The Papacy’s Sinister “Green” Agenda

The Vatican and International Communism Collaborate in Radical Environmentalism

  The links at the very highest levels between the Roman Catholic institution, via Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican’s primary social justice institution, and international Communism were exposed, not by an organisation at enmity with Rome, but by a Roman Catholic organisation itself, called the American Life League (ALL).  This uncovered evidence of these high-level links between the Vatican and the World Social Forum, an international Marxist organisation.  “The evidence suggests overt Marxist influence on the climate change movement that Pope Francis and his top advisors are now embracing.”[21]  Indeed, the detailed report from ALL, containing original source material and many photographs, demonstrated that Caritas Internationalis was actually “providing leadership” to the World Social Forum.  In other words, it is not Communism leading the way in this and Rome following, but the other way around!

  Michael Hichborn, the author of the ALL report, stated: “This is a very serious problem.  Given how intimately connected the World Social Forum (WSF) has been with the promotion of communism, abortion, and homosexuality since the very beginning, it’s impossible to see how any Catholic can participate in it, or even speak positively about it, let alone have any involvement in its governance.  But Caritas Internationalis does!”

  This is what is so difficult for average Roman Catholics to understand: they have heard their priests, bishops, cardinals and popes condemn such things as Communism, abortion, sodomy, etc., through the years; they believe sincerely that their pope is the “Vicar of Christ” on earth, and that their priests are “other christs” on earth, holy men who will help them get to heaven; they are convinced that what their “Church” teaches is God’s truth.  Therefore, they simply cannot imagine that their pope or priests would ever deceive them, mislead them, or do anything underhand or in direct contradiction of their own doctrines and “moral stance”.  But this is because they fail to understand Jesuitism, and how the Jesuits operate and always have.  They do not grasp that the Jesuits are a law unto themselves, and are permitted to bend or break any laws to get what they want.  If it is for what they consider to be “the greater good”, they will do it, readily stooping to any underhanded tactic, any violation of God’s eternal, absolute law or the laws of men.  And they believe that a strong alliance with international Marxism is the way forward for the Roman Catholic institution. 

  And Francis is a Jesuit pope.

  The World Social Forum launched a Global Alliance for Tax Justice, stating: “Our vision entails progressive redistributive taxation policies that fund the vital public services, end inequality and poverty, address climate change and lead to sustainable development.”[22]  A whole raft of the current buzz terms in one sentence: progressive (read Socialist whenever you see this one), redistributive (State theft via exorbitant taxation of the rich, and taking from the hard-working to give to the lazy), inequality and poverty (neither will ever be eradicated as long as the world lasts), climate change (see how this one ends up in such lists? – “we need to confiscate your money to save you from destroying the earth”), sustainable development (taking the world back to the Dark Ages).

  The ALL report provided photos from Caritas events, which show open displays of Communist flags and banners, images of Lenin, Castro, Mao, etc.  Yet far from being at all embarrassed about this, Caritas gloried in it openly on its website, stating: “Caritas has been involved in the WSF since its beginnings.  Caritas believes it’s an opportunity to exchange ideas and to build the momentum towards real change.”  The reason for such bold admission is not hard to find: Caritas well knows that the Vatican of Francis I is under Socialist-oriented Jesuitism, pushing for a Socialist/Marxist world and a world government.  Why hide its true colours when the head of the world’s over one billion Roman Catholics is openly working for such goals?

  And the involvement of top Roman Catholic organisations does not stop with Caritas.  ALL identified such Roman Catholic groups as Pax Christi, Center of Concern, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Catholic Relief Services, and CIDSE, as all involved in the work of the World Social Forum as well.

Over the (Ki-)Moon: Vatican/UN Global “Green” Collaboration

  Finally, Francis I declared that he would be issuing a papal encyclical dealing with the necessity of caring for the environment.  A papal encyclical is the name given to a letter written by the Roman pope.  The word is derived from a Greek word meaning a circle, thus a circular letter.  It is used primarily for teaching.  This encyclical would be entitled, Laudato Si’ (Praised Be To You), reflecting the “Canticle of the Sun” by the Roman Catholic “saint”, Francis, a hymn of praise for the creation written in 1224 in which Francis warbled on about such pantheistic and utterly non-Christian concepts as “Brother Sun” and “Sister Moon”, turning him into the favourite Roman Catholic eco-hero of the modern Green movement.

