The Papacy’s Sinister “Green” Agenda

And Finally… The Encyclical is Released

  Finally, on June 18, 2015, the long-awaited papal encyclical, Laudato Si’: On the Care for Our Common Home, was published, to the delight of Greens, Reds, Socialists, globalists, radicals, leftist activists and fellow travellers worldwide.  The Jesuit pope’s Jesuit spokesman, Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican’s Press Office, spoke the truth when he said at the official presentation of the encyclical: “I have seen countless documents published but very rarely have I seen such a broad and global wait for a document.”[34]  Perhaps more than anything else he had said, written or done, this encyclical placed Francis I at the very forefront of the globalists’ affections.  He was one of their own, and they loved him for it. 

  Lombardi went on to say, “On this day, we feel that the Universal Church is united to the Pope and conveying to the world a message of responsibility.”  He was right again, except that the entire left-leaning world, and not just the diabolical “universal Church” of Rome, was united with the pope.  As stated by a cardinal named Peter Turkson at the presentation, the encyclical “brings into dialogue all people, organizations and institutions that share this same concern.”[35]  Indeed, the encyclical was, significantly, addressed to “every person on the planet”.[36]

  This, after all, was Rome’s desire: to place itself at the very forefront of global “leadership” relating to the environment.  In every possible way, the city on seven hills is positioning itself as world leader on all matters, not only spiritual but environmental, political, economic, social.  Under Francis, the Jesuits of Rome are aggressively taking back ground lost in recent decades, and advancing on all fronts to even greater power and world authority than ever before.

  With their usual devilish craftiness, this immense power grab was denied by Francis’ lackeys.  Turkson the cardinal said that the document does not set out to intervene in the climate change debate (he could have fooled us!), which “was the responsibility of scientists”.  However, he said that the Roman Catholic “Church” had a “serious moral responsibility to do everything in our power to reduce our impact and avoid the negative effects on the environment and on the poor.”  Note the subtlety: referring to it as a “debate” indicates it is still under discussion, yet saying the “Church” has a “serious moral responsibility” to do whatever it can for the environment makes it clear that as far as Rome is concerned there is nothing to debate at all, “climate change” is a reality and the whole world population must “do something”.  Note the Jesuitical subtlety: Francis is not a scientist and therefore will not intervene – said with a straight face even as Francis had most directly intervened. 

  There was also a decided ecumenical angle to the release of the encyclical, which was acknowledged by an Eastern Orthodox metropolitan, John Zizioulas, who was present at the official launch and who spoke on behalf of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Orthodox institution.  He praised its publication, expressed gratitude to Francis for drawing attention to “protect God’s creation from the damage we humans inflict on it with our behaviour towards nature”, and said that the encyclical was not limited to the subject of ecology but also had an important “ecumenical dimension” that united all “Christians” in a common task.  “Pope Francis’ encyclical is a call to unity – unity in prayer for the environment, in the same Gospel of creation, in the conversion of our hearts and our lifestyles to respect and love everyone and everything given to us by God.”[37]  We have never read in the Bible anything about any of this: that calling for the “protection of creation” is somehow a call to “Christian unity”; that prayer should be offered for the environment; that the Gospel is the “Gospel of creation”; that conversion means converting to the Green cause instead of being converted to Christ; etc.  But then, the true Gospel of the grace of God (not the “Gospel of creation” myth!) is something about which both the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox institutions are completely ignorant, for they are utterly false religions.

  Another man to speak at the official launch of the encyclical was a Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founder and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research; and he focused on the pro-Communist, anti-Capitalist aspect of the encyclical.  He said: “It’s not poverty that destroys the environment.  It is wealth, consumption and waste.  And this is reflected in the encyclical.”[38]  This is blatantly false.  The most polluted, damaged parts of the environment are always those where there is very high poverty.  Communism creates poverty, and a corresponding degradation of the environment.  This is seen in China and other Marxist countries today, as well as in the old USSR and the European Eastern-bloc countries.  When the living standards of a country or society rise, pollution and environmental damage are greatly lessened.  The good professor’s comments fit nicely into the anti-Capitalist agenda of the Vatican, the UN, etc.  But they are not based on true science; true facts.

