, wanted the pope to visit America at this very time.  They knew it would give a huge boost to their Socialist plans for America – and it did.  It was not by coincidence that Francis arrived in America and spouted his Socialist nonsense at such a moment.  The Jesuit pope, and the U.S. Democratic Party, have so much in common.

  So what exactly did he say, and what are the implications?

  He called on the Congress to reflect on the lives of four Americans; and one of the four was President Abraham Lincoln!   “This year marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the guardian of liberty, who laboured tirelessly that ‘this nation, under God, [might] have a new birth of freedom’”, he said.  And: “A nation can be considered great when it defends liberty as Lincoln did”.  These may sound like innocent statements, but his reference to the assassinated president was truly brazen – for the Jesuits masterminded Lincoln’s assassination!  Charles Chiniquy, an ex-priest of Rome and a friend of Lincoln’s, wrote a book called Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, and in this book he stated unequivocally, “I come fearlessly today before the American people to say and prove that the president, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by the priests and Jesuits of Rome.”[23] And prove it he did, with solid evidence; as did other researchers as well.[24] 

  Yes!  The Jesuits were behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln; but in 2015 the Jesuit pope, Francis I, praised Lincoln’s love of liberty!  How history has been forgotten, and revised, and how Popery and its Jesuits have been whitewashed!  Francis could uphold Abraham Lincoln as a model for labouring for liberty, and yet the Jesuits murdered him 150 years ago because he was not serving the Vatican’s interests!  What a chameleon Francis is, just like all his Jesuit tribe!

  In addressing the U.S. Congress, he pushed his usual Socialist agenda: favouring the millions of immigrants pouring into America, pushing for the need to do something about “climate change”, and the need for “economic equality”.  But he was clever: he knew millions of Americans do not support Socialism but rather the free market, so he tempered his remarks by saying that the world of business was “a noble vocation, directed to producing wealth and improving the world”.  But then he spoiled it by “tying this more pro-business perspective with his other social and political goals”,[25] saying that “the creation and distribution of wealth” was a vital element in fighting poverty and climate change.  Doubtless he fooled many; but Francis, like Marxists everywhere have come to realise, was simply stating that old-style, classic Communist economic policies do not work and that there is a role for business as well – it is just that they must serve the objectives of the Socialist/Communist agenda.  At the end of the day, he was making it clear that free-market Capitalism was unacceptable, and that wealth had to be “redistributed” – the same song that Socialists and Communists have been singing for many decades, and the same song Francis has been singing ever since he came to power. 

Addressing Congress  Although he did not directly mention the U.S.’ legitimisation of sodomite “marriage”, Francis did say that the family was under threat, “perhaps as never before, from within and without”, and that “fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family”.  He also touched on abortion, saying that life must be defended “at every stage of its development”.  But that was all.  Nothing more than a brief nod to the issue.  He spent far more time condemning the death penalty and calling for its abolition.  He was not going to let the issue of abortion disturb Vatican relations with Washington: in true Jesuit style, the end justifies the means, and if being silent on abortion would improve the Vatican-Washington alliance, then silent he would be.  He had far larger fish to fry.

  As for the radical Green agenda he promotes everywhere, Francis said that environmental degradation was caused by human activity, and politicians need to balance concern for those living in poverty with environmental protection.  In his encyclical on radical environmentalism (which I have analysed elsewhere[26]), Francis had some harsh things to say about the U.S. and other developed countries, and now in his speech to the U.S. Congress he said: “I have no doubt that the United States – and this Congress – have an important role to play [to avert “environmental deterioration”].  Now is the time for courageous action and strategies.” As pointed out by one journalist, “Strategically, he has made this pitch just a few months before the United Nations’ Paris climate change conference.   And with such a call for action, it would seem Pope Francis is running cross grain against most Republican politicians who have publicly expressed doubt about the impact of human activity on climate change.”[27]  Truthfully, Republican politicians are not much different from Democrat politicians – both are Socialist parties, the one just more radically to the left than the other – but even so, the timing of this papal pitch was most deliberate, and will have the desired effect on American politicians and policy.

