Roman Catholic Necromancy – Praying to Dead Popes

She continued: “For my part, I was sure of my immediate cure…. It was only seen six months later when I had the magnetic resonance done.  I remember… the astonishment on the doctor’s face, running from one side to another to ensure that they were the correct emanations…. he said that a woman who had the cerebral impact that I had suffered couldn’t be well.  I said to him: ‘I know I am cured.  I am cured through the intercession of John Paul II.’”  She was later seen by several neurologists in Costa Rica, and said she laughed when they said to her, “Woman, who told you that you had an aneurism?”  When news of her “healing” reached the Vatican, she was rushed to Rome and hospitalised – significantly, at a “Church”-affiliated hospital there – and examined by various neurologists, doubtless most, if not all of them, being Roman Catholics.  They declared, unsurprisingly, that they could not explain what had happened medically.

But the full truth has not been told – not by the Vatican, at any rate.  The fact is, “surviving brain aneurisms is not exactly miraculous.  According to the Brain Aneurism Foundation the mortality rate is around 40 percent.”[19]  This means 60 percent recover.  This woman was one of them.  It’s as simple as that.


The Canonisation Ceremony: Relics and Reasons

And so, on the day of the canonisation, in front of over half a million pilgrims, the present Roman Antichrist, Francis I, at a mass also attended by the previous and retired Roman Antichrist, Benedict XVI, proclaimed that two previous – and dead – Roman Antichrists, John Paul II and John XXIII, were now “saints”.  “We declare and define Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II to be saints and we enrol them among the saints,” said Francis in his formal Latin proclamation, “decreeing that they are to be venerated as such by the whole Church.”  What utter arrogance.  Based on nothing but spurious “miracles”, this wicked man “declares and defines” who is in heaven – and then tells his duped followers to “venerate” them.  And by “venerate” he means treat them as gods; as divine beings who are able to answer prayers.  This is calling for an act of worship to be given to men in hell.  And they call this “Christian”.  It is the devil’s masterpiece, the most abominable and vile religion ever invented, for it is heathenism masquerading as Christianity.  And over a billion people alive today have been deceived by it, not to mention the billions now in hell who were deceived by it through the centuries, as they skipped down that broad way that leads to destruction (Matt. 7:13), all the while convinced they were Christians.

Relics of each man were placed near the altar for the canonisation.  Relics?  Yes, another of Popery’s gruesome teachings, taken straight out of ancient heathenism, for relic-worship was practiced in Egypt, Greece, etc.  Popery, aping the heathens of old, teaches that not just the souls, but also the bodies of dead “saints” should be worshipped as well!  This is how the Council of Trent put it: “The sacred bodies of the holy martyrs and of other saints living with Christ… should also be venerated by the faithful.  Through them many benefits are granted to men by God.”[20]  The worship of such relics has been a grisly and revolting aspect of the Papal religion for centuries, involving such things as (supposedly) toenail parings from “Saint” Edmund, some fat from the body of “Saint” Lawrence when he was burned alive, a sweat-soaked vest of Pius IX, the diapers of the baby Jesus (this is revolting enough, but the next one exceeds them all), and butter and cheese supposedly made from Mary’s milk (yes, you read correctly!), to name just a few.

Many might naively assume that such things are “relics” (excuse the pun) of the dark ages; but no – they are still very much a part of Rome’s religious worship.  And for the canonisation of the two popes, Rome trotted out a couple of real beauties, giving the entire canonisation process the appearance of some barbaric heathen ritual (as indeed it was): a container of blood from John Paul II, extracted when he died, and a sliver of skin from John XXIII, which was cut off his body when he was exhumed in 2000!  Truly, this is a religion of the dead, of tombs and bones and bits of cadavers.  Its fascination with such things is emblematic of the spiritually dead state of its members.  What superstitious heathenism!

At the canonisation Francis said that the two popes “co-operated with the Holy Spirit in renewing and updating the Church in keeping with her pristine features”.[21]  The blessed Holy Spirit does not work with Antichrist, and He does not renew the Papal religion which is not a true Christian church in any sense; as for her “pristine features”, this would just be laughable if it was not so tragic, with such dire eternal consequences for so many multiplied millions of souls.

Francis said: “In convening the Council [Vatican II], John XXIII showed an exquisite openness to the Holy Spirit.  He let himself be led and was for the Church a pastor, a servant-leader.  This was his great service to the Church.”  We have seen the truth about John XXIII.  It was not the Holy Spirit who led him, but the spirit of Antichrist (1 Jn. 4:3).

Francis then said: “John Paul II was the pope of the family.  From his place in heaven he guides and sustains”.  Interesting that Francis should call this man “the pope of the family,” considering how he did nothing to protect innocent children from predator-priests.  But in this way the real truth about the man disappears behind the nice-sounding phrase applied to him by Francis the wily Jesuit.  Yet another Papal cover-up!  How adept Roman popes have been at covering up unpalatable facts!  How subtle (with the subtlety of the serpent).

And again, note the trust in the guidance of a dead human being supposedly sitting in heaven.