The Rwandan Genocide and the Roman Catholic Institution

The Rwandan Genocide and the Roman Catholic Institution, PDF format


In 1994 the genocide in the little African country of Rwanda occurred, and shocked the world.  Within a few weeks, at least 800 000 people, or even up to a million, were massacred.  It had been carefully planned months in advance, and the warning signs were there – but no one heeded them.

The timing of the genocide was perfect, and deliberate: it occurred precisely when the whole world’s attention was focused on the long-anticipated election in South Africa which saw Nelson Mandela become the president and his evil terrorist organisation, the ANC, become the ruling party in the world’s youngest Communist state.  As this was an event for which the world had been preparing for a very long time, global media institutions were all embedded in South Africa to ensure maximum coverage.  But this meant that what was bubbling to the surface in Rwanda was all but ignored.  It just wasn’t newsworthy enough.  Mandela was newsworthy; South Africa was newsworthy; but little Rwanda?  The rumblings there were viewed as just another of those endless and inexplicable tribal conflicts that Africa has become so famous for.  And so the killers could lay their plans, and then – launch the genocide.  And by the time the world woke up it was too late, and hundreds of thousands of people had been brutally massacred, with bodies clogging rivers and streets and a massive humanitarian crisis underway.

In The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, which was published for many years, I reported a number of times on the Rwandan genocide and the diabolically evil role played by priests and nuns of Rome in the killings.  And as the year 2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of those horrific events, these articles are reproduced below.  They have been only very slightly edited for publication here, and a few extra references have been added for documentation.  Thereafter, I conclude this present article with an update.


The truth about the guilt of the Roman Catholic institution in the genocide needs to be widely known.  It reveals that Rome never changes.  Even in this age of ecumenism, when the Great Whore presents a smiling face to the world, behind that smile is the same hatred and bloodthirstiness that has characterised her since she first appeared, so many centuries ago, as a blight upon the earth.  She is the same as she was during the Crusades, during the Inquisition, during the world wars.

Priests and nuns of the Roman Catholic institution were not the only religious leaders involved in the genocide.  There were leaders of the Anglican, Presbyterian, Seventh-day Adventist, and other religious institutions who participated as well.  “Even the most senior members of the Anglican church were acting as errand boys for [Hutu] political masters who have preached murder and filled the rivers with blood,” noted the UK Observer.[1]  The president of the Rwandan Presbyterian institution was accused of inciting the killings in Kibuye.  And the president of the Seventh-day Adventists was accused of organising a massacre of Adventist ministers at the Adventist “church” building in Ngoma.[2]  This is because these men were not true Christians either.  These religious groups did not proclaim or stand for the true Gospel.  They had been politicised by the same radical Marxist ideology that had infected Romanism.  In addition, apart from being an extremely Roman Catholic country, Rwanda was also described as “one of the jewels in the crown of Charismatic Christianity”, where tens of thousands claimed to have been “baptized in the Spirit” at huge Charismatic crusades.[3]  This just shows the shallow, superficial, and false nature of Charismatic “conversions”.  The Charismatic/Pentecostal message made no difference to the lives of the masses, even though they attended “crusades” in their thousands, just as it does not change or transform the lives of the masses anywhere in the world where the false Pentecostal/Charismatic “gospel” is proclaimed.

But by far the overwhelming majority of religious leaders who took part in the genocide were Romish priests.  And not only that, but Rome’s involvement was deliberate, it was planned, it had the blessing of high-ranking leaders within the Roman Catholic institution, and it fits in perfectly with the measures Rome has used against its enemies throughout the centuries of its existence.

Let her part in those dark and terrible events never be forgotten.


Background to the Genocide

Rwanda was colonised by Germany in the second half of the nineteenth century.  The two main tribes were the Tutsis and the Hutus.  But although the Tutsis were in the minority, they held political power over the majority Hutus.

Belgian Roman Catholic missionary-priests of the order known as the “White Fathers” began to play an influential role in the country.  After World War I, in the 1919 Versailles settlement, Rwanda became a League of Nations “Trust Territory” under Belgian control, which enabled the “White Fathers” to become even more influential.  Influenced by the theory of evolution, these priests, and the Belgian colonial administrators of the country, viewed the Hutu majority as an inferior race to the Tutsis.[4]  But this changed after World War II, as a new breed of Roman Catholic priests was being produced in Belgium (and elsewhere): pro-Marxist priests.  The Vatican after World War II began to swing towards Marxism, and in 1958 elected a decidedly pro-Marxist man to be the new pope of Rome: John XXIII.  The Vatican believed that it could use Marxist theories of “social justice” and even Marxist muscle in Third World countries to gain ever greater influence and control in these countries.  Consequently, the influence of the “White Fathers” was replaced by the pro-Marxist priests who came into Rwanda and who threw their support behind the oppressed Hutus, using the teachings of Marxism to stir up the majority Hutus against their Tutsi rulers.  In time Tutsi dominance of Rwanda was replaced by Hutu dominance.  In 1959, the year after the pro-Marxist John XXIII became Roman pope, there was a Hutu uprising against the Tutsis, and 10 000 Tutsis were killed, with over 100 000 forced to flee the country.