  In his speech he also threw his considerable weight behind the massive influx of “refugees” pouring into America.  He did this because he well knows that these immigrants will change the face of the country and swing it Vatican-ward – which is what he wants more than anything else.  He said that America’s leadership must accept foreign-born people, those who “travel north in search of a better life”, as their “own children”.  Illegal Mexican and other Central and South American Roman Catholics, in other words, must be permitted to stay in the USA.  Oh, how he must salivate at the prospect of these Roman Catholic illegals eventually pushing the long-coveted United States into Rome’s arms!

  And in support of his iniquitous immigration policies, he spoke highly of Martin Luther King – a man who was a Communist agitator. 

  And yet another Marxist apologist, praised by the pope in this speech, was Dorothy Day.  This praise for two prominent Marxists made American Marxists jump for joy.  One who could hardly contain his excitement was Bernie Sanders, the Socialist presidential candidate, who said after the pope’s speech, “Pope Francis spoke of Dorothy Day, who was a tireless advocate for the impoverished and working people in America.  I think it was extraordinary that he cited her as one of the most important people in recent American history.”[28]  Yes, Francis was not hiding his love for Marxists and their causes.

  Phyllis Bennis, of the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, listed the left-wing, pro-Marxist causes covered by the pope in his address: “his calls to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees, end the death penalty, preserve the planet from the ravages of climate change, and defend the poor and dispossessed.”[29]  A litany of leftist causes indeed.

Reason No. 4: To Attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia

 Part of the reason for Francis’ presence at this meeting was precisely because of the huge shift in the U.S. in favour of so-called “gay marriage”.  Just months before the papal visit, the U.S. Supreme Court legalised such false and vile “marriages” across all fifty states.  In this matter, the U.S. was at odds with the Vatican’s own official position.  What, then, would Rome’s response be?  Would it continue to maintain its official opposition to sodomy and sodomite “marriage”?  Or would it find a way, in the face of almost-universal western support for sodomy now, to wriggle out of this corner?  Hence the pope’s decision to attend the World Meeting of Families in person.

  Even though it is called the World Meeting of Families, the pressure was on for Francis, and the “Church” he heads, to openly support sodomite “marriages”.  A group calling itself Equally Blessed, a coalition of sodomite “rights” organisations, wants the “Church” of Rome to be more accepting and more “inclusive” (of them).  So it declared it would be hosting a “pilgrimage” of 12 of its own “families” (falsely so called) to the conference.  “Our main goal with the pilgrimage,” said the executive director of DignityUSA, part of Equally Blessed, “is to make sure that the voices of LGBTI Catholics and our families are heard when there is so much focus on family and family issues in the church.”[30]  The group, however, was in conflict with the organisers of the conference, and after an intervention by the archdiocese of Philadelphia, it was evicted from the Roman Catholic parish where its members were to stay during the meeting.  They were then hosted by a nearby Methodist “church”.

  So what was the result of Francis’ attendance at the conference?  A subtle, but significant change in the Papacy’s approach.  Yes, as we have seen, he condemned abortion when he addressed the U.S. Congress; but it was a very brief and weak condemnation that could easily be lost amidst his other statements, and indeed was lost on most of those covering his speeches.  He was pacifying those Papists who have thought he is too weak on abortion; but only just.  The fact that he said almost nothing about it shows that – just as anti-abortion Papists have suspected – it is not an issue that he will let stand in the way of Rome’s greater goals.

  And the same is true of his position on sodomy.  Although, in addressing the U.S. Congress, he had said the family was under threat, there was no strong condemnation of sodomy or so-called “same-sex marriage” from this pope.  In fact, considering the opportunity he had at the family conference, his silence was deafening.  Why?  What was his game?  The reason he was so silent was because this “end justifies the means” Jesuit pope has seen which way the wind is blowing in America and the West, and he is leaving open the possibility for being more accommodating to sodomites in the future, if this is necessary to maintain a hold on Roman Catholics in western countries.

