The Pope of Rome in America 2015: Why Now?

The Pope of Rome in America 2015, PDF format

The Pope meets Mr Obama
In 2008 I wrote an article entitled The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?[1].  Seven years later, in September 2015, the Jesuit pope, Francis I, visited the United States; and it is necessary to analyse his visit, the reasons for it, and what it accomplished.  These papal visits – to any country – are never without distinct purposes.  They do not just happen; they happen at specific times, and for specific purposes.

  Back in 2008, when Benedict XVI visited the USA, a Roman Catholic editor stated: “The pope had many missions in the US”.[2]  He certainly did.  The two primary ones at that time were to contain and repair the damage done by the massive priestly sex abuse scandal in the U.S., and to whip liberal American Roman Catholics into line – an ongoing battle for the Vatican hierarchy.

  Seven years later it was Benedict’s successor, and again there were a number of reasons for making the trip across the Atlantic:  extremely important reasons, as far as both the Vatican and the U.S. administration were concerned.  In fact, we can say that at this precise time in world history, the visit of Francis I to the U.S. was of paramount importance to both the Vatican and the Obama administration.

Reason No. 1: To Maintain Control Over U.S. Roman Catholics

  The Roman Catholic “Church” in the United States is at this time “the most divided Catholic Church in the world”, according to Jesuit priest Russell Pollitt.[3]  It is divided between conservative and liberal Roman Catholics, and the tension between them is a potential threat to the usefulness of America’s extremely wealthy and influential Roman Catholic “Church”, numbering as it does tens of millions of people.   

  Conservative American Romanists are very troubled by Francis’ stance on many things.  They are concerned that he does not speak out strongly against abortion and sodomy (he is on record as having said, when asked about sodomy in 2013, “Who am I to judge?”); they are concerned about his Socialist economic statements; they are concerned about his pro-Communist policies (dealt with in a previous article of mine[4]), as shown by his open support for  Communists such as the Castros of Cuba and other extremely unsavoury and dangerous South American Communist leaders, and his support of Socialist immigration policies which are seeing hundreds of thousands of people from Central and South America, and the Middle East, flooding into the U.S.; and they are concerned about his Socialist-inspired radical environmentalism (also dealt with in a previous article[5]).  On the other hand, liberal, Socialist and Communist Roman Catholics are thrilled with his stance on these things, and want him to be even more radical.

  This state of things – this division between conservative and liberal/Socialist/Communist Roman Catholics – is unacceptable to Rome, because the U.S. Roman Catholic “Church” is the world’s wealthiest, bringing in fabulous revenue for Rome; and also, it is one of the most influential branches of the Papal religion on earth, if not the most influential, with the power to make or break presidential campaigns, etc.  The United States has always been the Vatican’s prime target: it longs to conquer her entirely and convert her into a Roman Catholic nation.

  The pope, then, a Socialist/Marxist himself, planned to use this visit to do all in his power to shift conservative Papists towards Socialism politically and economically.  Time will tell just how successful he was, but all indications already are that he was immensely so.