Three years later Gregoire Kayibanda became the first president of an independent Rwanda.  This man had been secretary to Rwanda’s Roman Catholic archbishop, Vincent Nsengiyuma!   With the Hutus now politically dominant and the Roman Catholic institution supporting them and promoting the same evil Marxist doctrines which the ruling party had imbibed, the Roman Catholic institution now began to orchestrate calls for the Tutsis to be kicked out of the country, claiming they were “invaders” and thus foreigners who did not belong in Rwanda.

In 1972 eleven pro-Marxist Hutu Roman Catholic priests and religious leaders sent a letter to the archbishop, in which they referred to the Tutsis as “counter-revolutionaries” (a favourite Marxist term for those opposed to Marxist terrorism) and as inyensi (cockroaches).[5]  It was a word which caught on, and was bandied about by the Hutu killers both before and during the 1994 genocide.

Then in 1973, as Tutsis began to be deliberately removed from schools, colleges and the civil service, the Roman Catholic institution publicly endorsed this Hutu-inspired purge.  There were occasional massacres of Tutsis in its wake.

This was the background to the 1994 genocide.


Behind the Holocaust in Rwanda

(The following article was first published in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, February – March 1995, No. 76)

The world was aghast last year [1994] at the horrifying holocaust which occurred in the little African country of Rwanda.  Genocide on a vast scale occurred.  It was savage and swift, and it left at least half a million people dead, probably more [it is now known that somewhere in the region of 800 000 to a million people, or more, died].

Those who obtain their information of world events from the mainstream media alone would have been utterly confused by what was taking place.  They heard of two tribes with unusual names – the Hutus and the Tutsis – of hatred between them, and then day after day they heard or read of the massacres.  Very few made any real attempt to understand the reasons behind the slaughter.  Even if they had attempted to, they would have learned very little from the mainstream media, masters at reporting the sensational, distorting the truth, and covering up the behind-the-scenes intrigue.

On April 6, 1994, the presidents of the neighbouring states of Rwanda and Burundi were killed when the aircraft they were both travelling in was blown up.  Both countries are comprised of members of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes; and both men were members of the majority Hutu tribe.

The Rwandan military blamed the minority Tutsi tribe for the assassinations; and this gave the excuse needed for the Hutus to begin the genocide against the Tutsis.  But were the Tutsis, in fact, responsible?

According to the Belgian military team in Kigali, the Hutu-dominated Rwandan Army blew up the aircraft![6]  But why would they have done such a thing, killing their president, a member of their own tribe?  Here’s why:

The minority Tutsis had, in fact, ruled both countries for hundreds of years.  But in 1959 revolutionary doctrines were imbibed by the Hutus, and they massacred tens of thousands of Tutsis.  After Belgian colonial rule ended in 1962, the Hutus replaced the Tutsi constitutional monarchies in both lands.  The Tutsis continued to suffer at the hands of the Hutus.  In 1990 the Tutsi Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) forced the Hutu president to decide to bring Tutsis into his government as well.  And the Hutu-dominated army, angry over this plan, blew up their president!

And then a holocaust occurred in Rwanda, in which the majority Hutus slaughtered the minority Tutsis by the hundreds of thousands.  The Hutu killers were merciless: within a few weeks, the river between the two countries of Rwanda and Burundi was flowing with blood and full of corpses, and the streets of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, were full of decaying corpses as well.

But now let’s look at the religious make-up of the two tribes.  When analysing any war, it is always necessary (though very few today do it!) to understand the religious landscape.  Religion is such a major factor in so many wars.  It so turns out that 75% of Burundi’s inhabitants, and 50% of Rwanda’s inhabitants, are Roman Catholics!

Influenced by Romanism, Marxism, and witchcraft, the Hutus massacred literally thousands of Tutsis in their “church” buildings.  Six thousand were massacred in a single “church” building!  And there were many other such incidents.[7]  Huge pits were dug and filled with burning tyres, and thousands of Tutsis were thrown alive into them.

Meanwhile, the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front continued to advance, and two million Hutus fled the country as it did so.  The RPF eventually succeeded in taking power, and the massacres stopped.

It is when we examine the actions of the United Nations, however, and then of the Vatican, that we begin to get a glimpse of a diabolical purpose behind it all.  On April 21 [1994], the UN Security Council refused to admit that genocide against the Tutsis was taking place, and it voted to withdraw the majority of the UN force in Rwanda!  In mid-May, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights toured Rwanda and Burundi – and yet in his report he failed to identify the culprits or the victims, nor did he describe the killings as genocide!  By June 22, the UN was still unwilling to recognise what had occurred.  But it supported France’s intervention in Rwanda.