  In the words of Russell Pollitt, a Jesuit in South Africa: “A number of US bishops have been outspoken on issues like same-sex marriage and abortion.  They have gone to war with the Obama administration about the contraceptive mandate.  Some bishops have forced Catholic schools to dismiss openly gay teachers or make them sign a doctrinal oath.”  All this used to be par for the course.  These bishops were following standard Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.  But did Francis support them?  Quite the opposite: “Francis asked bishops, on this trip, to be less harsh, use softer language and be more open and welcoming in their approach to the church and society.  During the final mass he celebrated on Sunday in Philadelphia – which also marked the end of the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families – he said: ‘Our common house can no longer tolerate sterile divisions.’  He never mentioned same-sex marriage or abortion.”[31]  Essentially, the Jesuit pope was sending a firm message to his bishops: “The end justifies the means.  It is far more important for the Vatican to maintain its alliance with Washington, even if this means glossing over or ignoring Roman Catholic teaching.  Officially we will still claim to be against abortion and sodomy, but we won’t say so as strongly as we used to.  Tone it down.  Also, the only way to keep our control over U.S. Roman Catholics is to soften our stance, be less rigid, more accommodating, and wink at things we once would have condemned harshly.”  This has always been the Jesuits’ way.  After the Jesuit Order was created, they won over the hearts of many people by being far more lenient in the confessional than other priests were.[32]  This encouraged people to confess to them rather than to other priests, and so their influence over the people grew.  Francis is simply following the same tactic today.  In essence he is saying: Be less judgmental, less inflexible, and in this way we will kill two birds with one stone: we will maintain our hold over America’s liberal Roman Catholics, and we won’t upset the Socialist Obama administration, thereby maintaining the alliance which is so advantageous to us in the world today.

  Vatican analyst John Thavis understood this to be Francis’ tactic when he stated: “I think the message is that the church has to work in the real world, with real families, instead of expecting families to meet the ideal definition, or measure up to church teaching.”[33]  Precisely.  Francis, as a good Jesuit, approaches the world as it is and seeks to accommodate his “Church” to the realities he finds.  This is Jesuitism.  It is guaranteed to keep the masses under his thumb, which is what he wants above all else.  As Jesuit Russell Pollitt commented: “Francis was able to pursue his own agenda: to present a more welcoming, open, and optimistic view of the church to American Catholics.”

  A true Christian church never accommodates itself to the world.  But the Roman Catholic institution is not a true Christian church.  It wants members, and will discard its own teachings if it believes this is necessary to hold onto the people.

Reason No. 5: To Address the United Nations in New York

  In 2009 the pope at the time, Benedict XVI, published a major, anti-Capitalist, pro-Marxist encyclical in which he called for internationally regulated globalisation, and a powerful world government in the form of a reformed United Nations.  I dealt with this in an article entitled The Pope of Rome Calls for a World Government,[34] and for the background to the present pope’s involvement with the UN, this article should be read.  The Vatican has always desired world control.  The United Nations organisation seeks the same thing.  And although relations between the two have often been strained, and worse, yet in recent years they have greatly improved.  In that previous article I wrote that the pope of Rome “wants to use the UN to advance the Papacy’s own centuries-old agenda for world government and world domination.”  And for its part, the UN sees the immense value in harnessing the Papacy to itself, to push its own global agenda.  It is just a modern example of “the kings of the earth” committing spiritual fornication with the Great Whore (Rev. 17:2).

  To repeat what I wrote in that article: “Rome may (officially) view it as a pity that the UN favours abortion and euthanasia; it may be unfortunate, as far as Rome is concerned, that the UN, instead of being an outright Roman Catholic-controlled organisation, often pursues its own agenda…. But such things will not prevent Rome from seeking, with all its might, to make use of the UN to further its own objectives in the world.… Like the harlot the Bible calls it, it plays the field.  Whatever will further its objectives, it seduces and uses.”

  One pope after another, for decades, has endorsed this idea of a world body; and now that the Vatican is under the total control of the Jesuit Order, with a Jesuit pope sitting on the throne, the Vatican-UN alliance is strengthening as never before.  It is all coming together.

