The Papacy’s Sinister “Green” Agenda

Take from the Rich, Give to the Poor

  Then there was an inter-religious movement called We Have Faith, led by African religious leaders including Romish cardinal, Wilfred Napier, which was pushing the same agenda ahead of COP17 in Durban: calling on governments to “reach an agreement to curb climate change in order to secure life in all its fullness for future generations”.  Jo-Anne Smetherham, publicist for We Have Faith, claimed that “climate change” is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced!  Just think about this statement, so sweeping in its stupidity.  But she wasn’t done.  Next came the usual statement advancing a Socialist solution: speaking of a petition from We Have Faith calling for targets to be set for carbon emission reductions and to ensure that there is adequate finance for adaptation in Africa, she said, “Such finance should come from historically polluting nations in recognition of their ecological debt and be additional to existing development aid, governed exclusively and equitably under the United Nations.”[9]  Yes, the UN will oversee the whole process of transferring funds from the rich to the poor in true Marxist fashion, to pay for a “debt” that is nothing but a myth.  The iniquitous Vatican is now championing the iniquitous United Nations as the global steamroller towards world government flattens all opposition in its way.


  In November 2011 world leaders converged on Durban, South Africa, for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (known as COP17); and the South African Roman Catholic institution joined forces with other religions and with radical environmentalists to call for action to combat “climate change”.  There was the usual dire threat of imminent catastrophe if “something isn’t done”: Buti Tlhagale, Romish archbishop of Johannesburg, issued a pastoral letter for the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference in which he said that the world and all of creation was now threatened by “climate change”!  “This global climate crisis poses a great spiritual challenge to all Christians, people of all faiths and all people of goodwill,” he said, “as it is the consequence of the destruction of God’s creation in which we have all participated in one way or another.  It calls for a change of mindset, and a change of lifestyle to reduce our dependence on fossil-fuel energy like coal and oil.”[10] 

  The world was being softened up to accept radical Socialist solutions to this invented “problem”, that will result in greater slavery for all to the “masters” who want to control everyone and everything: Tlhagale said individuals should link their efforts to “those of national governments and the United Nations to achieve the goal of lessening the carbon footprint (which is our contribution to carbon emissions) on the planet for our sake, for the sake of future generations and that of all living beings.”  Whenever this lie is sold as being “for the children”, then people get all misty-eyed and subservient, willing to surrender more and more of their freedoms as they prostrate themselves at the feet of their governments and the UN, begging them to “save us – we’ll do anything you want!”

  When the COP17 conference was held, religious leaders were in Durban in large numbers to support it, and they pulled out the big guns at their rally, such as Anglican archbishop, Desmond Tutu, who whined, “This [the earth] is the only home we have.”[11]  Well, no, actually: for true Christians, heaven is their final and glorious home, and they live on this earth merely as strangers and pilgrims; and all the rest will find their next home in hell.  But for the false shepherds assembled at COP17, “saving the earth” was far more important than salvation from sin, to which they were strangers anyway.  They being creatures of this earth, earthly minded, it is no wonder that “saving the earth” was so important to them.

  Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, a Romish cardinal form Honduras, led a delegation to COP17 and said: “Our climate is changing… This year we saw floods in Central America, South and Southeast Asia and drought across East Africa.  Urgent action is necessary.”[12]  Here’s some news for the good cardinal: East Africa has frequent droughts.  Floods happen in South America and Asia all the time.  Nothing new in all this.  But alas, people are so gullible. 

  The Roman pope, Benedict XVI, had to have his say, of course, urging the international leaders meeting in Durban to reach a credible agreement on “climate change”, calling it a “worrisome and complex phenomenon” and, naturally, saying that “the needs of the poor and of future generations” needed to be kept in mind.[13]  As if the needs of the poor have ever been a priority for the Roman Catholic institution, the richest on the face of the earth (Rev. 18) whose pope is able to tog himself out in gold and silver, with his every whim catered for.  Yes, even Francis who has conned the world into thinking he is a poor and humble man himself.

Francis I: Pushing Socialism/Marxism Disguised as Environmentalism

  It was under the Jesuit Francis I, in particular, that the Vatican swung sharply to the left with regards to the international Socialist agenda making use of radical environmentalism to promote its one-world cause and control of the whole earth.