For years, France had supported the Hutu government; and throughout the Hutu genocide against Tutsis, it continued to do so.  When France intervened militarily in Rwanda, it was clearly to prop up the Rwandan Army and to protect the Hutu killers from the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Army rebel forces.  By this time vast numbers of Hutu killers were in the refugee camps beyond Rwanda’s borders – and the world media was portraying them as the victims of the Tutsis!  This was the very opposite of the truth.[8]

Shall we voice what many, who view the revolting UN as the answer to the world’s problems, would consider the unthinkable?  As revealed by the UN’s recent conference on population control, this evil world body desires to reduce the world population by millions.  Could it be that the UN deliberately turned a blind eye to the holocaust occurring in Rwanda – until half a million people were dead?  It certainly looks that way.  They are powerful, callous men who pull the strings internationally.  And why the Tutsis?  Well, the Hutu government was Marxist; and it is a well-documented fact that the UN supports Marxist governments the world over.  In Africa, witness South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, etc., etc.  In every single case, the UN has sided with revolutionary Marxist terrorists.  And so they did in Rwanda, at enormous cost in human lives.  The UN stands ready to enforce its will on any country that does not agree to its demands, but it is “strangely” reluctant to take any action when thousands are being killed, if its own ends are being achieved thereby!  In such a case, it “suddenly” becomes powerless, able only to wring its hands in feigned anguish.

The controlled media portrayed the killers as the victims – and the world’s sympathies were with the Hutus, who were fleeing across the borders.  The media, of course, is deeply under Roman Catholic influence and in many cases direct control, and so we now turn our attention to Rome: what part did it play in the holocaust?

In June, three Rwandan Roman Catholic bishops and ten priests were murdered, reportedly by Tutsi rebel soldiers who had lost family members to Hutu death squads.  The bishops and priests were all Hutus.  It was then that the pope of Rome called upon the international community to stop the war.  The rebels’ radio station admitted that its men killed the bishops and priests, because they thought that they had participated in the murder of their relatives.  The US bishops called for a UN military force to safeguard civilian life.[9]

While any murder must be deplored for the great sin that it is, the hearts of unregenerate men will always seek revenge.  It could very well have been the case that those bishops and priests, either some or all of them, had participated in the murder of Tutsis; and that the Tutsis had then retaliated.  The priests were Hutus, after all, and being priests of Rome they were not Christians, but doubtless contaminated with the same tribal hatred that affected the majority of their tribe.  And as history records all too starkly, in revolution after revolution, and war after war around the world, Romish priests have frequently been deeply involved in terrorism, murders, massacres, etc.  Croatia during World War Two[10] (and today!),[11] Latin America and Africa in more recent times,[12] are just some of the many examples that could be given.

As an example of the hatred for Tutsis present within Hutu Roman Catholic religious leaders, listen to these lying words from the lips of a Hutu bishop, Phocas Nikwigize: “The hands dripping with the most blood are those of the Inkotani (Tutsi gangs): they had the guns and the bombs, the others had only machetes”.[13]  A blatant lie!  His own Hutu tribe was responsible for almost all the half a million deaths – and yet he blamed the Tutsis!  It sounds so very familiar, the kind of thing we have come to expect from political priests up to their necks in supporting terrorism around the world.

Even the Romanist southern African weekly, The Southern Cross, stated that Romish religious leaders in Rwanda had been accused of encouraging or at least turning a blind eye to the race-based massacres.  And that priests and bishops of Rome were in large measure responsible for the genocide against the Tutsis in this very Roman Catholic country was so certain, that even the director of development education at Catholic Relief Services admitted it.  He said that self-awareness of the role the Roman Catholic institution played in the events in Rwanda was necessary.  “On the one hand you could say the Church abdicated responsibility for moral leadership” by not clearly condemning brutality, he said.  “On the other hand, a lot of priests died while protecting people”.[14]  Yes they did; but these were usually priests who supported the Tutsis.  Official Vatican policy was evidently to remain silent while Hutus, encouraged by their priests, massacred Tutsis.  Such is the savagery of Popery when it can get away with it, in our day no less than in earlier times, despite the “love” and “brotherhood” ecumenical image it has portrayed since the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

Doubtless, with the passing of time, more and more details of this terrible holocaust will surface.  The hand of Rome will be evident for all with eyes to see.  A section of Africa bled yet again.  The great God, the Lord of heaven and earth, has seen all, and the judgment day will bring to light what remains hidden now.  The blessed Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, must be proclaimed in Rwanda, Burundi, and throughout the Dark Continent.  Romanism is not Christianity.  Today most of Protestantism is not Christianity either.  Christ must be preached, Christ must be held up as the only Saviour and Lord, the only refuge for sinners.  Popery gains its victories through the shedding of the blood of millions, but the true Church gains its victories by the preaching of the cross, upon which the Lord Jesus shed his blood for the redemption of the elect.