A Brief Summary of the Encyclical

  What follows is a brief summary of the 184-page encyclical.[39]

  It focuses on the idea of “integral ecology”, by which is meant connecting “care for creation” with justice for the poorest and most vulnerable people.  In putting it like this, the pope grants himself the moral high ground, for much radical environmentalism involves an actual hatred for mankind; a desire to drastically reduce the earth’s population (via abortion, promotion of sodomite practices, even large-scale genocide, etc.) so as to “save the planet”; but the pope makes himself look good by claiming to integrate “caring for creation” with “caring for the poor”.  Communism has never had any concern for the poor, and nor has Romanism in truth, through the centuries; but how loving and caring Francis appears when he combines these two ideas.

  Francis begins the encyclical by noting how his namesake, the so-called “saint” Francis of Assisi, supposedly cared for the world like a sister and a mother, and then says, “this sister now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her”.  There is no basis for this ridiculous statement, of course, just as there is nothing in all of God’s Word about the earth being our sister or mother.  It is all heathen pantheistic garbage.  He goes on: “We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will”.  Actually, we do have God-given dominion over the earth, but Francis would not of course bring up this inconvenient truth (Gen. 1:26-30).  “The violence present in our hearts, wounded by sin, is also reflected in the symptoms of sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life”, he goes on.  These words would warm the heart of any radical Green lashing himself to a tree in front of loggers’ chainsaws.  The biblical truth, however, is not that our hearts’ violence somehow reveals itself in nature’s “sickness”, but that because man sinned at the beginning, God cursed the earth (Gen. 3:17-19).  And here is the thing about this curse: it is in force till the world ends.  The earth is not “sick”, as if it is a living goddess as many modern-day Gaia-worshippers claim; it is divinely cursed!  It is not the “very good” thing it was when it was first created by God (Gen. 1:31).  Man will not destroy it; God has cursed it, and He will destroy it Himself on the last day!

  In Chapter 1 of the encyclical, Francis sets out what he states to be the most serious challenges facing earth.  He begins with pollution, waste and a throwaway mentality, saying, “the earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth”.  But this is not true.  Yes, there are parts of the earth which are terribly polluted, no doubt about it; but saying the whole world is so is the typical exaggeration which environmental activists love to indulge in, because it produces a knee-jerk response from the gullible – usually in the form of digging ever deeper into their pockets.

  He then speaks of “climate change” as “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day”.  Again, this is an outright lie.  It is a lie being peddled by governments, elites, Marxists and others the world over, to be sure; but that does not make it any less of a lie.  There is simply no true “climate change” catastrophe waiting to happen unless mankind quickly “does something”.  Reams of evidence are available, for those willing to look beyond the politically-correct parroted falsehoods of environmental doomsday prophets.

  He speaks also of the disappearance of “thousands of plant and animal species” every year, saying that “all of us, as living creatures, are dependent on one another”.  This, to put it bluntly, is the “all is one” nonsense of heathenism.  Mankind depends on various animals and plants for food, but not all of them, and this myth of the “interconnectedness of all life” is a lie born in Gaia-idolatry, Hinduism, New Age mysticism, and ancient pantheism.  

  He then speaks in a way somewhat counter to the usual radical environmentalist mantra, saying that the solution is not in reducing the birth rate, later on actually stating that environmental concern is “incompatible with the justification of abortion”, but that the solution lies in counteracting “an extreme and selective consumerism”.  Ah: so although at first he parrots the Roman Catholic institution’s official stance against birth control, he then proceeds to condemn “consumerism”, by which he always means Capitalism or rather free-market policies as opposed to Communist policies and solutions (which he believes in).

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