The Jesuit Roman Pope Francis I

  Bergoglio would have been ordered, as a faithful Jesuit under orders from his general in Rome, a man with no will of his own, a man as a corpse in his general’s hands, to support the military dictatorship of Argentina, while other Jesuits (under his command, for he was their leader) supported the Marxist revolutionaries.  Jesuits will call one another names, accuse one another of crimes, etc. – and yet all the time be working in unison, although from opposite sides!

  Thus the truth about Jorge Bergoglio as a Jesuit in Argentina is hidden behind a dense fog of the Jesuits’ own making.

  According to the National Catholic Reporter, when he was almost elected back in 2005, “He appealed to conservatives in the College of Cardinals as a man who had held the line against liberalizing currents among the Jesuits, and to moderates as a symbol of the church’s commitment to the developing world.”[58]  He was therefore seen as the ideal compromise between two extremes: pleasing both conservatives and liberals, yet pleasing neither group completely. 

  And there is yet another reason why this man was chosen to be pope of Rome at this time in history:


6. He is perceived as being a Pro-Washington Pope.

  This may come as a surprise, and would be vociferously denied by many; and therefore it needs to be carefully explained, so that the reader grasps in what sense Francis is pro-Washington, considering that by “Washington” is meant the Washington of Barack Obama.  And to provide necessary background information, it is valuable and very instructive to look at recent history and the involvement of the world powers in the elections of popes.

  The man in the street understands very little, in fact in most cases nothing at all, about the political intrigues behind the scenes at the election of every new pope of Rome.  What is claimed to be a secret ballot, carried out by cardinals behind closed doors and beyond the reach of the outside world, is a fallacy.  The fact is that the election of a new pope attracts the attention of very powerful governments.   The reason?  They well know that the man who is elected can literally sway the balance of power in their own countries.  For no man on earth has such power as the pope of Rome (of course, as directed by the “black pope”).  No man on earth controls the destinies of so many hundreds of millions of people, and entire nations.

  In every papal election of modern times, various governments have had their operatives at work behind the scenes, seeking to influence the voting; and in particular, the United States and the old Soviet Union, and today Russia. 

  After World War Two, during which an alliance had existed between the pope, Pius XII, and Nazi Germany, a new pope – John XXIII – was elected in 1958.  This man was a pro-Moscow pope.  After him came Paul VI, another pro-Moscow pope.  This was unacceptable to certain cardinals of the “Church”, as well as being unacceptable to Washington; it had to change.  “Cardinals in Rome and elsewhere, having formulated a policy of opposition to Paul VI, jointly with high prelates in key positions in Europe and the Americas, had formed a kind of secretive but effective alliance with the most influential intelligence agencies of the U.S.  Amongst these were the Directorate of the CIA, the Central Security Agency, the special strategic wing of the Pentagon, and other policy formulators of the American Administration.  The Curia-CIA Coalition had come into existence with the precise objective of neutralising the pro-communist policies of Paul VI commonly known as the Vatican-Moscow alliance.” And so the Curia-CIA coalition began working “for the election of a pope who was willing to destroy the Vatican-Moscow alliance.”[59]  In order to accomplish this, the Vatican-CIA alliance began to promote a version of Communism not controlled from Moscow, but from the Vatican itself: a type of American-backed Catholic-Communism, particularly (at least initially) in the Third World countries of Latin America and Africa.

  And so it was that when the cardinals gathered in 1978 to elect a new pope after Paul VI’s death, the CIA hoped it would be a pro-American man.  However, they were outsmarted by the pro-Russian cardinals in the conclave, who worked with the KGB to get a “non-political” pope elected: John Paul I.  The Curia-CIA coalition then decided upon the deliberate “accelerated demise” of the pope, and to so manipulate the election of his successor that there would be no mistakes this time, and a pro-American pope would be elected.  Accordingly, within 33 days the new pope was found dead.  And the evidence that he was murdered is overwhelming.[60]

  “After John Paul I’s death, the Conclave reconvened to elect a new pope, the second within two months.  This time, however, unlike before, the name of the papal candidate was already on the lips of some of the leading members of the Curia-CIA Coalition: Karol Wojtyla of Krakow, Poland”.  The rigged election obtained the Papacy for him, and he took the name of John Paul II.  “The CIA… had at last succeeded in electing their very own pope.”[61]  He was a Communist, but not a pro-Moscow Communist.  He favoured the Vatican’s own brand of Catholic-Communism, and America supported it fully.  So did various Latin American Communists, who despite their Marxism looked to Washington, not Moscow, for financial support.

  Jumping ahead now, to a different time and a very different global geopolitical stage, we see the same forces playing a deadly game in the election of Jorge Bergoglio as Francis I.  The world has massively changed since 1978.  It is not divided so neatly between the “free world” West headed by Washington, and the Communist East headed by Moscow of the old Soviet Union.  Communism has not died, but it has metamorphosed.  Today, the United States of America, under Barack Obama, has a Marxist government;[62] and as for Russia, it may not be the old USSR anymore but it is still Communist and still very powerful (deliberately deceptive media reports notwithstanding).  Obama’s Washington wants a Marxist-based New World Order, a world dominated by itself, but with its own version of Marxism.  To achieve this, it needs a pro-New World Order pope in the Vatican who is pro-Marxist, but who is in alliance with Washington.  And in Jorge Bergoglio it has its man.  But again, it must be understood in what sense Bergoglio is Washington’s man. 

  The Washington of Barack Obama is a very different place from the Washington of Ronald Reagan.  The Obama Administration is pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim, and in some ways anti-Roman Catholic while in other ways (notably on Marxist economic matters) pro-Roman Catholic.[63]  And we must see what Obama’s Washington stood to gain from the election of Jorge Bergoglio to the Papacy in 2013.  Yes, he is a doctrinal conservative, anti-abortion, etc.  This was a decided negative to the Obama Administration.  But what outweighed Bergoglio’s doctrinal conservatism was his political activism, his pro-Marxist policies.  He is what is called a political “progressive”, i.e. a Marxist in economic and “social justice” matters.  And – because of his previous 1970s support for the pro-Washington military regime in Argentina, he is perceived as being pro-Washington today!  And this is a huge positive for Washington, because although it is pro-Marxist, at this time various South American governments, although also pro-Marxist, are Moscow-leaning rather than Washington-leaning.  There is a massive build-up of anti-Washington sentiment in one Latin American country after another.  Washington’s influence in the entire continent is under threat.  Having the support of a pope from South America, then, is of immense significance to Washington.

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