The Rwandan Holocaust: the Involvement of Popish Priests

(The following article was first published in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, December 1996 – March 1997, No. 83)

The horrifying genocide in Rwanda in 1994 was examined in our issue No. 76, February-March 1995.  Members of the majority Hutu tribe slaughtered members of the minority Tutsi tribe, as well as Hutu moderates.  What was not widely reported, but is of immense significance, is that Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in Rwanda.  As we reported, “Influenced by Romanism, Marxism, and witchcraft, the Hutus massacred literally hundreds of thousands of Tutsis in their ‘church’ buildings.”

As time went by, more and more revelations surfaced of priestly involvement in the genocide.  A Rwandan bishop working in France, Wenceslas Munyeshyata, was held for questioning in August 1995, after being accused by the Rwandan government of participating in torture and complicity in the genocide.  But not just by the government: several independent human rights organisations also accused him of involvement.  According to witnesses, he helped draw up lists of names from which militiamen selected their victims.[15]

As of early September 1995, this priest was still officiating as a priest in a little village in France!  Every day, he had to check in at the local gendarmerie, and a court order prevented him from fleeing France.  According to witnesses, this priest pulled Tutsis from their hiding places and turned them over to be shot.  A missionary order helped him get a visa to flee Rwanda.[16]

On August 3 of that year, Rwanda’s foreign minister blamed some Roman Catholic priests for aiding the genocide in his country, saying, “The men of the Church failed.  The Catholic Church failed.”  He said they provided names of intended victims to the killers.  His government had asked the Roman Catholic “Church” in Rwanda to reconsider its role there.[17]

In September 1995, an elderly Italian missionary priest, Isaia Bellomi, was under house arrest in Rwanda, accused of helping members of the Hutu tribe in their genocidal acts.[18]

And in an article in the French journal, Courrier Hebdomadaire, journalist Pierre Debray, himself a Roman Catholic, placed much of the blame for the genocide on Popish liberation theologians.[19]  He wrote that the genocide was masterminded by the dictator, General Juvenal Habyarimana, a practising Romanist who made certain, by his contacts even within the Vatican itself, that bishops chosen in his country were (like him) Hutus and (like him) politically radical.  He organised a systematic genocide of the Tutsi; and Socialist, Roman Catholic France assisted him!

According to African Rights, a London-based human rights organisation, at least 40 Rwandan priests and other religious figures abetted the genocide.  It gathered evidence against two priests reportedly living in Rome, two nuns in Belgium, and a Seventh-day Adventist minister who was said to have fled to Chicago.  The director of the organisation said, “We’re talking about nuns who doused petrol on their parishioners and burned them alive, priests who killed fellow priests, people who went out of their way to murder dozens, hundreds, thousands of people”.[20]

According to the 1200 page report by African Rights, a priest was seen leading groups of killers, and personally shot refugees at his parish; another priest led mobs of armed men in search of refugees; another priest participated in the massacres at Kaduha; a priest was identified as the one who organised and paid drivers to use bulldozers to flatten a “church” building in which 2000 people are estimated to have died; etc.

In addition, the president of the Presbyterian denomination in Rwanda was accused of inciting the killings in Kibuye; and the president of the Seventh-day Adventists in Kibuye was accused of organising the massacre at the Adventist “church” building in Ngoma.[21]

The harlot that reigns on the seven-hilled city has not changed.  Throughout the centuries of her existence, her own priests and nuns have been involved in massacring those who did not agree with her.  In 1994, the Tutsis of little Rwanda experienced the madness of her priests as they did what they will ever do when they have political and military power in their hands.  Today we see the smiling face of the harlot, as she presents it in the Ecumenical Movement, the Charismatic Movement, etc.  But Rwanda felt the wrath of that harlot as she showed her true nature yet again.  While gullible Protestants in Europe and North America and elsewhere sang her praises in ecumenical and charismatic rallies and crusades, her priests were carrying out another type of crusade, one she much prefers to any other whenever she can get away with it: the shedding of the blood of people in an act of genocide.  The Crusades, the Inquisition, the genocide of Serbs during World War Two, Rwanda… this is the true nature of the whore of Revelation.

And this time, in Rwanda, religious leaders of other institutions aped the mother harlot, and joined her priests in supporting the killings.  The harlot has daughters (Rev. 17:5), and they are showing their true natures as well.


International Panel Finds Vatican Guilty in Rwandan Genocide

(The following article was first published in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, October 2000 – January 2001, No. 92)

In July [2000], an international panel investigating the 1994 genocide in Rwanda blamed the UN Security Council, the United States, France, and the Roman Catholic institution for allowing the terrible slaughter that occurred there.  It said, “A small number of major actors could directly have prevented, halted, or reduced the slaughter”.[22]

In the 318-page report, the roots of the genocide were traced back to Rwanda’s colonial rulers from Germany and then Belgium, who, along with Roman Catholic missionaries, fostered the belief that Rwanda’s minority Tutsis were superior to the Hutus.  The genocide was orchestrated by Hutus against Tutsis.

