600 Years Later: Rome’s Revisionist Re-Working of John Huss’ Martyrdom

  Essentially, what Francis wants is for history to manipulate the facts, create new “facts” and alter the way the real facts are viewed, so as to minimise what Rome did to Huss.  This is what the Jesuits have always done with history, and Francis, the Jesuit pope, is simply following the orders he has received as a faithful Jesuit.  History must be made to say whatever those “revising” it want it to say, and nothing else.  This is Jesuitism.

  Francis then revealed his real motive in all this: “Vatican II stated: ‘the renewal of the Church,’ which ‘consists essentially in enhanced fidelity to her vocation… Hence, this renewal has a singular ecumenical purpose’ (Unitatis redintegratio, 6)…. And the visible communion among Christians will surely render the proclamation [of the “Gospel’] more credible.”

  The Vatican goal is to use the ecumenical movement to destroy what remains of Protestantism; to absorb all non-Papist bodies into the Roman Catholic system.  Everything must be bent towards this objective, as far as Francis is concerned.  “Get the Protestants back under the wings of Mother Rome!” is the cry.

Francis: “Let’s Be Friends”

  “Along this path [of reconciliation and peace] we learn,” continued the Antichrist of Rome, “by the grace of God, to recognize one another as friends and to consider others’ motivations in the best possible light.”

  Ah.  So, let’s see: poor John Huss, he failed to recognise the wolves in sheep’s clothing, gathered at the Council of Constance to condemn him, as the friends they really were to him.  If only he had viewed their motives in the best possible light, he would have understood that they only had his best interests at heart when they condemned him to the fires of hell, called him an arch-heretic, publicly humiliated him, tied him to a stake and set him alight.  How sad that he did not see their actions in the best possible light!

  And we who are Protestants today: how we should consider what those Papists did to Huss in the best possible light, and recognise their modern descendants as our friends!  There they were, trying their best to reconcile Huss to Rome, and burning him alive so as to protect the rest of Roman Catholic Europe from his infectious poison.  How compassionate they were!  How selfless!  How concerned for the welfare of others!

Huss Did Not Die in Vain

  Let us not be hoodwinked by Papal duplicity.  In this ecumenical age, the vast majority of falsely-named “Protestants” will fall headlong into this Jesuitical trap.  Only the Lord’s remnant will not be deceived.

  Did John Huss die in vain?  Did all those countless numbers of other Christian martyrs die in vain?  No!  Their deaths were not in vain.  Huss’ death was not in vain.  He died for the truth.  He died as a witness for Christ’s truth, and as a witness against Antichrist’s lies.  His brave, triumphant stand has come down to us through six long centuries; and in the pages of true history and in the hearts of the Lord’s true saints it will live forever, an encouragement to all true believers to stand firm for the Gospel of Christ, and an everlasting rebuke to the satanic cruelty and antichristian nature of that religious system on seven hills which calls itself Christ’s Church, but which is nothing but Satan’s greatest masterpiece. 

September 2015

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