The Rwandan Genocide and the Roman Catholic Institution

  Whether the accusations are true or not is for a court to decide.  As for everyone in his new diocese having a “positive impression” of him, doubtless his Rwandan “flock” had a positive impression of him as well.  But they don’t anymore!  Bertin Ndakubana, for example, a parish councillor in Seromba’s old parish, said, “I lost my father, my wife, my child, my stepmother, my young brother, my sisters and many others in the Church [when it was bulldozed].  Where was the servant of God, Seromba, at that moment?”  Alas, multitudes have discovered by bitter experience, over centuries, that the priests of Rome are not the servants of God.

  In 1999, the Vatican’s missionary news service, Fides, said that the accusations against priest Seromba seemed to be part of a concerted campaign to discredit the “Church” in Rwanda!  Whenever it comes under the spotlight for its evil deeds, Rome is always swift to claim persecution.  The fact is, however, that this so-called “Church,” this antichristian, demonic religion, has always been the persecutor, and has discredited itself wherever it has gone, by its abominable deeds, including its support for murders, assassinations, wars, massacres, intrigues, etc., etc.  In modern times it has succeeded in covering up much of the evidence that was so well-known in earlier times; but even so, the evidence is there for those who are prepared to look.  Rwanda in 1994 was merely a modern example of the bloody trail of Romanism through the centuries.


Update: Twenty Years On

  As we have seen, the “Church” of Rome played a major role in the genocide.  How disgusting, then, yet how typical, that twenty years later this same false “Church” should try to hide its own deep involvement in those terrible events, and present itself moreover as the great reconciler, its priests and bishops – and even its pope – preaching “healing” and “reconciliation”!

  But this has ever been Rome’s way.  Countless times through the centuries, it has attempted to conceal its own involvement in shocking crimes.  Despite its massive involvement on the side of the Nazis in World War II, for example,[29] today it hides those unpalatable facts and presents itself as an enemy of Nazism.  And this is precisely what it is now doing with regards to its role in the Rwandan genocide.

  As reported in the UK’s Guardian: “The Vatican paints the church as a victim not only of the mass killings – because priests and nuns were among those slaughtered – but of persecution by Rwanda’s present government, which has jailed members of the clergy and accused the church leadership of having blood on its hands.”[30]  It is true that a couple of hundred priests and nuns perished in the genocide.  But Rome has never hesitated even to kill its own if they stand in its way.  In World War Two priests were deeply involved in supporting the Nazis; yet priests also died at Nazi hands.  This is always a good insurance policy for Rome.  It can always later claim “persecution” if its plans do not work out.  Likewise in Rwanda.  Here, those priests and nuns who died were sometimes simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught up in the general mayhem and chaos at the time; but in other cases, they were priests and nuns – frequently Tutsi priests and nuns – who stood against the genocide and did not support the revolutionary Hutu priests.

  As Rwanda marked the twentieth anniversary of the genocide, the pope of Rome, Francis I, spoke to Rwanda’s bishops when they visited the Vatican.  He said: “Twenty years after those tragic events, reconciliation and the healing of wounds must remain the priority of the Church in Rwanda”.[31]  The priority of the “Church” of Rome in Rwanda twenty years before was to wholeheartedly support the genocide!  But now, to cover its own tracks, Rome establishes its priests at the forefront of “reconciliation and the healing of wounds”.  What vile hypocrisy!  An attempt to pull the wool over the world’s eyes.

  Francis offered his prayers for all Rwandans, “without distinction of religion, ethnicity or politics.”  But in 1994 a very clear distinction was made, with Romish priests and nuns supporting Hutus as they massacred Tutsis!  Now, however, they have a vested interest in covering up this inconvenient fact.

  Francis then said that Roman Catholic schools and hospitals in Rwanda have an essential role to play in ensuring a future of peace, but what is even more effective is Roman Catholic Rwandans being united in love and allowing “the Gospel to touch and convert their hearts.”  Leaving aside the fact that the Romish “gospel” is a false one anyway, radical Marxist-supporting Hutu Roman Catholics cheerfully massacred Tutsi Roman Catholics during the genocide; they were not “touched” by love or unity then!

  He added: “It is important that, overcoming prejudice and ethnic divisions, the Church speaks with one voice, demonstrating its unity.”  Twenty years ago this same “Church” encouraged prejudice and divisions, its priests and nuns even taking an active part in murdering thousands of people!  Oh, but now it sings a different song.  It is imperative that now its crimes in Rwanda are buried under a mountain of sugary speeches about “love” and “unity”.

  Francis then encouraged Rwanda’s Romanists to entrust themselves to the care of Mary, the Romanist goddess.  In the 1980s an apparition of “Mary” appeared to three young Rwandan girls at Kibeho, Rwanda; and Francis said: “The mother of Jesus wanted to show herself to your country’s children, reminding them of the effectiveness of fasting and prayer, especially the rosary.  It is my ardent hope that you can make the shrine of Kibeho once again radiate the love of Mary for her children, especially the poorest and those who are wounded.”  Here we see blatant proof of Rome’s utterly false “gospel”: no turning in repentance to God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; rather a call to turn to Mary.  This “Mary” is not the Mary of Scripture, the humble and obedient woman who was chosen to be the mother of Jesus, but a heathen goddess, the Romish manifestation of the ancient Mother-goddess of paganism,[32] and behind the worship of this Mary within Roman Catholicism is a demonic spirit receiving the glory.  This demon is invoked through the prayer beads of the Romish “rosary”, a heathen chant condemned in God’s Word (Matt. 6:7).  If indeed an apparition appeared to some Rwandan girls in the 1980s, it was not Mary, who is in heaven and cannot return to earth, but the powerful evil spirit behind Mary worship within the Romish system.  And what good did this apparition do for Rwanda in 1994?  Nothing.  Satan’s only purpose is to steal, kill and destroy (Jn. 10:10).  This he certainly did in Rwanda in 1994.