The report stated that the Roman Catholic, as well as Anglican, hierarchies were to blame for failing to use “their unique moral position among the overwhelmingly Christian population to denounce ethnic hatred and human rights abuses.”  60% of Rwanda’s population was Roman Catholic, and Anglicans made up a high percentage of those calling themselves “Protestants,” but of course they were not Christians.  But the report was certainly correct in this finding: the Roman Catholic and Anglican authorities did nothing to stop the genocide, in fact it was actively encouraged by many priests, who actually participated in the massacres themselves!

Interestingly, the Anglican institution apologised for failing to stop the killings (not that this “apology” is worth anything), as did the UN secretary general, the prime minister of Belgium, and even Bill Clinton of the United States.  But France did not, and nor did the Roman Catholic hierarchy!

The Rwandan genocide of 1994 provides horrifying evidence that the monster religion of Rome has not changed in the least: it is still the bloodthirsty institution it has always been, involved in massacres and killings right up until the present day.


Two Nuns Found Guilty of Participating in the Rwandan Genocide

(The following article was first published in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, February – May 2002, No. 96)

In 1994, the most horrifying massacre of the second half of the twentieth century, the worst genocide since the Jewish [and Serbian] holocausts of World War Two, occurred in the small African state of Rwanda.  At least a million people, the vast majority of them ethnic Tutsis, were massacred by ethnic Hutus.  Rwanda is predominantly a Roman Catholic country, and it was not long before the evidence started mounting up of the active involvement of priests and nuns in the genocide.

Last April [2001], two Rwandan nuns, known as “Sisters” Gertrude and Marie Kisito, were found guilty in a Belgian court of participating in the horrific genocide.

It is amazing how widespread is the belief, in this day and age, that nuns are all gentle, kind, loving people, full of good works and acts of benevolence.  In previous, more well-informed ages, Protestants understood only too well that nuns could be as deeply involved in criminal deeds as priests of Rome.  History is replete with examples of terrible crimes being committed by the nuns of Rome, both within and outside convent walls.

Nun Gertrude, a Hutu, was the “mother superior” of the Benedictine convent at Sova, Rwanda.  She was accused of turning away thousands of ethnic Tutsis who were fleeing the genocide.  Instead of sheltering them, she called in ethnic Hutu soldiers who stoned, hacked, and burned to death over 5000 men, women and children.  Nun Marie, also a Hutu, was accused of supplying the Hutu soldiers with the petrol they used to start a fire and burn to death 700 people hiding in a garage on the grounds of the convent.

When a Tutsi-dominated government eventually took control of Rwanda, the two nuns fled to Belgium, and there they went on trial.  Among Gertrude’s accusers were fellow nuns, who blamed her for the deaths of over 30 of their family members who had been hidden in the convent until she summoned the authorities.  The prosecutor in the case said that the convent became a deadly trap.[23]

The two were found guilty.  Nun Gertrude was sentenced to 15 years in prison, nun Marie to 12 years.  The media reported that the two women were “less than contrite” when invited to make final statements.  “I have nothing to add,” said Gertrude.  “To say that I am guilty, as the jurors have said, is a lie,” said Marie.[24]

The truth is, there is overwhelming evidence, with more surfacing all the time, of the active involvement of priests and nuns of Rome in the Rwandan massacre.  This trial was really just the tip of the iceberg.  The same thing that happened after the Second World War, when Roman Catholics guilty of crimes under Nazism were helped by the Vatican to flee to other countries for safety, happened after the Rwandan massacre.  Many priests and nuns fled to Europe and elsewhere, hoping to avoid prosecution for their crimes.  And sometimes, there appears to be Vatican pressure on European governments to persuade them not to hand over the Vatican’s servants for trial, as in the following case…


Italy Refuses to Extradite Priest to be Tried for Participating in Rwandan Genocide

(The following article was first published in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine, February – May 2002, No. 96)

A Rwandan Popish priest, Athanase Seromba, living in Italy where he fled after the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, was charged with co-operating in the genocide.  But the Italian government refused to hand him over to be tried.

According to the London-based organisation, African Rights, priest Seromba ordered that his “church” building in the town of Nyange, Rwanda, be bulldozed on April 16, 1994, killing over 2000 Tutsis seeking refuge in the “church” building from Hutu militias!  It was one of the most notorious massacres of the genocide.

It has been amply documented that after the Second World War, Roman Catholic Nazi war criminals fled to Roman Catholic countries in South America and elsewhere, assisted by high-ranking Vatican officials.[25]  History repeated itself after the Rwandan genocide of 1994: Papist genocide criminals fled for refuge to Papist countries in Europe.  And many of them were assisted every step of the way by Vatican officials.   Rome always protects her own, regardless of their crimes.  Priest Seromba was one of those who received Vatican assistance.  He travelled to Florence with the help of Roman Catholic supporters.  And once he arrived there, he rejoined the priesthood under an assumed name, Don Anastasio Sumba Bura, and then proceeded to establish a new life for himself as a deputy priest at a Romish “church” in Florence.

