The Rwandan Genocide and the Roman Catholic Institution

Behind the Holocaust in Rwanda

(The following article was first published in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, February – March 1995, No. 76)

  The world was aghast last year [1994] at the horrifying holocaust which occurred in the little African country of Rwanda.  Genocide on a vast scale occurred.  It was savage and swift, and it left at least half a million people dead, probably more [it is now known that somewhere in the region of 800 000 to a million people, or more, died].

  Those who obtain their information of world events from the mainstream media alone would have been utterly confused by what was taking place.  They heard of two tribes with unusual names – the Hutus and the Tutsis – of hatred between them, and then day after day they heard or read of the massacres.  Very few made any real attempt to understand the reasons behind the slaughter.  Even if they had attempted to, they would have learned very little from the mainstream media, masters at reporting the sensational, distorting the truth, and covering up the behind-the-scenes intrigue.

  On April 6, 1994, the presidents of the neighbouring states of Rwanda and Burundi were killed when the aircraft they were both travelling in was blown up.  Both countries are comprised of members of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes; and both men were members of the majority Hutu tribe.

  The Rwandan military blamed the minority Tutsi tribe for the assassinations; and this gave the excuse needed for the Hutus to begin the genocide against the Tutsis.  But were the Tutsis, in fact, responsible?

  According to the Belgian military team in Kigali, the Hutu-dominated Rwandan Army blew up the aircraft![6]  But why would they have done such a thing, killing their president, a member of their own tribe?  Here’s why:

 The minority Tutsis had, in fact, ruled both countries for hundreds of years.  But in 1959 revolutionary doctrines were imbibed by the Hutus, and they massacred tens of thousands of Tutsis.  After Belgian colonial rule ended in 1962, the Hutus replaced the Tutsi constitutional monarchies in both lands.  The Tutsis continued to suffer at the hands of the Hutus.  In 1990 the Tutsi Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) forced the Hutu president to decide to bring Tutsis into his government as well.  And the Hutu-dominated army, angry over this plan, blew up their president!

  And then a holocaust occurred in Rwanda, in which the majority Hutus slaughtered the minority Tutsis by the hundreds of thousands.  The Hutu killers were merciless: within a few weeks, the river between the two countries of Rwanda and Burundi was flowing with blood and full of corpses, and the streets of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, were full of decaying corpses as well.

  But now let’s look at the religious make-up of the two tribes.  When analysing any war, it is always necessary (though very few today do it!) to understand the religious landscape.  Religion is such a major factor in so many wars.  It so turns out that 75% of Burundi’s inhabitants, and 50% of Rwanda’s inhabitants, are Roman Catholics!

  Influenced by Romanism, Marxism, and witchcraft, the Hutus massacred literally thousands of Tutsis in their “church” buildings.  Six thousand were massacred in a single “church” building!  And there were many other such incidents.[7]  Huge pits were dug and filled with burning tyres, and thousands of Tutsis were thrown alive into them.

  Meanwhile, the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front continued to advance, and two million Hutus fled the country as it did so.  The RPF eventually succeeded in taking power, and the massacres stopped.

  It is when we examine the actions of the United Nations, however, and then of the Vatican, that we begin to get a glimpse of a diabolical purpose behind it all.  On April 21 [1994], the UN Security Council refused to admit that genocide against the Tutsis was taking place, and it voted to withdraw the majority of the UN force in Rwanda!  In mid-May, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights toured Rwanda and Burundi – and yet in his report he failed to identify the culprits or the victims, nor did he describe the killings as genocide!  By June 22, the UN was still unwilling to recognise what had occurred.  But it supported France’s intervention in Rwanda.

  For years, France had supported the Hutu government; and throughout the Hutu genocide against Tutsis, it continued to do so.  When France intervened militarily in Rwanda, it was clearly to prop up the Rwandan Army and to protect the Hutu killers from the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Army rebel forces.  By this time vast numbers of Hutu killers were in the refugee camps beyond Rwanda’s borders – and the world media was portraying them as the victims of the Tutsis!  This was the very opposite of the truth.[8]

  Shall we voice what many, who view the revolting UN as the answer to the world’s problems, would consider the unthinkable?  As revealed by the UN’s recent conference on population control, this evil world body desires to reduce the world population by millions.  Could it be that the UN deliberately turned a blind eye to the holocaust occurring in Rwanda – until half a million people were dead?  It certainly looks that way.  They are powerful, callous men who pull the strings internationally.  And why the Tutsis?  Well, the Hutu government was Marxist; and it is a well-documented fact that the UN supports Marxist governments the world over.  In Africa, witness South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, etc., etc.  In every single case, the UN has sided with revolutionary Marxist terrorists.  And so they did in Rwanda, at enormous cost in human lives.  The UN stands ready to enforce its will on any country that does not agree to its demands, but it is “strangely” reluctant to take any action when thousands are being killed, if its own ends are being achieved thereby!  In such a case, it “suddenly” becomes powerless, able only to wring its hands in feigned anguish.