  The pope’s announcement that he would be writing this encyclical had an astounding effect on no other than the powerful United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon.  On 28 April 2015 he had a private meeting with Francis at the Vatican.  The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences was hosting an international symposium on “climate change” at the time, and Ban Ki-moon was there to address it.  It was entitled “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity: The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Development”.

  When he met privately with Francis, Ban Ki-moon expressed his gratitude to him for accepting an invitation to address the United Nations in September 2015.  According to Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi (a Jesuit like the pope), the UN secretary general “expressed his expectation for his [Francis’] address on that occasion and for his next encyclical”.[23]  This meeting, for all with eyes to see, removed any doubt that the Vatican of Francis I was working hand in hand with the United Nations to achieve the one-world objectives of both.  “Climate Change” is merely the excuse needed to advance world control from another angle, that of “saving the planet”.  The UN is a world political body, and the Vatican is the most powerful religio-political body on earth.  They may differ on various issues, but as the years have gone by the Vatican has made many inroads into the UN.  Both are totalitarian, both believe in and promote a Socialist/Marxist world, and each one seeks to use the other to achieve its objectives.  In addition, both know that they need the other, if they want to rule the world.  And so this visit of the UN secretary general to the Roman pope was just another modern example of a world ruler “committing fornication” with the Great Whore that sits on the seven hills of Rome (Rev. 18:3).  The Vatican has formed an alliance with the UN on the issue of “climate change”.

  After his meeting with Francis, Ki-moon addressed the international symposium, telling participants that the meeting was “fruitful and wide-ranging”.  He said, “I commend His Holiness, and all faith and scientific leaders here, for raising awareness of the urgent need to promote sustainable development and address climate change.”  Calling “climate change” the “defining issue of our time”, he highlighted the importance of science and religion coming together to work on addressing it, saying: “Science and religion are not at odds on climate change.  Indeed, they are fully alligned.” 

  Firstly, for a true Christian so-called “climate change” is certainly not the defining issue of our time!  It should not be an issue at all, and only is so to those who are ignorant of the truth about it.  But even if a true Christian has been misled to believe that “climate change” is a real threat, he would never call it the defining issue of our time.  Secondly, Ki-moon’s statement that science and religion are “fully alligned” on “climate change”, showed just how far the false religions, as well as the false “churches”, have gone in succumbing to this lie, and promoting it.  Those who are driving this radical environmentalist agenda know that for their plans to succeed, they have to have the support of religions and “churches”.  And by Ki-moon’s own admission (and he should know!), they are now “fully alligned”.  What an indictment on so-called “churches”! 

  And then Ki-moon said something else, which should cause alarm bells to go off in every true Christian’s head: “Together,” he said, “we must clearly communicate that the science of climate change is deep, sound and not in doubt.”

  In other words: there can be no dissenting voices.  All the world must accept and parrot the Green mantra.  This despite the fact that there is no true “science of climate change”, and that a great many scientists the world over strongly dispute the claims of radical environmentalists, and thus it most certainly is in doubt.  But their reasoned arguments are being drowned out by the emerging Green Gestapo, who will tolerate no dissent.  There have even been calls, from some quarters of the radical environmentalist movement, for “climate change” deniers to be jailed or even sentenced to death![24]

  Ban Ki-moon concluded his address to the international symposium by saying that he “looks forward to the upcoming encyclical by Pope Francis.”  As secretary general of the world body, the fact that he was looking forward to it meant that many of the world leaders were looking forward to it as well.  Truly, the Jesuit pope has wheedled his way into the hearts of all kinds of people, and is beginning to speak as the true world authority, to whom the rulers of the earth are paying respectful heed.

  It is not at all surprising that the UN head was over the moon about the impending encyclical; for a few months before, the Vatican had already announced that Francis’ intention was to have it published before a UN-sponsored agreement on Sustainable Development Goals and a UN summit on “climate change” to take place in Paris later in 2015.[25]  This papal encyclical, then, was going to do wonders to promote the UN’s agenda at these meetings!  It was all a deliberate set-up; it was all about timing.  I scratch your back and you scratch mine.  The Great Whore once again committing fornication with the kings of the earth (Rev. 17:2), to the advantage of both.

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