He has protested his innocence, of course, supported by the Romanist archdiocese of Florence.  The Vatican “declined to comment” on allegations that it had put pressure on Italy to block Seromba’s arrest.  According to the Vatican spokesman, Italy decided that there was inadequate evidence of wrongdoing to justify arresting him.  The Roman Catholic paper, The Southern Cross, added: “He did not say whether the Vatican consulted with the Italian government on the case”.[26]

He may not have said it, but we do not doubt that this was precisely what happened!  In fact, “authoritative sources” admitted that discreet pressure from the Vatican was the reason for Italy’s reluctance.[27]  Italy, after all, is a Roman Catholic country.  The Vatican is situated in the city of Rome.  Italian politicians do not lose sight of the fact that those who elect them to power owe their allegiance to the pope first and foremost!

The Roman Catholic institution lost no time in rallying to the priest’s support.  A spokesman for his Florence diocese said, “Everyone has a positive impression of him.  He’s definitely not willing to talk about Rwanda, but that is understandable because he suffered a great deal.  From what we know of him, it’s highly improbable that the accusations against him are true”.[28]

Whether the accusations are true or not is for a court to decide.  As for everyone in his new diocese having a “positive impression” of him, doubtless his Rwandan “flock” had a positive impression of him as well.  But they don’t anymore!  Bertin Ndakubana, for example, a parish councillor in Seromba’s old parish, said, “I lost my father, my wife, my child, my stepmother, my young brother, my sisters and many others in the Church [when it was bulldozed].  Where was the servant of God, Seromba, at that moment?”  Alas, multitudes have discovered by bitter experience, over centuries, that the priests of Rome are not the servants of God.

In 1999, the Vatican’s missionary news service, Fides, said that the accusations against priest Seromba seemed to be part of a concerted campaign to discredit the “Church” in Rwanda!  Whenever it comes under the spotlight for its evil deeds, Rome is always swift to claim persecution.  The fact is, however, that this so-called “Church,” this antichristian, demonic religion, has always been the persecutor, and has discredited itself wherever it has gone, by its abominable deeds, including its support for murders, assassinations, wars, massacres, intrigues, etc., etc.  In modern times it has succeeded in covering up much of the evidence that was so well-known in earlier times; but even so, the evidence is there for those who are prepared to look.  Rwanda in 1994 was merely a modern example of the bloody trail of Romanism through the centuries.


Update: Twenty Years On

As we have seen, the “Church” of Rome played a major role in the genocide.  How disgusting, then, yet how typical, that twenty years later this same false “Church” should try to hide its own deep involvement in those terrible events, and present itself moreover as the great reconciler, its priests and bishops – and even its pope – preaching “healing” and “reconciliation”!

But this has ever been Rome’s way.  Countless times through the centuries, it has attempted to conceal its own involvement in shocking crimes.  Despite its massive involvement on the side of the Nazis in World War II, for example,[29] today it hides those unpalatable facts and presents itself as an enemy of Nazism.  And this is precisely what it is now doing with regards to its role in the Rwandan genocide.

As reported in the UK’s Guardian: “The Vatican paints the church as a victim not only of the mass killings – because priests and nuns were among those slaughtered – but of persecution by Rwanda’s present government, which has jailed members of the clergy and accused the church leadership of having blood on its hands.”[30]  It is true that a couple of hundred priests and nuns perished in the genocide.  But Rome has never hesitated even to kill its own if they stand in its way.  In World War Two priests were deeply involved in supporting the Nazis; yet priests also died at Nazi hands.  This is always a good insurance policy for Rome.  It can always later claim “persecution” if its plans do not work out.  Likewise in Rwanda.  Here, those priests and nuns who died were sometimes simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught up in the general mayhem and chaos at the time; but in other cases, they were priests and nuns – frequently Tutsi priests and nuns – who stood against the genocide and did not support the revolutionary Hutu priests.

As Rwanda marked the twentieth anniversary of the genocide, the pope of Rome, Francis I, spoke to Rwanda’s bishops when they visited the Vatican.  He said: “Twenty years after those tragic events, reconciliation and the healing of wounds must remain the priority of the Church in Rwanda”.[31]  The priority of the “Church” of Rome in Rwanda twenty years before was to wholeheartedly support the genocide!  But now, to cover its own tracks, Rome establishes its priests at the forefront of “reconciliation and the healing of wounds”.  What vile hypocrisy!  An attempt to pull the wool over the world’s eyes.

Francis offered his prayers for all Rwandans, “without distinction of religion, ethnicity or politics.”  But in 1994 a very clear distinction was made, with Romish priests and nuns supporting Hutus as they massacred Tutsis!  Now, however, they have a vested interest in covering up this inconvenient fact.

