The Jesuit Roman Pope Francis I

  Nor is this all.  In Chapter 17 of The Secret Instructions, paragraph 7, it is stated:

 “And lastly let us [i.e. the Jesuits] aspire to abbacies and bishoprics… for it would entirely tend to the benefit of the Church, that all bishoprics, and even the Apostolical See, should be hooked into our hands, especially should His Holiness ever become a temporal prince over all” (italics added).[15]

  Centuries ago already, the Secret Instructions expressed the Jesuits’ desire to take complete control over the entire Roman Catholic institution, including the “Apostolical See” itself, by seeing to it that a Jesuit would advance to the position of pope of Rome!  In times past there have doubtless been other, albeit secret, Jesuits sitting on the papal throne; but Francis I is the first open Jesuit to do so.

  Who then runs the Vatican where Francis I is pope?  Certainly not Francis, for it is actually not Francis’ Vatican!  The black pope runs the Vatican.  Francis swore absolute, blind obedience to his general.

  The Jesuits have always exercised power over the popes.  How much more, over a Jesuit pope – one of their own!

  Two days before his official inauguration as pope of Rome, the newly-elected Francis I received, in audience, no other than his own master: the superior general of the Jesuit Order, Adolfo Nicolás.[16]  The black pope visited the white pope!  The man who is the true power behind the papal throne came to see his servant, Jorge Bergoglio, now risen to the position of pope in accordance with the plans of the Jesuit Order and its general!  There could be no question about it: Francis I was the faithful slave of Adolfo Nicolás.  He had sworn to obey him without question, many years before when he became a Jesuit priest.  This oath was just as much in effect now that he had been chosen as pope as it had been all those years before. 

The “black pope” and the “white pope”

  And after the Jesuit general sent Bergoglio a letter of congratulations upon his election as pope of Rome (well might the general congratulate his servant!), Francis wrote a reply in which he said:

 “I received with great joy the kind letter you sent me, in your name and that of the Society of Jesus, on the occasion of my election to the See of Peter, in which you assure me of your prayers for me and my apostolic ministry as well as your full disposition to continue serving – unconditionally – the Church and the Vicar of Christ according to the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola.”[17]  This was a truly Jesuitical piece of writing!  For it is not the general who will be serving the Roman pope, but the Roman pope who will be serving the general.

  Francis went on: “My heartfelt thanks for this sign of affection and closeness, which I am happy to reciprocate, asking the Lord to illuminate and accompany all Jesuits…. I ask all Jesuits to pray for me and to entrust me to the loving protection of the Virgin Mary… I give you the Apostolic Blessing with special affection, which I also extend to all those who co-operate with the Society of Jesus in her activities…”  Oh, the pontiff Bergoglio is a faithful, committed Jesuit indeed.  In accordance with the Secret Instructions, he “speaking honourably” of the Order.

  An extraordinary situation, pregnant with ominous portents for the future.  The Jesuits are now in a position of all-supreme power over the Vatican and the Roman Catholic system.  They have taken total control because the crisis within Roman Catholicism demands their ruthless intervention at this level.

  And if Francis were ever to act in rebellion to the general, no one should be in any doubt as to what would happen to him.  They would seek to murder him – just as they have murdered other popes before him!

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