The Jesuit Roman Pope Francis I


  Indeed, Obama profiled Francis for Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People, saying: “His Holiness has moved us with his message of inclusion, especially for the poor, the marginalized and the outcast… His message of love and inclusion…distills the essence of Jesus’ teachings and is a tonic for a cynical age.  May we heed his humble example.”[69]  Oh, sure, this is just what the world needs: the pro-Marxist Obama telling us what the essence of Jesus’ teaching is.  But Obama loves it when Francis preaches liberation theology.  This is the only “gospel” Obama understands.  It is a false “gospel”, a lie from the pit of hell.

   Religious News Service analyst David Gibson wrote: “Political conservatives [in the US] are especially worried that Francis’ frequent blasts at income inequality are playing into the hands of President Obama and the Democrats”.[70]  Indeed they are, and this is all immensely pleasing to Obama and to all leftists and Reds everywhere in the western world.

  And, it must be noted, Bergoglio has deliberately gone out of his way to suppress too much talk, in high Papist circles, of the doctrinal issues – such as Rome’s official stance against abortion and homosexuality – which so anger liberal, leftist Americans and other westerners.  Although he has stated he is anti-abortion and anti-sodomite “marriage”, he has deliberately sought to play these issues down when addressing those who would likely be pro-abortion.  Reason?  So as not to make things more difficult for his Washington buddies, with whom he is one on “social justice” if not on things like abortion.  Again, he is a Jesuit, and he knows how to say the things his audience wants to hear.

  Thus, “In his interviews with those in the left-wing media he seeks to impress, Francis has said that the Church needs to stop being ‘obsessed’ with abortion and gay marriage, and instead of seeking to convert people, ‘we need to get to know each other, listen to each other and improve our knowledge of the world around us’….  he [has] insulted and severely damaged the work of [Roman Catholic] pro-life and pro-marriage groups with his comments…”[71]  Now why would a pope speak like this?  Why would he risk alienating the doctrinally conservative Romanists with whom he apparently agrees in fact?  Only one reason: he believes that it is more important to cosy up to the liberal/left on social and political issues than to support conservative Roman Catholics on such things as their opposition to abortion and sodomite “marriage”.  Any why is this more important?  For the simple reason that placing himself at the centre of the international political arena at this time in history is far more important (for the Vatican) than supporting doctrinal causes among conservatives.  He was trying not to offend his western, liberal/leftist friends.  Like Barack Obama, he is a chameleon.  More significantly, he is a chameleon like all top Jesuits are chameleons.

  Seen in the light of all the above, one can also then understand the meaning behind the meeting between Francis and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Vatican.  As we have seen above, the Jesuits always play both sides.  This has been their tactic from their very beginning.  This way they always win – no matter which side wins in any conflict or any stand-off.  Putin, no less than Obama, wants the Roman pope’s support.  Hence his trip to the Vatican, where he behaved like a religious believer, making the sign of the cross, giving Francis an icon of the Virgin Mary, and even kissing it.  Putin knows what he would gain from receiving the papal blessing.  As for Francis, there is an international power play unfolding, a geopolitical chess game, and the pro-New World Order pope will do what he can to influence Russia.

  The Roman Catholic “Church” and the KGB-controlled Russian Orthodox “Church” are seeking closer collaboration on the world stage.  This is because they see the advantages of doing so to combat an increasingly secular world.  It has also always remained Rome’s goal to finally conquer Russia for Roman Catholicism.  Any moves in that direction – such as closer collaboration between Romanism and Russian Orthodoxy, and a Russian president professing to be a “Christian” sympathetic to the Vatican – will be encouraged by the Vatican for its own conquest objectives.  Francis, therefore, met with Putin because Rome desires world domination, and Russia is a major world player.


  Still another reason for the meeting – and an explanation of Putin’s religious actions at the meeting – was that Putin in recent years has been deliberately positioning himself as an upholder of conservative values, shown in his public opposition to sodomy, and as a kind of protector of “Christian” minorities in the Middle East.  The Vatican, therefore, sees the value of encouraging contact with such a man, because he can be useful to the Papacy in these fields.  He is viewed as a very possible ally in the Vatican’s war against an increasingly secular and immoral West. 

  Plus there is the matter of Roman Catholics in Ukraine, which Russia is warring against; and Rome-alligned “Catholics” in the Middle East, where Russia has influence.  Truly, faithful and cunning Jesuit that he is, Francis keeps the door open to Russia, even while cosying up to America.


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