Francis then said that Roman Catholic schools and hospitals in Rwanda have an essential role to play in ensuring a future of peace, but what is even more effective is Roman Catholic Rwandans being united in love and allowing “the Gospel to touch and convert their hearts.”  Leaving aside the fact that the Romish “gospel” is a false one anyway, radical Marxist-supporting Hutu Roman Catholics cheerfully massacred Tutsi Roman Catholics during the genocide; they were not “touched” by love or unity then!

He added: “It is important that, overcoming prejudice and ethnic divisions, the Church speaks with one voice, demonstrating its unity.”  Twenty years ago this same “Church” encouraged prejudice and divisions, its priests and nuns even taking an active part in murdering thousands of people!  Oh, but now it sings a different song.  It is imperative that now its crimes in Rwanda are buried under a mountain of sugary speeches about “love” and “unity”.

Francis then encouraged Rwanda’s Romanists to entrust themselves to the care of Mary, the Romanist goddess.  In the 1980s an apparition of “Mary” appeared to three young Rwandan girls at Kibeho, Rwanda; and Francis said: “The mother of Jesus wanted to show herself to your country’s children, reminding them of the effectiveness of fasting and prayer, especially the rosary.  It is my ardent hope that you can make the shrine of Kibeho once again radiate the love of Mary for her children, especially the poorest and those who are wounded.”  Here we see blatant proof of Rome’s utterly false “gospel”: no turning in repentance to God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; rather a call to turn to Mary.  This “Mary” is not the Mary of Scripture, the humble and obedient woman who was chosen to be the mother of Jesus, but a heathen goddess, the Romish manifestation of the ancient Mother-goddess of paganism,[32] and behind the worship of this Mary within Roman Catholicism is a demonic spirit receiving the glory.  This demon is invoked through the prayer beads of the Romish “rosary”, a heathen chant condemned in God’s Word (Matt. 6:7).  If indeed an apparition appeared to some Rwandan girls in the 1980s, it was not Mary, who is in heaven and cannot return to earth, but the powerful evil spirit behind Mary worship within the Romish system.  And what good did this apparition do for Rwanda in 1994?  Nothing.  Satan’s only purpose is to steal, kill and destroy (Jn. 10:10).  This he certainly did in Rwanda in 1994.

Despite a couple of hundred priests and nuns dying in the genocide, and despite the fact that some priests and nuns genuinely did not support what the Hutus were doing to the Tutsis, the cold, hard fact remains that large numbers of priests and nuns in Rwanda, with the blessing of high “Church” officials, not only passively supported the killers, but in many cases became killers themselves.  Even such a wicked body as the Organisation for African Unity, in its report on the genocide, stated that the Roman Catholic “Church” carried a “heavy responsibility” for not opposing, and actually promoting, the genocide.  The report stated that the “Church” gave “indispensable support” to the Hutu government during the massacres, and said “Church” leaders played “a conspicuously scandalous role” by failing to take a moral stand against the killings.  “This stance was easily interpreted by ordinary Christians as an implicit endorsement of the killings, as was the close association of church leaders with the leaders of the genocide,” it said.[33]  Of course, those who killed were not true Christians; they were mostly Papists, as well as some other religious people.  True Christians do not commit genocide.  But tragically, the world sees such things and thinks Christians are killing one another.

As British journalist Chris McGreal, who has sought to expose the “Church” involvement in the genocide, has written: “Some [priests and nuns] died courageously attempting to save lives or refusing to abandon their parishioners.  But there were other priests who murdered.  Some collaborated with the militias to massacre their own congregations; others pulled the trigger themselves.  Priests ordered the bulldozers in to crush a church full of people to death, and organised the slaughter of disabled Tutsi children.  The Vatican has sought to identify the church with the heroic priests.  But ask Rwandans today which side the Catholic church as an institution was on during the genocide and many say it was allied with the killers.”[34]

And they should know.

They know, for example, that Romish archbishop, Vincent Nsengiyumva, was so closely connected to the Hutu government that he sat, for fifteen years, in the ruling party’s central committee – he was there, in fact, when that central committee was laying the plans for the coming genocide.  Did he speak out and condemn what was being planned?  No.  Far from doing so, when the killings started he did not even call it a genocide and according to witnesses, he stood by as Tutsi priests, monks and a nun were taken to be murdered.[35]

And not only did a great many priests and nuns in Rwanda participate in the genocide, slaughtering thousands, but afterwards, their vile “Church” helped them to escape arrest, using a network of “ratlines” to get them out of Rwanda and safely into places of hiding in Europe under false names, some of them being set up as parish priests in various European towns, others being given the same privileges under their own names.  This is precisely what the Vatican did for its pro-Nazi priests after Germany lost the war: it smuggled them out to countries such as Argentina, giving them false names and false identification documents, and set them up with new lives there.