  The relationship that exists now between the Papacy and the UN is the best it has been in a very, very long while.  After Francis came to power as pope, the secretary-general of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, met with him in the Vatican and said that his choice of the name “Francis” was a “powerful image for the many goals and purposes shared by the United Nations.”[35]  He called Francis “a voice for the voiceless” and invited him to the UN.  Well, he accepted that invitation, as the world has now seen.

  Earlier in 2015, Francis released his radical, pro-Marxist environmentalist encyclical, which I analysed in an article entitled The Papacy’s Sinister “Green” Agenda.[36]  This document thrilled the United Nations, for it pushed the “Green” movement as one of the most powerful means to bring in global Socialism/Marxism disguised as Environmentalism.  I wrote: “The papal encyclical on ecology is another solid evidence of the powerful, global working partnership between the Great Whore and the United Nations.  An alliance of mutual benefit, based on a mythical ‘threat’, that is quite literally the real threat to the whole world.”  And: “The Jesuits are truly, right now, riding the crest of a wave of popularity and influence that is infinitely more real and dangerous than the mythical waves of supposedly warming and rising oceans.”

  Yes, it is all coming together indeed.

  In September, just days before Francis was scheduled to address the UN General Assembly, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon gave an interview to Vatican Radio.  He could not praise Francis highly enough. He said, “Particularly at a time in which this world is experiencing many conflicts… we really need such a strong moral voice as the Pope’s; on this, the occasion during which more than 150 heads-of-state and government of the world are gathering, therefore, you cannot expect any greater, more significant and important gathering of the world’s leaders, including the Pope.”  He added: “I’m grateful for his compassionate leadership for peace and humanity.” [37]

  He also said: “We are looking forward with great excitement [to] His Holiness, Pope Francis’ visit to the United Nations.”

  Here we have the secretary-general of the world body praising the pope of Rome, and expressing an almost palpable excitement over his upcoming visit.  Truly, Francis I, the Papal Antichrist, is the most popular and powerful man on the planet.

  As a further indication of just how great is the esteem in which Francis I is held by the political leaders of the world, it was announced that the Vatican flag would be raised for the very first time at the UN headquarters – and this decision was taken by a unanimous vote of the UN General Assembly!  The Vatican only has non-member observer status at the UN, so this was unique.  It was to be raised on September 25 for the first time, prior to the pope’s arrival for his address to the General Assembly.

  Francis was to deliver the keynote speech on September 25 to the UN sustainability summit.  He was expected to endorse the UN’s document, “Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”  And he did.  This agenda aims to supposedly eradicate poverty by the year 2030 via Socialist economic principles.  It has 17 goals, the objective of them all being to re-order all of human activity.  Its preamble actually states, “All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan.”  Note the word, “will”.  It is not a choice.  And in the summary that came with these 17 goals, it is stated clearly that the member nations will be expected to make “constitutional amendments and creation or adjustments of institutions” so as to implement these goals.

  It will fail, of course.  Poverty will not be eradicated, either by 2030 or by any other deadline.  The words of the Lord Jesus Christ will stand as long as the world lasts: “For the poor always ye have with you” (Jn. 12:8).  But the UN does not believe in the words of Christ.  Nor does the pope of Rome, despite claiming to be the world’s “Christian” leader.  But then again, eradication of the world’s poverty is merely the “official” goal; it is not the real goal of the UN.  The real goal is global people control, via Socialism/Marxism.  As correctly pointed out by Patrick Wood, an economist and author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, the UN sees “sustainable development” as the vehicle for creating a New World Order, by overthrowing Capitalism and the free enterprise system worldwide.  “If the world continues on this trajectory,” says Wood, “we will lose everything that sustains any semblance of individual liberty and freedom.  Someone else will decide what to manufacture, how much to make, who and how much an individual may purchase, and at what cost.  Someone else will tell you where you can work, for how long, at what wage.  Someone else will tell you where you can live, how big it will be, how many children you can have and where you will send them for indoctrination.  There will be no private property rights, no ability to pass wealth to your children.”[38] 