  It was easy enough to see what was coming.  Just three days after his election to the pontificate, Francis told journalists that he had deliberately taken the name of Francis after the Roman Catholic “saint”, Francis of Assisi, because “Francis was a man of poverty, who loved and protected creation”.[14]  Of course, the present Francis is not a man of poverty at all, although he pretends to be and fools the gullible masses, for he is the pope of Rome, and poverty is not part of his job requirements.  But the point to note here is that from the very outset of his reign, he made it clear that radical environmentalism would be at the very forefront of his pontificate.

  He lost no time in building on that Green beginning.  He was soon condemning “consumerism” and a “culture of waste” – music to the ears of every Red/Green on earth.  A little later he said: “Let us be channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation, and make justice and peace flourish.”[15]  Channels?  Notice how this term is springing up all over the place?  True Christians are not channels!  To be a channel is a term taken out of spiritualism and the occultic New Age Movement.  When Paul the apostle wrote, “I have planted, Apollos watered”, he was not meaning being “channels through which God can water the earth”, but of planting the seed of the Gospel and watering it! (1 Cor. 3:6).

  Addressing the diplomatic corps accredited to the “Holy See” on 22 March 2013, Francis spoke of the importance of “protecting our environment, which all too often, instead of using for the good, we exploit greedily, to one another’s detriment”.[16]  Then on 21 May 2014, he said at a general audience at the Vatican that “the gift of knowledge helps us not to fall into attitudes of excess or error.  The first lies in the risk of considering ourselves the masters of creation.  Creation is not some possession that we can lord over for our own pleasure; nor, even less, is it the property of only some people, the few: creation is a gift, it is the marvellous gift that God has given us, so that we will take care of it and harness it for the benefit of all, always with great respect and gratitude.”[17]  Note the mixture of truth and error in these statements.  Yes, the environment must be protected; but man is the master of creation.  He was made so by God Himself in Gen. 1:28. 

  Francis’ secretary of state, the Romish cardinal Pietro Parolin, spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York in September 2014, and in doing so he spoke of course for the pope of Rome himself.  He repeated at times what Francis had said about the environment, and at other times he referenced the pope’s remarks, saying that Francis had underlined the importance of these matters since the beginning of his pontificate.  Parolin had much to say about the threat of “global warming”, and the need for governments to “protect the world climate”, to “protect our planet and the human family”, etc.  And ominously, playing right along with the One-Worlders, he called for “an authentic cultural shift” to take place: some kind of global culture change, which should in some way be foisted on the world’s peoples.[18]  All the usual radical environmentalist claptrap, but with undertones of Socialism/Marxism in a “Green” dress.

  Then in November 2014, Francis addressed a group of Italian adult scouts, and said: “Our time cannot neglect the ecological question, which is vital for man’s survival, or reduce it to merely political questions.”[19]  Francis, being a false shepherd and the biblical Man of Sin (2 Thess. 2), is a stranger to the true Gospel, so he places great emphasis on the need to “care for creation” because this is “vital for man’s survival”; but the Bible declares that man is not going to live on this earth forever, and that the day is soon coming when, as an act of divine judgment, “the earth… and the works that are therein shall be burned up” (2 Pet. 3:10) when the Lord Jesus Christ returns.  Bible prophecy does not in any sense indicate that man’s survival on earth will be terminated by a man-made global environmental catastrophe, but by the hand of God! 

  Francis went on to say that Christ’s “disciples” (by which he meant Roman Catholics) are called “to be united with all men of good will for the protection and defense of nature and the environment” because creation is a “gift entrusted to us from the hands of the Creator.”  Roman Catholics are not Christ’s true disciples anyway; but what he said here was sucked out of the papal Green thumb: there is absolutely no mention of such a “calling” anywhere in God’s Word, so by what authority does Francis say this is what Christ’s disciples are called to do?  By his own.  The only authority he acknowledges.

  Then in January 2015, during a meeting with ambassadors from around the world, Francis warned that the exploitation of the environment was a threat to peace.[20]

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