As a result of this deliberate Vatican cover-up and massive Vatican assistance, two decades on many of the priests who played such an active role in the slaughter are still free, going about their lives as if they were the most innocent of people.  One such priest is Wenceslas Munyeshyaka (called Munyeshyata in an article above).  He was a bishop in Rwanda who after the genocide fled to France, when a Romish missionary order helped him obtain a visa to do so.  He was accused by the Rwandan government, as well as several human rights organisations, of participating in torture and complicity in the genocide, and was held for questioning in 1995.  But he continued to work as a priest in a small French village – and he continues to do so today.

“It’s hard to find anyone in Gisors with a bad word to say about Father Wenceslas Munyeshyaka,” writes journalist Chris McGreal for The Guardian.  “Other priests… speak with admiration of his popularity with congregants.  It’s his ability to engage with people, they say.  Worshippers love his sermons, feel his sincerity…. Even those rarely found in Gisors’ church know of Father Wenceslas and insist he is a good man.  A bartender at a café next to the church says he’s seen the priest about and that he is well respected.  No one believes what’s said, he adds.  It’s just too unbelievable that a priest would do such a thing.”[36]  And that is the problem, as always: the awe with which Roman Catholics, and many others, view priests.  They are considered to be holy men, far above the common herd, men incapable of such wickedness as this man is accused of.  It is for the same reason that so many, even now, cannot believe that the worldwide priestly sex scandals are anything more than a small  ripple in the otherwise holy and serene priestly pool.  It is this same awe and high regard for the priesthood that has enabled countless priests to literally get away with murder (not to mention every other kind of crime) throughout the history of the Roman Catholic “Church”.  People just refuse to believe.

When Munyeshyaka arrived in Gisors in 2001, he claimed that he was a refugee from the Rwandan genocide.  He said his parents had been killed, and that he almost lost his own life for helping people escape the death squads.  The people of Gisors were moved by compassion and took him into their hearts – even when they learned that he had been arrested in France a few years earlier on allegations that he had participated in the genocide.  The courts let him go.  He probably thought he was now safe in this little French town.  “But the past was not so easy to ignore once demonstrators from out of town turned up at the church during mass, chanting slogans accusing [him] of murder and waving an indictment from an international court charging the priest with genocide, extermination and rape.”[37]

In 2005 the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda issued charges against him.  He was accused of conspiring with Hutu extremist leaders to kill Tutsis.  It alleged that he helped draw up lists of men to be killed; that he did nothing as Tutsis were taken away and murdered; that he allowed Hutu militiamen to search through his “church” building looking for victims; and that he raped young women.

Also in 2005, a military court in Rwanda convicted him in absentia and sentenced him to life in prison for genocide.

The protesters who demonstrated where Munyeshyaka was performing mass in Gisors included survivors of the genocide, as well as French people married to Rwandans.  They demanded that the Roman Catholic institution strip Munyeshyaka of his position as priest.  But the curate in Gisors, priest Michel Moran, stoutly defended Munyeshyaka, even going so far as to organise a de facto trial by parishioners, who listened to carefully selected witnesses, after which they pronounced that the priest was innocent!

“The drive to bring [the priest] to trial for his alleged crimes has dragged from Rwanda to French judges to the international tribunal and back to the Paris courts.  The priest has been arrested and released several times.  The survivors are despairing of ever seeing justice for what they endured two decades ago.”[38]

Another priest mentioned above, Athanase Seromba – the one who ordered the bulldozing of his own “church” building so that 2000 Tutsis inside would be killed, and who had the survivors shot – was also assisted by the Vatican to escape Rwanda after the genocide.  Romish monks helped him flee to Italy, helped him to change his name, and enabled him to become a parish priest in Florence.  And then, when the international tribunal’s chief prosecutor accused the Vatican of obstructing Seromba’s extradition to face trial, the Vatican replied that Seromba was “doing good works” in Italy.[39]

And there are other priests facing charges as well.  One of them, who was also assisted to get to Italy, faces charges of overseeing the massacre of disabled Tutsi children.

This, then, is the situation in 2014 – twenty years after the genocide.  The Vatican has deliberately blocked investigations into allegations of priestly involvement, even though the evidence is overwhelming.  We are left with the inescapable conclusion that this is because those murdering, massacring priests (and nuns) were actually acting in accordance with their “Church’s” policy!   They were not renegades, they were faithful priests of Rome, carrying out their orders.

Let us not forget the Rwandan genocide of 1994.  It is just the latest holocaust committed by that awful religious system reigning from the seven hills of Rome, whose thirst for blood is never satisfied, and who, even in these modern times of “peace” and “unity”, is the same old bloodstained Harlot she has ever been (Revelation 17).

And let us pray for Africa: its teeming millions of souls, misled by false religion which does no more than slap a very thin veneer of false “Christianity” over the savagery and paganism of man’s old nature.  And when this is combined with Marxist ideology, as it is throughout so much of Africa, it is a most deadly combination indeed.

May 2014

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