  Is proof needed?  Just listen to the words of Martin Sajdik, president of the UN Economic and Social Council, as he outlined how the UN’s Agenda 2030 goals will be promoted in the published summary of the goals themselves: “Governments must respond with policies that support individuals throughout their life course and promote non-discrimination and inclusivity…. Communication should aim to make people understand how they personally contribute to the global agenda and to feel proud of this.  It will be important to project that this is a universal agenda, with a much greater level of ambition than one could have imagined a few years ago.  The motto to ‘leave no one behind’ is also a powerful vehicle for mobilizing people.  It can be a two-way street, and be used to collect data on what people want and to create feed-back loop.  The agenda should be communicated through social media, traditional media and traditional civil society mobilization techniques as well as art, music and culture.  Communication will have to happen in all countries and at all levels, down to the local grass roots level where implementation takes place.  It needs to reach all groups and to be tailored to various countries and groups.  It is also good to identify and target trend-setters in various communities.”[39]

  And take note, also, of the words of Christiana Figueres, the UN’s top climate change official, who said earlier in 2015, “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.”[40] 

  This UN document was up for a vote of the UN General Assembly at the summit.  This is why Francis was asked to deliver the keynote address.  As the most popular man on earth, he would sway the world’s governments to adopt it.  And he did!

  Jeffrey Sachs, a special advisor to the UN, maintained that the UN must rule over the world’s nations and that they must follow the UN’s rules.  He has written of the need for global taxes.  The sovereign nation-state is unacceptable to Sachs and globalists like him the world over.  They want a world body calling the shots, and the entire world subservient to it.

  And this is Francis’ objective as well!  This is what so many fail to understand.  This Jesuit, Socialist pope desires that the entire world be forced to do as the world body demands.  Rome has always wanted its pope to be in charge of the entire world; and it sees the UN as a way to achieve this objective.  And certainly, the present pope has made immense strides in getting the UN to see him as the world’s most powerful person.  Hence the invitation to him to address the UN.

  It does not bother the Vatican or Francis at all that Sachs is “arguably the world’s foremost proponent of population control”, according to a pro-family Roman Catholic group, Voice of the Family.  It does not bother the Vatican or Francis at all that both Sachs and UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon are “noted advocates of abortion who operate at the highest levels of the United Nations.”[41]  The Vatican is so focused on its lust for world control via the UN that it is prepared to play down its anti-abortion stance if by doing so it can achieve this greater goal.  “The end always justifies the means” is the unwritten Jesuit motto – and being opposed to abortion is just not as important, in Rome’s eyes, as controlling the world.  So it may continue to “officially” oppose abortion, yet turn a blind eye to the UN’s pro-abortion stance if this means it will gain UN approval.

  Sachs said: “Pope Francis will come to the United States and the United Nations in New York on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, and at the moment when the world’s 193 governments are resolved to take a step in solidarity toward a better world.  On Sept. 25, Pope Francis will speak to the world leaders – most likely the largest number of assembled heads of state and government in history – as these leaders deliberate to adopt new Sustainable Development Goals for the coming generation.  These goals will be a new worldwide commitment to build a world that aims to harmonize the pursuit of economic prosperity with the commitments to social inclusion and environmental sustainability.”

Addressing the UN  Well, when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly, the pope did not disappoint the one-worlders. 

  He called for all UN member states to protect the environment.  By tying “protection of the environment” to harm being done to the poor, weak and disadvantaged, he guaranteed that his speech would reverberate in the ears of millions around the world, moving them to support the UN’s globalist plans for world control via environmental legislation, because they will assume this is for the good of the poor and weak.  This is precisely how the one-worlders want to sell their objective to the world’s masses: “It’s good for you!  It’s good for everyone!  Trust us, and we will look after you; just give up all power to us.”

  Turning to his beloved Socialist economic theme, Francis said: “The baneful consequences of an irresponsible mismanagement of the global economy, guided only by ambition for wealth and power, must serve as a summons to a forthright reflection on man”. 

