Pope’s Phony “Apology”; Waldensian Leaders’ Real Betrayal

  Francis mentioned the occasions which have contributed to the greatly improved relations between Papists and Waldensians as being “not few”, and listed various examples, including the following: “the collaboration for the publication in Italian of an inter-confessional translation of the Bible”.  Imagine it: Waldensians working on a Bible translation in collaboration with the greatest enemies of the Bible in history, who persecuted unto death Waldensians in past ages because they dared to offer copies of the Bible to Papists!

  He also mentioned an ecumenical exchange of gifts at Pinerolo: “The Waldensian Church offered Catholics the wine for the celebration of the Easter Vigil and the Catholic Diocese offered Waldensian brethren the bread for the Holy Supper of Easter Sunday.  It is a gesture that goes well beyond simple courtesy and makes us look forward… to the unity of the Eucharistic table for which we long.”  If Waldensians are looking forward to that “unity”, they are looking forward to uniting in the Popish celebration of the blasphemous mass – for Rome’s “Eucharistic table” is not the simple memorial meal of true Christians, but a time when the bread and wine are supposedly changed, by the magical power of the priest, into the actual body and blood of Christ, and Christ’s sacrifice is supposedly re-enacted!  If Waldensian ecumenicals have already sunk this low, then it is just a matter of time before Rome achieves by ecumenism what it could not achieve by centuries of persecution: the destruction of the Waldensians by absorption into the Roman fold.

  In concluding his address, Francis thanked the Waldensians for welcoming him, and said this spoke of “the greatness of our common faith and our life in Christ and the Holy Spirit.”  Shame on the present-day Waldensian “Church”!  They have a “common faith” with Rome, which proves that they do not have the true Christian faith, nor do they worship the true Christ of God, nor do they possess the true Holy Spirit.

  And lest anyone think that perhaps the Jesuit pope’s words were not received with approval, the truth is that as he ended his speech he was greeted with loud applause.  And then he was presented with a reproduction of the first French Bible printed in 1532 by a Waldensian pastor, with Eugenio Bernardini, the moderator of the Waldensian denomination, saying that the Bible was “a sign of the common source of faith and of the common commitment in giving witness so that the world may believe.”  So much for any such vain hope that the Waldensians did not receive the pope’s words!  Today’s Waldensian “Church” believes it shares a common faith with the Roman Harlot.  Rome hates the Bible and always has.  It persecuted the Waldensians in the past for distributing copies of it, yet now a Waldensian pastor says the Bible is “a sign of the common source of faith and of the common commitment in giving witness so that the world may believe”!  The prophecy in Revelation states that the Papal Beast ascended out of the bottomless pit (Rev. 11:7), and therefore its origin is from below, not from above.  Does this Waldensian pastor know what he is saying when he states that his people share “a common source of faith” with the Papal Beast?

  Consider Bernardini’s words when he addressed Francis.  He said: “The Second Vatican Council defined the evangelical churches as ‘Ecclesial Communities’.  To be honest we never understood what it meant.  Are we half a church?  Or no church at all?  It would be desirable that such a terminology would be superseded and we hope so in the year 2017, on the occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  We are a church, not perfect, but always reforming.”[4]  Bernardini does not seem to understand that to Rome, there are really no other true churches.  Despite decades of ecumenism, Rome still teaches that Protestant institutions are not churches, and claims to be the one true Church.[5]  Bernardini looks towards 2017 and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation for Rome to change its ways, but in this he is naive in the extreme: even if Rome decides that it would be expedient to change its terminology and to refer to Protestant institutions as “churches”, her old hatred for these institutions will remain.  And considering that the Reformation was the greatest blow to Papal power in its history, any such changes which it carries out in that anniversary year will be for no other purpose than to deceive gullible “Protestants” and lead them towards ever-closer absorption into “Mother Rome”.

  Bernardini went on to say in his address to Francis: “The second delicate issue concerns the participation at the Eucharist.  We have in common the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper and the words of Jesus given on that occasion.  The interpretations of those words differ between churches and within them.  It would be nice if in 2017 those issues will be discussed.”  Nice?  This man sees the differences between the Lord’s Supper and the Romish mass as mere differences of interpretation.  Yet the mass is outright blasphemy, and cannot in any sense be reconciled with the simple biblical ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.  Bernardini, this blind leader of the blind, is so desirous of Roman Catholics and Waldensians being one day able to participate together in the mass that he overlooks all the heretical and even blasphemous doctrines of Roman Catholicism, including those tied to the mass itself, and considers Romanism to be just another Christian denomination.

  “Has Pastor Bernardini forgotten the 360th Anniversary of the massacre of his forefathers in 1655, not for the purpose of taunting or revenge, but for the fact that they died for the true Christian faith and the refusal of being part of the Roman Catholic Church in any way, shape or form?  Whether he realises it or not, by asking the Pontiff to recognise the evangelical churches, Pastor Bernardini is asking for them to be included in the Vatican’s concept of ‘the Church’ which requires the Waldensians to recognise Papal authority.  The Waldensians for centuries regarded Rome as an apostate church, the mother of all harlots from which all those who have come to saving knowledge of Christ must separate.  The old Waldensian confession of faith said of Rome that it is the ‘shop of Satan’.  How does Bernardini hope to be fully recognised by the Vatican which claims to be always the same and the only true church in which the fullness of all means of salvation can be obtained?  Is the moderator of the Waldensian church hoping to be able to participate in the Mass, the very first thing Peter Waldo rejected along with the doctrine of transubstantiation?”[6]

  We have to wonder (though we will probably never know for sure) whether this kind of sucking up to the Roman Antichrist is the result of spiritual blindness and biblical ignorance on the part of Waldensian leaders who are merely false teachers, uncalled into the ministry of the Word; or whether there are those in leadership positions within the Waldensian denomination who are actual secret agents of the Vatican (Jesuits or Jesuit pawns), carrying out the pope’s bidding from within.  Certainly this is a centuries-old tactic of the Papacy, as I have shown in my book, The Jesuits: the Secret Army of the Papacy.[7]

  Significantly, the year 2015 marks the 360th anniversary of the great massacre of the Waldensians in 1655.  It was not the first such massacre, but it was the worst.  Roman Catholic soldiers killed huge numbers of Waldensian men, women and children in the Piedmont valley.  We can be sure that this date was deliberately chosen as the date for the Roman pope to come to the Waldensians and issue his false apology and plea for forgiveness!

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