  Yes, he did speak briefly against abortion.  This he did because millions of Roman Catholics wanted him to; but the UN is in favour of unlimited abortions, and will pay no attention to these words of his.  He discharged his duty to the faithful and kept them happy; but he is not concerned whether the UN heeds him on this or not.  There are far bigger issues at stake, in his judgment.


  The visit of Francis to the United States was immensely successful, from Rome’s perspective.  Wherever he went he was welcomed by huge crowds, and was applauded in the U.S. Congress and at the United Nations.  The visit was covered extensively by the media, and most of the coverage was very positive.  He was called “the People’s Pope”.  Probably few saw in this nickname the Communist undertones, as Communists always speak of “the people’s” this or “the people’s” that.  So the nickname conveys more than the mere fact that he was popular with the masses.

  The pope of Rome’s American visit is now history.  He has returned to his seven-hilled city home.  But history reveals that a papal visit to any country comes at a dreadful cost.  History is laden with examples of the disasters that have befallen countries who receive the pope of Rome and his “blessings”.  For this man is the biblical Antichrist, and head of the religion described in God’s Word as “the Great Whore”, which commits fornication with the rulers of the earth.  For this reason nations greatly add to their sins when they seek the favour of the Roman pope.  They court the favour of the greatest enemy of Christ on earth, but he is a miserable help indeed, an impotent idol, powerless to prevent divine judgment, and even one of the principal causes of it.  All this is amply shown in a pamphlet entitled Papal Blessings and Curses.[42]  Of the very many examples that could be brought forward to show the truth of this, here are just a select few:

  On 5 October 1965 Paul VI visited New York City to address the United Nations.  He was met privately by President Johnson, who hailed the visit as a great occasion for the USA.  He introduced his wife and daughter to the pope, and thereafter frequently attended mass at Roman Catholic cathedrals.  On 1 April 1968 President Johnson virtually resigned by announcing that he would not stand for re-election.  He died a year later.  His three years in office were among the most tragic in American history.  More than half a million US troops were sent to Vietnam without decisive result.  He had to cope with antiwar demonstrations unrest on the campus and black riots.  The prestige of the USA abroad was at its lowest.

  When Paul VI visited Australia in December 1970, he pronounced his blessing on that land.  “May God bless the great Australian nation.  May he grant it peace and prosperity.”  His followers were delighted and expected great benefit to the nation but this is what actually happened: on 27 April 1973 Prime Minister Whitlam had an audience with the pope, and a few months later opened diplomatic relations with the Vatican, for the first time in Australia’s history – and without any mandate from the people.  In the period that followed, the country was hit by frequent strikes, intemperate demands for wage rises, business recession, record rate of inflation of 17% and serious unemployment.  On 25 December 1974 the city of Darwin was devastated by a monstrous cyclone. 

  President Jimmy Carter not only highly eulogised John Paul II when he visited the USA in October 1979, but even invited him to the White House, and to address Congress.  He followed it up by making a personal visit to the Vatican on 23 June 1980.  He was soundly defeated at the elections in December 1980.  The double papal “blessing” did not help him.

  On 25 November 1986 John Howard, leader of the opposition in Australia, welcomed the pope at the Federal Parliament.  He said: “You come as the most revered Christian of our time… We welcome you as a revered leader of a great church… the foremost member of the Christian faith…”  Howard was dumped from leadership of the Liberal Party after failing to win the general elections in 1988.

  And in 1987, America simply reeled under an avalanche of papal “blessing”, with the gigantic Wall Street crash occurring only weeks after the pope’s departure.

  And so we ask: what will we see happening in America in the wake of this latest papal visit?  Time will tell.  But what the pope of Rome “blesses”, the Almighty curses.  The United States of America has courted the Antichrist, and will suffer greatly for it.

October 2015

Shaun Willcock is a minister, author and researcher.  He runs Bible Based Ministries.  For other articles (which may be downloaded and printed), as well as details about his books, audio messages, pamphlets, etc., please visit the Bible Based Ministries website; or write to the address below.  If you would like to be on Bible Based Ministries’ email list, to receive all future articles, please send your details.


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